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Hosting Reviews for Nixism

Charles Coffey

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I have been with Nixism for around 4 months and I have been very pleased with the service all around. The support is fast along with the servers. I recommend Nixism if your looking for a responsible host.


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If you are ready to get daily downtime with a host, then Nixism is for you. For the last three months we had constant downtime and in the last 5 days we have daily downtimes of over 5 hours each!!

They don't even communicate about it, if you ask, they claim it's a DoS attack which means their servers are not protected properly.

I've been with them for more than 6 months now, but unfortunately have to move to another host.

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I Started using Nixism a few months ago, All was fine for a few weeks. Until I was getting POOR uptime. I mean at least 1 hour per day. And in the end, We had downtime for 1 Day. I asked them for a refund and they said no. So I reported it to Paypal and he terminated my account.


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Nixism is horrible, and that is being modest. Uptime is a term they do not understand. I am not at all shocked to see that I am not the only one complaining about this horrible service. They do not have phone support, emails are never replied and your sites will constantly be down. You cannot even get a few minutes to do a backup of your site.

Please DO NOT HOST with NIXISM. They entice you with low prices but they give you the worst service. This guys are liars.

Even right now as I write all my 6 websites have been down since yesterday.

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I was searching for a reilable webhost for my domain. I came across a few cheap ones that looked reliable, but really were not -- and so, I had to cancel them and get a refund.

Then, I found nixism.com, and I was impressed by the professionalism -- their website looked well designed, very attractive, and the thing that really drew me in was the prices, and the fact you could create your own package for a very cheap price -- and not have to wait for the admin to do it for you. I've been online since early 97, so I know a good host when I see one.

I actually found a coupon that gave me %90 of the hosting package I purchased -- the total was $77.00 annually, but I only paid $9.00.

However, that is where the good impressions end.

They appear to make claims they can't live up to. While asking a simple question via email to their "support" team to ask if they register domains, I recieved a rude, really non-professional response stating "no, they don't register domains" and "why didn't I notice that before I signed up". Well obviously, I looked very throughly before purchasing, and I suppose I missed that part. They apparently use generic emails and don't change them to suit their own services. The email I recieved when I signed up for hosting stated originally "If you have requested a domain name during sign up, we will register this domain once your payment has been cleared, this can take 24 hours. "

This is an email I also recieved from my new host scarabweb.com .. who actually DOES register domains as part of their yearly hosting plans.

If you do not register domains and simply provide hosting, why put that in the email that you send to you clients? it shows they don't take the time to make their customer experince non-fustrating, that they simply copy and paste emails for their own site.

Plus, for a site that is supposed to be professional, they also have some grammar and spelling mistakes on their graphics -- right on their front page, which states "fast reply support. "Our" support techinicians are here until "your" pleased.

Well, I am not pleased. I am not sure how many "support techs" they have, but their live support is rarely online, and when it is, it's always an operator named gainor. He is rude and unprofessional as well -- he did not fix any of my problems; rather he just argued with me.

I would expect more from a "professional" site.

So, I had to cancel and sign up with scarabweb.com, who's support and services I find much more impressive and alot more reliable. Their prices are very affordable as well.

All in all, nixism made me feel as if I was just another client -- where I DIDN'T matter, and where they simply cared about their bottom line, not their clients. I also read reviews basically saying the same thing I did -- poor customer service, slow site speeds, and the feeling that one person was basically running the whole site.

I would not recommend them -- my site was down last night and they tout "don't worry, it will always be up". Well, if the site won't always be up, why say that? obviously servers have downtime. No server is perfect, but they seem to make claims they just can't hold. 99.9% uptime? I don't think so. They aren't realistic with their claims.

Silver Captain

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The support is terrible. It took three weeks just to install WHM.

I had another panel but they made up some BS story they couldn't use it anymore and forced cpanel on me plus raised the rate.

They changed the ip on me and acted like it wasn't a big deal. What the ???????

When i submit a ticket their reply is we can't help you because you do not have maintenance on your account. BUT the help is you haven't got what i ordered set up. Then they say I have to set it up but the error is on the server.

The email they sent originally when I signed up was totally wrong with information.

I traded tickets for about two weeks only to get dropped from the help. After two weeks of saying they were going to install the packages I ordered they then said you install them. Are you kidding me?

This company defintely doesn't care about the websites they host so it tells me the security is also something they don't care about which is why I am pulling my websites and using a more reliable VPS.

One good thing is they use PAYPAL so I can have PAYPAL issue a full refund.

I am not some newbie I have been in the web development business for 14 years and can honestly say this has been the most terrible experience i have ever had with a company.

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