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As someone who has worked for a hosting company. I have to say that myinternetservices is a very good host.

I have had only one problem in 5+ years of hosting with this company and after submitting a support ticket it was fixed in a reasonable amount of time. Although my site is not a high demand site, it is always up. I have never had any problems with billing

sean d

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I have never been prompted to write a review about anything online before. I wish I could say it was because their service is so good, but unfortunately it's for the opposite reason.

I had my web site hosted by them for 4 years and in that time it went offline over 10 times and one time all of my files were deleted, for which they barely offered an appology.

Most of the time when you call them you have to leave a message, and I'm not sure that anybody has ever returned one of those calls. They usually get around to answering your emails almost a full day later too, no matter how simple the question is.

But the worst is that they are also incredibly unorganized and seemed to misplace all of my info on their server and tried to accuse me of not paying for 2 years and tried to charge me again, even though I had already paid in one lump sum.

I've never had this bad of an experience with any company in my life. So please, be warned.

I since have signed up with godaddy.com and I am getting 3 times as much space for less money, and they have 24 hour support.


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I don't know much about their hosting, but myinternetservices.com as a domain registrar is TERRIBLE! They have no console to control DNS, and after contacting them, they told me I have to submit requests for DNS changes and pay $5 each! Their practice of placing themselves as every contact in the whois is just outright dishonest, because now I go to transfer the domain to someone else and they are going to charge me $10 for that (they have themselves as the tech contact and are holding the codes hostage). Beyond terrible service, they are just plain TOO expensive! Do yourself a favor and go with a major domain registrar!


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As someone who has worked for an ISP, a Web Hosting company and Network provider, there can be NO DOUBT that they are the worst providers I have seen.

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