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We launched Lunarpages Internet Solutions in 1998, and have since established ourselves as an enterprise-level IT Solutions company and global web hosting provider, deftly tailoring innovative and accessible web hosting solutions for established industry leaders, small businesses and individuals. We create and manage integrated and effective hosting tools that successfully support every level of webmaster in building, designing, marketing and optimizing their projects effortlessly, elegantly and intelligently.

Lunarpages Internet Solutions is a leading provider of information technology, IT infrastructure and business process outsourcing. Our mission is to reduce risks, increase ROI, and decrease the time for our clients to reach their goals. The foundation of our efforts is excellence paired with professionalism. Lunarpages will utilize green facilities while embracing newer technology.


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Hosting Reviews for LunarPages


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I was with them for a while, but after a certain time they changed some software on their server and totally messed up everything perteining to my PHP. So if you're a newbie and don't need any PHP or CGI stuff, go ahead, they're not that bad. Everyone else should stay away.


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I have been with lunarpages for 6 years and I cannot express how happy I am with their customer support. They are always there to help me! I highly recommend them to all my friends and colleagues.

Rene Morgan

    Review Rating

LunarPages.com is always running hosting specials ranging from bottom of the barrel to comparable prices for both individuals and businesses. Technical support is unsurpassed, and they even give you a call/e-mail you when the server is down, or a certain service is affected -- even if you yourself didn't realize it or cared. That's customer service! So far, I've extremely happy and satisfied with their service!

    Review Rating

They answer the phone when you call.. and they help you with issues they don't have to. Overall they are better than a lot of companies I have used.

katinka hesselink

    Review Rating

My site is often down for a minute or so. Usually up again pretty quickly, but it's pretty frustrating still. I've taken to getting my uptime reviewed independently and get mails from them announcing the site is down (and then up again) several times a week.


    Review Rating

A couple of years ago, I started up a small website that I had no idea would turn into a fairly large site with lots of traffic.

I signed up with the LunarPages Basic Plan, which was around $4.95/mo. Considering the reviews on LunarPages and much research, I decided to join their servers.

The service was excellent for about a year. Support usually responded within 24 hours, and server uptime was around 99.9% like promised.

But since LunarPages changed their plans and allowed an "unlimited" amount of bandwidth and disk space for even their most basic plans, the service and, especially, uptime drastically changed to a low.

My site, which is run by WordPress, would time out anytime I'd make a hefty update through the wp-admin panel; a spike of traffic would put my server down; and the LunarPages admin panel was no help. The "server uptime" was constantly green, even if the server was clearly down.

Also, the support system changed too. They would reply within 3-4 days, around the time when the servers would be back up, and the support ticket wouldn't matter anymore.

Unfortunately, I had to stick with LunarPages for another year before I could transfer.

Overall, I'm very disappointed in LunarPages, and I wish it worked it, but it didn't.

    Review Rating

It is hard to say alot about lunarpages because they have never been a problem. Their uptime is never an issue. Their tech support is polite and competent. Their equipment must be sufficiently upgraded because they are always there for us.


    Review Rating

I hosted my site at Lunarpages for about 2 weeks. In the last days I have been experiencing massive problems with the uptime of my site. The uptime seems to be very spotty and not professional at all.

I am switching servers today, because I can not direct my clients to my site, not really knowing if it will open at the moment.


    Review Rating

There are two primary complaints I have with Lunarpages. First, server performance is really bad. Slow, with regular timeouts and inaccessible periods. I had no idea anyone operated like this anymore, and now I have five sites with them.

Second, the admin interface is fairly comprehensive, but it's broken up and slow. The various features and panels are inconsistently styled, which makes learning the site difficult, and most features load as slowly as my sites do on their servers.

Honestly, for the two bucks per month you save, it just isn't worth it going this cheap. I recommend Myhosting.com. I've been with them for many years and they'll get all my new business.

Erlyn Baack

    Review Rating

Lunarpages was my first "professional" site (which meant CGI at that time), and Lunarpages was excellent. I was with them for about six years, and in the early days, support was very good to excellent, and they helped me in the ways I needed help.

Over time, however, my site grew, and their policies (terms of service = TOS) changed requiring changes in the way I ran my site. Two examples: I had a double opt-in mailing list of about 600 subscribers at the time. At first, sending a letter to 600 subscribers was no problem. I set the program to mail one mail a second to not crash the server, and it took ten minutes to complete the mailing. POLICY CHANGE: Site owners could send no more than 200 mails an hour, so I had to set the program to mail every 19 seconds, still doable but inconvenient, a process now requiring three hours.

Finally, however, I had to quit Lunarpages. I'd taught small classes in Moodle, admittedly requiring high CPU resources, but my classes were very small, mostly just two or three concurrent users and never more than ten. That part was no problem, but I had to quit Lunarpages when merely upgrading my program at 2:00 AM (when server demands are low) caused them to shut my site down.

I was out of there within a day, now with one of the excellent well-known VPS hosts.

My recommendation: READ THE TOS! If the website host will not honor a pro-rated refund (for time unused, for example), even when THEY have changed policies both you and they originally agreed to, do not even consider them, for you will eventually reach a "gotcha" moment.

Lunarpages was so good for so many years, but over those years, their service and policies deteriorated to unacceptable.

Counting the good with the bad (and they were very good for a very long time), their overall rating from me is "Average."


    Review Rating

Oh my god, where do I begin...I am a webdesigner for nearly 14 years now and I have made many websites on many different hosting companies. First let me say something upfront, I have not used Lunarpages support, so I can not say anything bad or good about it, thats why I gave it an average rating.

I installed the latest version of WP (at time of this writing v.3.6.1)for one of my clients (this is the first time I used Lunarpages) and I have never seen a server load WP so slooooowwww. My clients previous website on Lunarpages was a simple regular HTML website and one that I would figure should be faster to load than WP, NOT!.. it too was so slooooowww.

I have never worked on a "hosting company" that offers such poor server performance, I would be embarrassed if I offered such service at ANY price.

If they check these user opinion websites to see what people are writing about them you would think they would make right and offer a decent web hosting service. Heck I even saw one blog totally dedicated to how much Lunarpages suck...and now I see why.

I have asked my client to take a hit (they already paid a year in advance for Lunarpages "hosting service"...I have to laugh to myself every time I mention "hosting service" with Lunarpages in the same sentence.) and go with another hosting service. With my limited experience with Lunarpages it would be pretty safe to say that any other hosting company would be better.

May be those who have no complaints or are satisfied with Lunarpages have upgraded their original hosting plan to a more expensive one, or maybe these are novices who don't know any better, I can't say. As for me I will never use them or recommend them to anyone.

Geoff Way

    Review Rating

In early 2017, Lunarpages notified us that our server was running an operating system that was now approaching 10 years old, and we had in fact been using their service for all of that time.

During that time, we basically got exactly what we paid for, in that we had limits to our budget, and they provided service and support that reflected what we were able to pay for.

On the day of the migration, there was a little bit of difficulty getting the new server and domain recognized in the DNS system for our users, but they resolved it within 24 hours.

One complicating factor unique to our own situation is that at the outset 10 years earlier, we asked for a less well-known utility to be installed on the shared-hosting server at the outset, which they very willingly did.

So once the migration was made, we very patiently asked them to restore the not-so-widely used utility on our new shared-host server, which made the entry- and mid-level tech support staff uncomfortable, and they were reluctant.

To their credit, once the details of our situation were elevated to the right persons in charge of support, they resolved the issue to our satisfaction.

Our experience in all of this is instructive in several ways:

1. Patience and polite reasoning go a long way, along with appropriate respect for the challenges any hosting provider handles.

2. If you aren't an expert in computers and web hosting yourself, you are going to have to find a service you can work well with in order to get satisfactory results. Keep in mind that part of the outcome is dependent on your own choices and actions, and they are only going to be as well-informed as your attitudes and skills.

3. If your conduct as a user in a shared hosting environment is responsible and considerate of the others who share your server, it goes a VERY long way toward getting fair treatment and consideration when you ask the provider to give you some extra attention and consideration.

    Review Rating

I recently moved on from LunarPages after 12 years of mostly positive experience. Never a problem with uptime. Speed was good. Support waxed and waned over the years but was usually OK. Unfortunately LP has not kept up with the times in features - for example no PHP selector, no free SSL. LP was top shelf back in the day and solid for me for over a decade. Kudos for serving me well for many years, but there are better choices today.


    Review Rating

They got rid of phone support after I became a client. The week that I needed a customer to review documents posted on my site, they were down and server time was sluggish, they then couldn't seem to get the service right. The tech support is great if you like waiting for an email response (sometimes for many hours or a day) It's not worth it to lose credibility with a customer.

Intrinsic Value

    Review Rating

For the most part, LunarPages isn't horrible. It just isn't great. I've only had a couple instances where my site was inaccessible, and I've been with them for a couple years now.

My major problems with LunarPages are:

- They seem to have outsourced their customer support, or the person I got on the phone just happened to have a Middle-Eastern accent coincidentally.

- I wanted to change one of my domain names to another registered domain that I had. After the customer-rep told me I could not do this without signing up for another account altogether, I tried to cancel my accounts (I had 2 with them).

I will say that after several e-mails I did get the issue resolved, and they allowed me to switch my domain name. But I shouldn't have had to go through all that.

Also, their servers don't have the quickest response time, and for some reason I am no longer able to ftp directly (using an FTP daemon) -- instead I have to use the cPanel to upload files now. That would be fine, except the cPanel is very slow to respond to commands.

Hari Prasad K

    Review Rating

An average service provider with excellent pricing. However, uptime and service is not up to the mark.

Brian Scherertz

    Review Rating

Nearly each year I get an email from LP telling me I need to upgrade. This year it is due to high CPU and MEM. Nothing has changed at all. I have tried to edit things they suggest in their automated emails with really wierd names at the bottom, but I am still getting threats that I either upgrade, or they will suspend my account. I discovered that someone (with a robot) is attempting to access a certain script that has been long removed nearly every 30 milliseconds, hour after hour and for days. Even though all I can do is block the IP from my space, it still causes excessive log entires, CPU's and memory, so this is the cause. I have told LP they need to block this IP on the firewall, but so far they have ignored me. I am going to leave them now, with no regrets. Been with them for at least 7 years, but something has changed. I just hate to migrate to another host, but will at this point.

Dominic Son

    Review Rating

Stay away. Tech Support is outsourced, and pass you around, and each time they do, they'll tell you the cause of the problem is different.

These guys don't care about you, or know your needs. They'll be there just for the sake of responding back to you, right or wrong info, that's what they call tech support.

It's not worth it. Stay away.


    Review Rating

They refuse to take responsibility when they screw up. I've had more than one site broken by them and their answer was "not our problem". One time our database reverted to a version from years ago. They had no answer for this. Lost customer information going back years. Very bad, do not give them your money.


    Review Rating

I've been using Lunarpages for a couple of years now. All has been going fairly well, until they "upgraded" their email system. then my number of allowed IMAP connections per IP dropped to 4. ouch. the default number of connections thunderbird makes is 5 per account. and i have 6 emails on my main machine. and their answer was to get dedicated hosting for 10x more per month.

other then this mishap, they have been pretty decent about things. its cheap, but i guess you get what you pay for in the service department.

Kathy Herrera

    Review Rating

Overall not happy at all with the level of service, hosting or support, from Lunarpages. We loaded our tiny little website onto a shared server and it ran extremely slow. Tried to get them to honor their 30-day moneyback guarantee and they claimed they never got the cancellation email, even when I forwarded them a copy. Very convenient. (Of course by the time I followed up on the refund more than 30 days had passed, so they balked at giving my money back.)

Certainly not the worst I've seen out there but even for $10/month who would want these headaches?

    Review Rating

it really sucks.lot's of resellers and also lot's of hackers around that site. today i lose an amount of $59.40 on lunarpages. when i ask the lunarpages support they said try another time . it will be done. feel pity on myself.


    Review Rating

Seems to be no real answers when you get information on a problem with your servers. Been running WP for two years on these boxes and they keep trying to upsell me to larger, dedicated uses when we have only two installs that use any real traffic

    Review Rating

The Lunarpages has a serious problem, wort support. If work is perfect, the problem is when facing a technical problem on average takes 12 hours to resolve the stand, so you stay 12 hours without sending or receiving emails.


    Review Rating

I have to call every 4 to 5 months lunarpages to update their server time stamp and match Amazon's. Every time it take me more than 72 hours, 6 phone calls and lot of tickets to be able to solve the issue. This means that for 72 hours clients are not able to use the contact form.

Michael Jezard

    Review Rating

Lunarpage have a serious problem with Tech support response. They have slowly managed to reduce the availability of support for reseller accounts to Mom-Fri 7am - 7pm and nothing at weekends. Don't even expect an e-mail response to a ticket outside of those hours, even if it's site down.

As a "reward" for haveing major problems last week, I was upgraded to a "manage shared hosting" account with a phone number for (supposed) 24/7 support. However althoug I got to talk to someone, nothing has been down, as usual 7 hours later.

One last comment. When I had multiple sites down last week due to a Lunarpages misconfiguration, I attempted to contact SOMEONE. I was able to have a live chat with sales at 1:00 am, but support, nowhere to be seen!

    Review Rating

The following is rating MY PERSONAL EXPERIENCE with the web hosting company called LunarPages.

Back on Dec 17th 2014, a full eight days before Christmas, the webhost company Lunarpages Internet Solutions sent an email stating that they were disabling my website because of “high resource usage”, specifically CPU usage in the neighborhood of 17% – 26% measured on a daily average.

No prior notification. No communication. Simply disabling my online sales portal and sending one email.

Naturally, I called to get the particulars, and had to press them quite hard to get any sort of concrete answer to what the ceiling was for CPU usage on a shared hosting box.

Their answer…no more than 2% DAILY AVERAGE of CPU use was allowed. Well hell, it doesn’t take much in the way of data processing to hit 2% CPU use.

So I asked them for their solution to get the CPU use down to what they consider an acceptable level. I implemented their changes and was still only able to get it down to 8% – 12%. Mind you, during this debacle I had already grabbed a new domain and set up my complete website with another host as a fail-safe to cut over to in case this happened again (my webmaster had been pushing me to leave them for quite some time now.) Literally, within 24 hours (late evening of Dec 18th) my webmaster and I had another copy of the site up and running, fully secured with 256 bit encryption, and the old domain re-directed to the new domain name.

When I did a little research via Google, I stumbled upon many horror stories concerning LunarPages, and they all revolved around folks having their websites disabled due to “high resource usage”, with the fix (according to their techs and sales people) of moving to a hosting plan that costs almost $190 a month. That wasn’t an option I was going to entertain, for sure. Further, all the history about Lunarpages was that they aren’t clear about how they set up their Shared Hosting. Seems that their idea of Shared Hosting is something called Cloud Linux. The $190 per month deals probably get you onto a real bladed server rack, not a cloud service.

Now, to test my theory that the problem was NOT with my website or web code, I’ve been monitoring my site usage every day on the new host, which is GoDaddy.

On GoDaddy, I have yet to break through 1% CPU use measured on a daily average, and have yet to top 35% MEM use on a daily average. The Lunarpages folk were telling me that I was sucking up 26% CPU resources on a 16-core system but utilizing only 0.14% (less than a fifth of one percent) of Memory. As far as I’m concerned, thats a configuration problem on THEIR end, if their boxes can’t properly utilize Memory instead of CPU.

On GoDaddy, on a real honest-to-goodness bladed rack server, I’m on a quad-core shared box with 2 GB of memory allocated just for my use.

Using the exact same codebase from a backup of my website taken THE SAME DAY that LunarPages shut me down, the server is humming along with my website accounting for less than 1% CPU use, and 35% Memory of the 2GB total memory assigned to my site.

I’ve never been a fan of “cloud” anything, and this just solidifies my resistance to anything “cloud” based.

And here’s the kicker…Lunarpages refuses to prorate a refund for the remaining five months of unused time. I hope they see this and read this: for less than HALF of what I was paying LunarPages, I’m on a more-stable platform, with a 256 bit SSL Certificate (the Lunarpages SSL was only 128 bit encryption) with a site that is far more responsive (loads WAY faster than it did through LunaprPages).

Architectural Diagnostics

    Review Rating

stay away

Have been going back and forth with tech support for a month.

Went to another host, who had both website and database installed in a couple of days, with no problem updating the data using the same file LunarPages said was to blame for their inability.

If you don't mind waiting a week for a response from tech support, and getting an undecipherable and incorrect assessment, I guess they are OK, as long as you don't need assistance. If you ever need help, you might be sorry. And, you won't get your money back if they've had it more than 30 days, even if they screw up your site and can't fix it.

Dan Kirkland

    Review Rating

Stay away from this terrible company. After ten years of being hosted by them their customer support has gone down the tubes. I get 300 spam emails a day even with their SpamAssassin at its most aggressive level. Over 100 emails to customer support. Responses are in broken English and always ask for a detailed explanation of the steps I have taken to fix the issue, even to my responses detailing the steps.. It is clear that this company has outsourced its customer service and the reps have no idea what to do. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY! They don't deserve one star, but to post a review at least one star had to be checked.

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