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NetNation is a top-ranked web host and domain registrar with more than nine years experience in the industry and customers in over 130 countries.

NetNation offer a wide range of shared web hosting solutions, including starter packages, e-commerce, media streaming, managed hosting, managed services and managed colocation services . Web developers can offer their clients a valuable service through our web hosting reseller program . We also provide domain name registration in all the major extensions, .com, .ca, .info, .biz, and more, through our wholly owned subsidiary, DomainPeople.


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Hosting Reviews for NetNation


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We had problems with NetNation in the past when our website went down for an entire day during a server migration. We had reported problems with a test site on the new server, but were told that this was "going to be OK" once it's live - it was not.

Now, NetNation completely messed up our site during the routine task of installing a new security certificate. We immediately asked them to restore from a backup - after 12 hours, our site is still not functional.

We are changing providers immediately. Stay away from NetNation/Hostway if you can.


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I started with them back in July of 1999 ... I USED to love them ... then they got purchased by HOSTWAY and their service and tech support went down hill .... It sometimes takes a week for tech support to get back to you , if at all.

Try someone else for you hosting.


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It's hard to cancel a service!

They persist in charging my credit card, and their billing department has had me on hold for 30 minutes.

There is no way to cancel a service in their control panel.



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Zero Stars from me:

The most expensive service ever and basically no customer support. My first website was created in 1998 using NetNation as a host. Few years after I realized that their service was extremely expensive and rude customer service, but I kept it until August 2013, because I had my site there for so long and I did not know hoe to save and transfer to other host. Anyway its over now.

Beisdes, I have registered 20+ domain names with their sister company Domainpeople.com and then realize that other players offer more for half the price. Good example is Netfirms.ca or encirca.com or GoDaddy.com. Netfirms ca, for example, gave me domain name, free web site for 9.95 CAD and unlimited emails plus Catch All feature etc.

Avoid DomainPeople.ca and domainpeople.com and Netnation.ca / netnation.com.


J Taylor

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Netnation has been just horrible since it was bought out. I used it for years and had no problem. Once it was bought out, they dropped my website twice and lost me my domain name that I had for 17 years because they failed to notify me it was time for renewal ( they removed my name from the whois and supplanted it with their own staff member's name.) Interestingly my domain name is now owned by someone who isn't really even using it. I suppose he is waiting for me to make him an offer to purchase. DO NOT USE NETNATION. You will be very disappointed and you may lose your domain name and have your site dumped before you know it.

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