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Choosing a web hosting company can be a confusing endeavor. Many potential customers find themselves swimming through a cluttered sea of suitors, vying for their business with a dizzying selection of specialties and promises. At Liquid Web, we pride ourselves on the simple offer of great customer service, happy to take ownership of any question you have at any time you might have it. When you become a client, you become part of our team.

Our Heroic Promise - At Liquid Web, we have a long-standing reputation for industry-leading, onsite, 24/7/365 Heroic Support®. Our support team is the backbone of our company and transparency is our Heroic Promise. Every month, we publish our support statistics so you can see exactly how fast we’re responding to tickets and taking phone calls. We’re located on-site at each of our data centers, ensuring the fastest service available.

Formed in August of 1997. USA.

Liquid Web

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Hosting Reviews for Liquid Web

Kevin Guske

    Review Rating

After several hosts, I can find none better than LiquidWeb. At 2 am or 2 pm, I have always received quick support on changes or issues (very few issues, in comparison). I've had other good hosts (prior to acquisitions, anyway), but I've had nothing but success with the multiple VPS accounts I have with LiquidWeb.

Jeffrey R.

    Review Rating

I am in the process of rebuilding a new company, because of some choices one of my partners made that caused my last one to basically be destroyed.

I was so depressed I was unsure of even trying to get a new website going. I hate having to choose a new datacenter to have my servers.

I currently only have one server with them and it has been very reliable and any questions I have in regards to the server are answered nicely on the phone and at a decent time frame in tickets.

I have been with Liquid Web for 2 months now. Hope all continues to remain as positive as it is now.

David Zatz

    Review Rating

I use these guys for my dedicated server, and went to them despite some negative comments elsewhere on base hosting. VPS is a bit pricey. Dedicated is terrific with a very knowledgeable, smart team. If it's urgent call them, otherwise routine (marked "low priority") tickets take a few hours - and that's as it should be! Happy with these guys.


    Review Rating

All I can say is... The customer support is Phenomenal!! Any time, day or night, they are there to help you.. and ITS NOT OUTSOURCED! I don't think I have ever gotten a waiting dialogue on the phone.... Just terrific!


    Review Rating

No one in this hosting space comes near liquid web they own this spehere. I have had so many requests and liquid web has met or excceeded my expectations. They rock, I love them and been with them for a year. They are also honest I wanted to buy up on server space and they told me to rethink my strategy as it was not cost effective. I can comment first hand that liquid web rules.


    Review Rating

Although they're a bit more pricey than other hosts, LiquidWeb more than makes up for this with their high-quality web services and excellent customer support.

My site has been with them for more than a year now. I've never experienced errors, downtime or any issues whatsoever. Server speed is always fast.

All my queries through their ticketing system and live chat have always been answered quickly and accurately.

In fact, I'm planning on buying either a VPS or a dedicated server from them should budget permit. Cheers!


    Review Rating

I've been with over a dozen hosts with over a dozen servers, and Liquidweb is by far the best. Their support responds within minutes and much of the time, their monitoring systems catch issues before I even know they exist. They're worth the price if you care about your hosting.

    Review Rating

Liquid Web is the best provider we have ever had. Despite of full-featured services, reasonable price and stable servers they offer the best customer support you can imagine. When there is a critical problem which needs to be solved immediately, you can count on Liquid Web Support. Within maximum of a few minutes our problems were solved for good. They saved us a couple of times, always swiftly and with full professionalism. We recommend Liquid Web to anyone who wants to have 100% reliable services and simply perfect support right when you need it. Forget about waiting for the answer for hours. With Liquid Web your problem will be solved here and now, allowing your business to work incessantly. That's why ModulesGarden highly recommends Liquid Web.

Lance Johnson

    Review Rating

I have been using Liquid Web for several years now after having gone through one unreliable host after another. At first blush, Liquid Web may seem more expensive than other hosts; however, their VPS options turn out to be remarkably affordable when you consider that you have segregated resources so you aren't competing against hundreds or thousands of other websites for the same memory and CPU cycles.

For the server purist you can setup pretty much any Linux distro you like and configure it from the ground up. OR, if you prefer, you can take advantage of their Fully Managed solutions that include cPanel and pro-active monitoring so that, in the event that something does go down (which it almost never does), the Heroic Support Team has often fixed it before you even notice it.

Speaking of the Heroic Support team, they are amazing. I haven't needed to contact them often, but when I do, they are the most responsive support staff I've ever encountered at a hosting company. Whereas previous hosting companies would barely explain how to do more complex things, Liquid Web's Heroic Support has not only explained the process to me, but actually done a lot of the work on my behalf.

I really couldn't be happier with Liquid Web.

    Review Rating

I was using serverroom before and i was looking for a host to switch to. After i switched to LiquidWeb my site was way faster like 123 :)

This host really [email protected]!!!


    Review Rating

At work we have a VPS with these guys and I was greatly impressed with the service. Usually I have someone on the phone within 2 minutes; very impressive.

I do not host my own personal sites with them as they are a bit pricey, especially on the more basic packages.


    Review Rating

I was with Wiredtree and had OUTSTANDING support. Immediately after the transition into LiquidWeb, things started going downhill.

They even deny that my server is down when it is and say that nothing is wrong - there is literally nothing more frustrating.

Today it has been down for 5 hours and when I went to their site for support, I'm told that I'll wait 3 hours for chat support, in line, and a message at the top of their site says that PLANNED upgrades should have very minimal impact on latency. In reality, again, sites all down for 5 hours now with no end in site.

Support tickets have taken, on average, two days to have a first response.

With Wiredtree, it would be unusual to go 30 minutes without a first reply, usually indicating that they've fixed any issue, already.

LiquidWeb has been horrible.. I found this site to search for an alternative.

    Review Rating

I'm sorry for this review but I tried Liquid Web services and I have to say that the most big problem with them was the up-time. I had my site down so many times that I had to change hosting provider.

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