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NearlyFreeSpeech.NET is the premier provider of pay-as-you-go web hosting. Our innovative pay only for what you use pricing model is designed to be the most cost effective solution around.

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Hosting Reviews for NearlyFreeSpeech.NET

    Review Rating

The absolute best shared webhost. I've been on many, but the kind of value NFSN offers is unheard of.

1. They don't oversell (which is what EVERY other provider does).

2. Support that knows what it's doing. And does it fast.

3. Great uptime, and reliable updates of what's going on.

4. Fast. It feels like a VPS.

Minuses: No HTTPS (no static IP addresses). No cPanel/fantastico, everything's done over SSH and FTP. No e-mail hosting, no awStats built-in. No cron.

Highly recommended.

    Review Rating

Awesome. Pure awesome. SSH access, somewhere around 12 programming languages, really fast and actually helpful support, really reliable and fast servers.

    Review Rating

NFS has been ridiculously inexpensive, completely stable and fundamentally easy to use.

    Review Rating

I agree with Abhijit Shylanath. Here’s my "added value" content:

Love the unique business model: Pay for what you use... no more, no less. Metered website hosting, with an accurate meter and pricing that can't be much above actual costs (no one's making yacht payments here). Nearly two months of top-notch service for (so far) $1.87?: I *Love* It!

Support is via web forum or email, is done by the experts running the servers and the company (and the community on the web forum additionally) and is lightning-fast during regular business hours (which is all they promise; extended support priced separately). However, they expect that you know what you're doing, or if you don't and you don't understand their answer, you will go do your homework and figure it out. I marked support as "above average" because it is not as all-encompassing as most hosts, yet one gets a discount for that by not paying low-wage support clones to sit on their butts most of the time. Within its stated limited goals, it is Perfection.

Some will argue with my marking Features as Above Average. NFSN has fewer features than many web hosts, yet what they lack are items the user can add themselves, being in control of the process and getting the latest version, instead of some old clunky insecure version (say, of WordPress) that the host happens to supply. They have what i need and a few things i don't need, and what i needed that was not built-in was easily added.

I like their control setup better than cPanel, personally. I also have no issue with downloading the raw logs to my own system and running AWStats locally, where i can fine-tune it for results more meaningful to me (and better browser support).

Very Highly Recommended… i have yet to find better!

Chris Bauer

    Review Rating

I am a beginner when it comes to webhosting, which means the interface took a bit more research to work with than other hosts might. It wasn't too difficult though, and NFSN's "only what you need" model was worth it.

I've never needed support, so since there is no "not applicable" option I voted above average.

The only downtime I've experienced over ~5 months of hosting with NFSN happened twice over the last two days. First the site was down for about 5 hours, and the company's site kept us updated on the issue. (Though I didn't really know what they were talking about)

The second downtime I've seen was yesterday my domain (also with them) was down for what seemed to be a few hours.

Though they don't offer e-mail hosting, their e-mail forwarding is nice for about $7.50 a year, per domain. Couple that with a free gmail account and you get a cheap professional look.

John Dober

    Review Rating

I've been using different web hosts for around two years, I've been using NFS for the last five months and I can say they are the best shared hosting provider I have ever used and will ever need again.

It's impossible to compare them to another web host because - they're not like any other host!

Tired of dishonest sellers?

Tired of overselling?

Tired of limiting terms and conditions?

NFS is for you.

I would not recommend them though to someone looking for their first web host due to the fact NFS makes no effort to protect you from yourself!

Their terms of service and FAQ are well written and completely original, they are a fair web host that believes in freedom of speech!

You can host most things on your site and expect your account not to be deleted just because something you said offended someone.

The pricing is fair, they don't oversell.. I used to spend $15 a month on a hosting huge package, with NFS I've spent $20 in five months! The saving is remarkable.

I cannot praise this website enough, they are reliable and the only web host I will ever need. Thanks NFS!


    Review Rating

I use NSFN for testing purposes, to show clients demo sites, and for a variety of small sites. They're flexible, fast, cheap, reliable - and above all honest. I can't recommend this host highly enough.

    Review Rating

Not "perfect" but I'm very happy with NFSn for hosting. Support is very prompt and personal, feature set is very good, and pricing is excellent (usage-based rather than establishing account levels). As the name implies, they clearly value free speech, which -- being so rare these days -- is quite refreshing.

    Review Rating

I have been using NFSN for almost two years now. Its been stable and performing well. I only once had to contact their support and their response was prompt and helpful.


    Review Rating

The only reason I did not give support and features a "perfection" review is because the service is so good that I have never had to use support, and honestly, the features are somewhat lacking, but it is extremely easy to add features yourself which makes your service wonderfully customizable. A level of experience in building websites is required, of course, but NearlyFreeSpeech.net really is the best host I have ever had.


    Review Rating

Support is completely non-existent. Unless you pay $5 per email for "support points." This is for things that are THEIR problem as well as your own site problems. They spent months charging me 96% of my bandwidth fee for a site that was deleted months before. Trying to get support was pure hell. Used to be a great service, now they suck. Not sure who's any good anymore.

Bob Snyder

    Review Rating

Signed up for this service, found I could not use it & as offered on their site, asked for a refund.

Couldn't get it processed & requested help. Never got anything but useless generic responses.

Company refuses to reply to email & after 2 weeks seeking a refund, nothing forthcoming.

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