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With so many web hosting companies out there the difficulty of finding a reliable, honest provider can quickly become an overwhelming task. We understand your frustration! Our main goal is to give each of our clients the one on one support they need from the novice to the 'pro' we will help you get all of your hosting needs taken care of quickly and professionally. To all our current clients we would like to thank you for your trust, loyalty, and business. Texas,USA


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Anonymous Jewlzk User

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I'm writing this because, like many other Jewlzk users, I'm left once again with nothing to do but wait for my site to start working again.

Overall, Jewlzk is a nice little hosting company and I've been fairly happy with the service provided. The prices are average, features are average, but unfortunately reliability and support are less promising. I've been moved from server to server, and every one I've been on has had issues. It's not that downtime is a frequent occurrence, it's that every time the server goes down it takes a good 3 hours before we so much as hear a peep from the support department. You begin to feel like you're sitting in the middle of a large lake without a paddle.

The support staff are always very apologetic about it, so I feel kinda bad for complaining. At the end of the day, though, I can't stand the downtime any longer. I get the feeling that, while there are several members of the team, the admin (Roland) is the only guy who seems to do anything.

By all means give them a try, but please don't buy more than a few months. I made the mistake of paying for a year's worth, and now I can't get out without loosing money.

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