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Netfirms is the premier provider of web hosting solutions and technology to successful small and medium-sized businesses, home-office, entrepreneurs and individuals worldwide. We propel over 1.2 million websites to online success each and every day. Trust, quality, and reliability have made us one of the largest, most recommended web hosting companies in the world!


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Hosting Reviews for NetFirms


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It's pretty reliable from what I've seen. I only host a few small, low-traffic but database-centric sites and the site rarely goes down.

However, it is slower than other hosts (namely dreamhost), and the limit to simultaneous database connections (3) is way too small.

The price was right -- with the coupon code, only $10 for the year!


    Review Rating

I registered with this host, with the intentions of having a picture site. I have some pages with 80 pictures (all under 60K each).

I had error CGI Limit Reached! Try Again. - Support readily pointed out that they cannot support this kind of thing. (and suggested I not put so many pictures, which is not an option to me)

Anyway, Support was very good, Live people were reachable - These make it a plus. I was able to cancel out of the hosting package without a problem.


    Review Rating

You can't host a site on their setup. Everything is slow and with errors. If you have more than 3 people online on a wordpress blog (that will timeout and give you errors) you will also encounter resource usage erorrs.

Maybe it's ok to register domains with them, just maybe :)


    Review Rating

I am now in Shanghai, China, and I cannot access any of my websites all hosted on netfirms, or get any email that I rely on for business, and it appears that netfirms does not exist. It was working fine. I have been in China for over a month, but for the last two days everything has disappeared. This is very disturbing, and there is nothing I can do. I will not be a customer very long as they donot even have an emergency backup. They have had short outages in the past but 2 days is enough to put someone out of business.

Mike Porter

    Review Rating

Netfirms hosting is abysmal. The Netfirms hosting package I upgraded to guarantees that "Your website is always up, always fast - no matter how busy it gets." My website has been down for over 8 hours in a 36 hour period.

If your website gets more than one visitor a day, host it somewhere else. Netfirms Hosting = FAIL = Netfirms Sucks.

Mike P.


    Review Rating

Site seems to stay up, but the mail server misses 3 out of 10 emails, it was getting so bad that I had to have people add a CC to my gmail account to email me, if your in business this site could cost you customers in lost email.



    Review Rating

Too slow server response and sometimes, even the FTP is down. Everytime I email them for support, it takes a long time before a response will be given and even if they give a response, they'll only ask you to reset your cookies. What a pack of morons as if that wild guess would fix server delay issues.

I had the worst case this November, for a whole week now, I can barely access my database admin in my website. I hate this hosting provider.

Here's a link to my review: http://www.serialblogr.com/2007/11/16/netfirms-a-case-of-bad-hosting/


    Review Rating

Sales and Billing Service: Pretty good. Adm Panel: Nice. Support: Not reliable. Uptime: Poor.

The clustered servers run in average way. But my Business Plan fell 3 hours down during 5 months. You know, no mail, no webpage.


    Review Rating

Netfirms is not all that reliable. Even when we have one of the most expensive plans they have, they cannot handle the 5,000+ visitors per day very well. If the traffic is at its peak, the host replaces most (if not all) of the images with annoying "CGI Server Limit Reached" images. That just drives traffic away from the website.

Support is not all that great, also. I have a feeling that half the support staff do not know what they are even talking about. And almost half of my support tickets went unanswered.

All in all, there's not much good to say about Netfirms.

    Review Rating

Sure their impressive plans are eye catching but are they really what they seem? No. I got the

Netfirms Basic Hosting plan. I get 25 MB (???) disk space, 1024 MB bandwidth, 2 email accounts, no MSQL databases, and everything else is unavaliable. It was truly a shocking site as the features were so limited for $5.95. After logging into their control panel, I tried to install Wordpress because every blog usually runs on Wordpress do you agree? Shockingly this is is what I discover:

This feature is available only to Plus, Advantage and Business users.

Please upgrade.

The domain was bought and registered at Netfirms, it's the only thing I like. I could not take it any more and bought hosting elsewhere. It took me around 17 minutes to find the page where I could change my nameservers.

My experience with Netfirms is a bad and disappointing one. I'll never buy any domain or hosting from there again.

James Bitty

    Review Rating

What can I say about Netfirms, while they do offer very competitive pricing for hosting, their down time issues are not acceptable. If you are running a reputable business that relies on having 99.9% mail server uptime, good luck. If you are running a mickey mouse web site you should be ok. Over the past 10 months, we've had at least 7 to 10 mail server issues. They always had an excuse, even an excuse for getting all netfirms mail servers black listed by spam blockers for 3 days !!! What got me over the edge was the recent outage, their mail servers went down from 9AM until 4PM, you could not even ping them, they just took them off line. Hello ? Redundancy anyone ? What was even more funny (not) was that they turned off their phones , whever you tried to call them - and I mean not just support - their main general number for sales/service/etc - you got a message "This subscriber is not takin gany calls at this time" or "All available lines are busy , please try later" , there was no notice on their web site, no apology to the customers, nothing. As if the entire company just left for 1/2 day and came back in the evening. I'd rather pay double what they charge , but have a reliable and always up email service. We lost thousands of dollars in web orders, not to mention a tarnished reputation of a company that can't stay online to keep up with the orders (that's the perception our customers got from the down time).

Good for hobbyists given the price

Useless for business looking for reliability


    Review Rating

um... yah i have a self hosted wordpress blog on netfirms and it will suddenly not be able to connect to the database while i'm using the admin cms tool... i have been waiting for a post to update for a LONG time. in the process, ive google Netfirms, found a bunch of crappy reviews, and am now writing one myself... and it's still in progress WTF.................


    Review Rating

When it was time to move to another host because I needed better pricing and better service they charged my credit card after my many emails telling them I did not wish to auto renew and after having my hosting plan set not not auto renew and even after they sent me an email saying my hosting account would not renew and I was downgraded to a Parked Domian account as I requested and when I went to renew that domian they charged me twice, once for the domain and once for a hosting plan I dont want, and then an i dont reaaly care kinda attitude when I called to get a refund. Not very professional in my opinion. There's better options out there..


    Review Rating

I'm a basic customer and their support shows.

They fix things eventually, but it's never pleasant enough for me to say anything nicer than that.

I would not say they're bad. But don't get your hopes up that they're good.



    Review Rating

Worst experince I had in my life. I tried to upload my family website but the FTP server is so slow that it takes 20 times more compared with Dreamhost.

After a while the website was put offline without ne being consulted about this move.

Waste of time and money

    Review Rating

I do not like being led around...and NetFirms has a knack for it. If you do not have a solution or an answer, just say so...do not feed me a line, because I will investigate what you told me!

I do not know what is going on over at NetFirms but over the past year both their support and service has been in decline. When we first began with them, everything seemed fine...until we started having problems ( especially with Email and getting dumped off of the control panel, FTP, and real slow server responses). Their support had nothing to offer and what they did offer was usually incorrect or unhelpful.

jean korte

    Review Rating

A set of php functions suddenly stopped working - no error messages the page just refused to load.

I created a 12 line script to clearly illustrate the problem.

ZERO response to emails to support reporting this problem.

A ticket set up after a phone call to support.

ZERO response after the high priority ticket had been open for over two weeks!

i give up and will change hosts.

    Review Rating

I used them primarily as a registrar for a few of my domains. The 90-day waiting period ends in 10 and I can't wait. The Netfirms system randomly places a "This page under construction" placeholder where my site should be (this is a frequent, intermittent problem), and tech support doesn't care.

    Review Rating

Context: we set up a new, small family memorial website with Netfirms, December 2007.

Signup: easy and fast.

Upload of original site: no particular issues.

Performance of static HTML on site: very good to excellent.

Adding Netfirms-provided one-click WordPress (WP): Unusable.

Support for WP problem: None of any use.

Initially no complaints with Netfirms, recommended by a trusted acquaintance. Problems started when setting up the one-click installation of WordPress provided by Netfirms. It installed, yet could not even be set up without kicking me out with CPU over-use problems. Responses from tech. support, when they came, were canned templates which did not address the issue and were of no help. Replies politely seeking clarification and further help received no response (yes, Netfirms was whitelisted at my end and i checked the spam traps).

Went on for weeks with no resolution, totally blocking family members from using the WP-based guestbook which could not be set up.

Moved to another host (Nearly Free Speech.net) and had no issues setting up WP on my own (no one-click there) and getting "the show on the road".

The only good thing about Netfirms for us was their Billing department is honest and ethical and did (eventually) fully refund all fees, per the 30 day free trial agreement.

Phil Smeby

    Review Rating

This has to be one of the worse web hosts that I have been with. No Support, the site is down more than it is up, and accessing your database will have tons of errors too. I would suggest going somewhere else.


    Review Rating

I've had a bad experience with them. They experienced multiple downtimes (some of them server outages) and their customer support wasn't very friendly nor helpful. Their packages are fairly expensive. The good thing is that the packages comes loaded with features.


    Review Rating

I run a graphic design site, and was with Netfirms for 5 years. They started out good, but over time, their service is terrible! They do not know the meaning of the term. If you have a problem, they will not sort it out, and at best will receive a generic answer in your inbox.

My site went down for 12 hours once, and they wouldn't even admit it to me. Stay away at all costs! Trust me, I've had 5 years of them. Uptime for my main site was 98.1%, and uptime for my blog wnded up at 95.something %. Terrible!

    Review Rating

Do yourself a favor and STAY AWAY. Before you get suckered into going with Netfirms (the website makes it look like a good deal), check The Rip-Off Report and do a search for NETFIRMS. This should keep you from making the mistake of hosting with them. EXTREMELY SLOW LOAD TIMES & You cannot generate any traffic without problems... The Wordpress, Joomla and Coppermine installs are old versions that won't run any recent plugin or templates, so it's a headache, and they will just respond with a form letter if you email them. Pay more and get a host you will be happy with, in fact for the same price you can go to any number of better hosts (this website is an excellent resource, so check out ALL the companies and reviews). Try HostMonster or BlueHost, or spring for the more expensive, but SOLID service companies like iPowerWeb.


    Review Rating

Mediocre, non-standard control panel, no imap support, cgi driven php, very slow loading times, no backup system, several php functions turned off, no paper basket function in ftp (accidental deletion very likely), untrained service personal, they ignore support tickets...if you like to show your scrapbook go for out. Serious webmaster or business owner? Stay away!

    Review Rating

Please stay away from Netfirms.


    Review Rating

I have been with Netfirms for almost three years now. It was recommended to me by a trusted friend. I run two sites off my Business Netfirms Hosting account. My experience has not been too bad with the company, but definitely not good.

Uptime- For me very reliable. There is rarely a downtime and when there has been it was short.

Support- Not good at all. In all the tickets I have sent for support I have received very few replies that actually helped with the issue. Most just pointed me to their help site which didn't answer my question anyway. All in all getting any support help at all is a very frustrating experience.

Worst issue- I introduced memberships to my largest site and set a Netfirms email account. Well, within half a day my site was frozen and I had an email from Netfirms saying I was under suspicion for sending spam unless I could defend this allegation. So I explained the new memberships and the script that automatically sends an email sending welcoming users and sending their sign up info. Support said okay. A few hours later, BAM, site frozen again. Received email, 'you are under suspicion for sending email spam'. *sigh*

This happened multiple times over a few days until I disabled the sign up email feature. Thing was, less then 2,000 people had signed up over those few days, hardly a flood. Surely on a Business account this should never have happened.

The Control Panel- The inbuilt FTP is a waste of space. I have never been able to upload anything to the site with it, period. Other then that the Control Panel is user friendly but some features just plain don't work.

Packages- You do get some pretty good things included when you sign up for Netfirms. NetObjects for one is a pretty good website building program for the beginner. Although you get an old version of it.

Overall- This company is my first webhosting experience so I was not sure what to expect from the start. It has been incredibly frustrating and yet very reliable in uptime. I am now on my way to check out other hosting companies with more knowledgable support, more flexibility and updated support for other programs and better value for money. I will definitely not be signing on for another year with Netfirms.

    Review Rating

My URL has been down for three days. After numerous phone calls and waiting a total of over 30 minutes for phone support, I finally gat a tech who told me they were having IP problems. That was about 10AM 7/29/09. It is now 3:30 of the third day and still cannot get my URL to respond. All I can say is" It's a good thing that I have another site with aq much better provider localweb.com who is up 100% of the time. I was thinkingof treansferrring to Netfirms, but it's true "you only get what you pay for. When my netfirms expires, I'm going to switch from them!

Nick Yeoman

    Review Rating

I buy all my domains through netfirms and I'm very happy with the way the handle DNS and their domain prices.

That is where my happiness ends. I decided to host with them as it would be easy (already have DNS there). First their uptime was 90% if that (my home desktop was up more). You can't run anything other than a static site as they don't support any apache modules (not even mod rewrite). SSH access sucks and no SVN repository.

I'd never recommend anyone use this company ever.

    Review Rating

I have used netfirms for about 8 years now, within the last two years I have had all the same problems everyone else has. I am slowly moving my sites over to another host. If you want hosting for a small html website this is good, but I would never host a business website with them again. Time is money and when your site is slow or not reachable you will lose. Once was good but now they are outdated, they need to update their servers and software to meet the demands of the internet today, not 8 years ago. Customer service is poor. They don't care about your problems with their service.


    Review Rating

Ok this is where we are at now. After losing 10 grand in sales we are now scrambling to find a new host. Netfirms, with the sale of company earlier this year, migration and now today, again, the network down, introducing crawl errors from their faulty system, we have no choice but to do damage control. Netfirms is by far the worst hosting company we have ever encountered. Their reviews across the board are terrible. No accountability and they simply do not know what they are doing. Folks you have been warned stay away from these people they will bring your company to it's knees.


    Review Rating

The reason I am writing a review is because no one at Netfirms will listen. The list of problems with this company is endless. I am surprised they are still in business. Was with them with my first site, did not continue with my second site and with my third my web guy told me Netfirms had improved....he was wrong. It is a sad company that has huge communications issues. Management could care less what your concerns are. The front line people have no answers for you because they are not given any. Do not host with this company. It will only go further down hill.

Chris M

    Review Rating

Ok folks, after being with Netfirms for 5 years we have finally had it. This latest server migration brought our business to it's knees. This is not the first time we have been through hell with this company, but it will be the last. The damage control was unbelievable. Our team was working round the clock to fix what this company did to our site. Calling Netfirms for support was a joke. They are inefficient and plain rude.We have had enough!!!!!


    Review Rating

Netfirms is the worst web hosting service provider i ever have encountered in my over 15 years of IT and Web development experience. This company sucks!!!

Daniel King

    Review Rating

We have used Netfirms for a number of years. I have the Enterprise 1 package and we have had various issues in the past that are usually resolved within 24hrs. Recently we started seeing major problems with our main site. It started with slow performance, then CGI concurrency limit messages and now the site is more or less offline completely. We reported the problem three days ago and it’s still not resolved. Netfirms initially indentified some issues but have never provided any detailed information on the issue and how it was going to be fixed.

Customer service is an oxymoron to Netfirms. I started to email their support organisation to request a status and ETA on a fix with no success. When I telephoned them to enquire about the status of the problem, they initially refused to acknowledge any issue. When I finally convinced the engineer to review my account in more detail he found a case open on our issues. He then simply mentioned the problem was being worked on but there is no indication on the issue would be fixed. We operate a charity music competition and festival and the problems are occurred during our yearly festival week. This means people cannot check schedules, book tickets, or find out general information. In essence, it’s a catastrophic event for us.

We have tried emailing their customer support manager Pamela Harding, their CEO Thomas Savundra and various other billing and sales divisions with no success. I would suggest to anyone thinking of opening an account with Netfirms to seriously consider an alternative. They may have competitive rates but if you experience technical issues you may find them lacking in the service department.


    Review Rating

Slow as hell! The service is terrible as they take a few days to get back to any inquiry. My website lags all the time. I'm switching the next chance I get.

Fed Up

    Review Rating

Hacking is a constant concern with Netfirms, your sites and files will be left wide open and you will be blamed, having hosted over 100 websites on the Netfirms servers, I was exposed to a level of hacking intrusion that I did not think possible. Zero support over a three month period other than a generic email saying "did you check your files?" they claim no responsibility to hacking or any down time that your site experiences. They are not a secure organization at all and I do not recommend them, even there own site is under a constant attack from hackers, Google the term Netfirms Hacked, this will show a wealth of hacked subdomains of their own name.

    Review Rating

The worst company I ever seen My site been down 10 days They change my name severs to TWOCOWS.com they are merging with them. There support told me So many things I cant Believe them. Talked to Phillip seemed like a nice guy that really wanted to help me To find out the problem. Then when I found out It was them That had the problem no one wanted to talk to me anymore Then I told them they were going to compensate me for 10 days not having a website.Phillip agreed waiting for payment. Lets see how this pans out.

WTK Administrator

    Review Rating

The features and price DO NOT compensate for the extremely poor service and constant hosting and mail outages. Databases run extremely slow and anything server-side is almost unusable.

Netfirms has been acquired by Endurance International Group based in the U.S. The quality of service has dropped through the floor since it was taken over. STAY AWAY.


    Review Rating

I have more than 200 domains with netfirms and today the sales rep told me if you don't want to stay with us "THAT'S FINE"

Are you serious????

If they do this to me, god helps those with 10 or less domains.

Bad service, bad customer support, bad attitude. What else do you need to change the company you are dealing with??

They changed the whole system and caused so many problems and we are customers have to deal with it. I don't think so.

I wanted to talk to their billing department and hung after after 30 minutes of waiting, but the sales department answers the phone immediately!!!

That's shows that they just want to sell you and forget you when the deal is done.

That's the beauty of Internet that I can write this review and hopefully someone else reads it and don't go with them.

That's how companies go out of business, and I am glad if netfirms does.

I will be transferring my 200+ domains to somewhere else and I hope they learn their lesson (I doubt that though)

Daniel King

    Review Rating

Well I have 18 sites with them and I finally decided to drop them. Having been with them for 4 years I am kicking myself for putting up with the Netfirms lack of customer support and poor server reliability.


Christine Corden

    Review Rating

Right now, we are no longer able to send email to yahoo email addresses. I tried phoning netfirms and you cannot get through to anyone unless you pay a fee? What? What? What?????

    Review Rating

Our small business website was always sow during primetime, 8am to 4 pm. We would complain about it, a technician would look at it from their end at 6pm ad say everything was working fine. Our website has been down 50% of the time this month, including email. Ad as of writing this, our website is 404. Their cloud server system has us crammed in with over 12,000 other websites. Just a mess on a company. Beware of any that EIG merged together (ipage, bluehost, etc.)


    Review Rating

I am an current netfirms user with over 100 websites hosted there. During the transition, I lost all my database dependant websites, my subdomains stopped working, some of my sites disappeared and directories were not found. When I contacted the new customer service team I was told they can't do anything about it. I'm at a loss of Thousands$$ and counting because my sites are still to date out of commission. I'm switching to a new company and I advise anyone thinking of netfirms to do the same.

Bill K

    Review Rating

I have several sites hosted with Netfirms for over 2 decades. The company is now horrible. Constantly taking down my web sites. Never, ever received any contact from them before their unauthorized actions. They actually removed and sold my most popular domain.

Talked to customer service many times and was promised actions that never happened - ever. They say they will send emails with instructions and authorizations that never appear.

    Review Rating

It's all my fault. I knew Netfirms was a horrible hosting company, but I saw the drop in price and hoped they were trying to bring people into a better company. I was wrong. Netfirms is as bad as it ever was, and will always be.

I"ve been trying to get install Joomla for over three weeks now, and each time I either got an "internal error" or if it did load, my username and password didnt work. After a dozen emails, the site worked, but they had to "jerry-rig" it, which meant that I could only get on it by way of their set up. Once I tried to put a new page or template up, I lost it all, and had to go back to get the damn thing running again.

Well, interestingly enough, instead of dealing them this time, I went and loaded my template from Joomla on there by way of the FTP. It worked perfectly, but guess what? Anything Netfirms related didn't work.

This is clearly the worse hosting company online, and even for 36.00 a year, you would do better to pay extra for less hassles. Moral: You definitely get what you pay for, when dealing with Netfirms.



    Review Rating

Netfirms auto-renewed my accounts despite have a "Manual" option selected. They refused to consider any refund. Now it is in dispute with my credit card company.

Save yourself a lot of headaches and use another service.


    Review Rating

In 15 years or using different webhosts, this is by far the worst support department I have experienced to date. Their own functionality on their nameservers don't work and it took them over a week, 4 calls, 4 ticket updates, and two live chat sessions and they haven't been able to fix it. I currently have tens of domains registered with them, and will migrate all of them out before expiry.

Stephen Stewart

    Review Rating

They couldn't provide worse service if they tried. In addition they have contrived and extort additional fees to solve issues that are caused by Netfirms.

    Review Rating

Netfirms has continually has slow and very unreliable servers.

Netfirms has the worst support out of the 10 or so hosting companies I have worked with over the last 20 years.

Caveat Emptor - Do not host a website with Netfirms.

Jim Jones

    Review Rating

Let me echo all of the other negative reviews on here. They do not go far enough to describing the nightmare situation you are in for when you have to deal with this schlock hosting company.

Worst support, horrendous service, aggressive, bordering fraudulent billing policies is putting it diplomatically.

If they tricked you into an account here, cancel it fast or live to regret it. You've been warned.


    Review Rating

all websites hosted by the plan and even their control panel is down on daily basis

the worse support team and the worse service you can imagine.

always they try to run away from fixing problems

I rate it the worse hosting company ever

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