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One.com is an innovative supplier of web hosting services. One.com (B-one) was established in 2002 in Denmark and is today one of the leading companies in Europe within the provision of domain names and sales of web hosting services.

Award-winning web hosting for both individuals and business users. Whether it’s your first website or you are an advanced user, a One.com web hosting package gives you everything you need. Create your website with Website Builder and publish up to 5 pages with no coding (you can publish more than 5 pages using Website Builder Premium). You can also use One.com’s popular 1-click WordPress.


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Hosting Reviews for One.com

    Review Rating

I personally love one.com they are fast reliable and ive had no problemas at all with the hosting and the price is fantastic and at the moment they are doing a masive upgrade so should get even better i am a happy customer!


    Review Rating

I have had one.com for three years, and in these three years I have had zero problems with them. The only issues I have had have been due to my own lack of knowledge, and each and every time a live chat support member patiently and comprehensively assisted me through the situation.

Despite the knowledge of a less-than-easy cancellation process, I have only positive outlooks on this host. If you read their terms, and do things right, you should be clear of any unwanted fees. As for me, I won't need to worry about those because I am too happy with their service to leave.

    Review Rating

Why some people blame hosting company for their charging policy, when EVERYTHING STANDS WRITTEN ABOUT THAT... ? On their website fellas, yes...

That's the first thing you do when you host something somewhere. YOU READ what hosting company says, and if you don't like it, leave it.

The second.. Payment processors and one.com

THeir payment, charging system, whatever .. is - PERFECT. I believe that issues some people had here is more related to their stupid banks and their payment processors, not the one which 1.com is using...

You must notify one.com about cancellation 35 days before you would like to transfer your files somewhere else?... geee, what a "problem".. ccc..

I feel pitty for those idiots who don't know how to WRITE DOWN that kind of "deadline" in their memo somewhere.

And no, I am not working for one.com.

I am just one more happy customer of theirs.

    Review Rating

its best in class, ill Commander this to all my followers, good support


    Review Rating

I have been using one.com since probably around 1999 or 2000. I now manage about 10 websites with one.com; moest of them are for e-mail only. I've always been very happy with support - they are quick and friendly and will help you until there is a solution. Very little downtime (and they give you ample notice). I tend to read small prints when I sign a contract so have never been surprised by the fact that hosting usually costs a little more from the second year on (it's still cheap!). I understand that if you want to make a really elaborate website, there are better options - but for me and my small business, it more than suffices.

    Review Rating

I love One.com. They are cheap, have nice support, and has been no fuss no mus, for at long as I have had them, I think I had my site with them from 2003.


    Review Rating

I have five sites running via one.com. All works perfectly. I run Joomla and what ever. The support is very good and helpful. I treat them with respect and they respond in the same way - the opposite of some silly comments in this review. The invoices is sent by at server via email. If I miss it I get a reminder. Perfect. As of my >5 years of experience my empiric opinion is that One.com is among the very best out there. 500.000 customers, I think. Uptime nearly 100%. Let the figures talk. Period.

Ronny Hansson

    Review Rating

Interesting that no one reads the Terms of Business when they order. (Where it says that the subscription is

Automatically prolonged, unless the subscription is Cancelled 35 days before a 12-month subscription period.)

I have had one.com for 2 years and have not had any problems. But then on the other side I have read the agreements...

What I read of some of these reviews is that there are some people who can not read or think they can ignore the agreement and it causes problems for themselves.

If one reads the agreement (independent of the supplier) they will know the supplier terms.

Arfon Parry

    Review Rating

I'm surprised by the vehemence of some of the negative comments below. As people usually only write comments when they're mad at someone I thought I'd better mention my experience to balance the picture.

I've been with One.com for three years now and have built a number of web-sites for small businesses and others using One.com. Tru they do not provide features for more advanced web-sites, such as SSL and multi domain-name support, but neither do they claim to.

They provide a very cost-effective solution for small web-sites, provide MySQL and PHP support, and as far as I have experienced have a good record on up-time and accessability. Their billing/renewal etc. has always been impecable, and they register doamin names in your name.

Finally, I've used their on-line chat support line a number of times, either for queries or when something is out-of-kilter. The response has always been prompt and relevant.

I wouldn't hesitate rcommending this host to anyone building a simple web-site.


    Review Rating

I registered my domein at one.com, planning to build a joomla site. The support for joomla (and other cms) is quite poor though. So I didnt use it in the end. Suprisingly, one.com has a silent exentension, if you dont cancel you are stuck with them for another year. This is very uncommon i must say so be warned about this

Erling Jeppesen

    Review Rating

I have used One.com (and earlier B-one.com) since 2005 and I have never had any problem with them. One.com may not have the fastest servers, but on the other hand they are cheap. None of my sites have been down except very rarely for maintenance in the middlle of the night.

    Review Rating

Wow, I'm surprised to have found negative comments about one.com - because I've always recommended them and used them for years.

Personally I think their prices are nice and cheap for the first year, and the hope is that the clients site will be making enough money to pay the £30 'ish each following year after.

As for Technical Support - for me it's always been great to click on live help,

ask a quick question...

get a quick answer etc

and this can be anytime throughout the night.

Another good point also, is the lack of downtime - really good. I work on other sites for clients, hosted with a variety of popular hosts and regularly find that they go offline during the night, for server upgrades, maintenance etc.

Everything always seems to be up and running all the time at one.com so from my experiences with them for the last several years, everything has only ever been good and I do recommend them!

Sasha Lusa

    Review Rating

I used One.com twice, and both time I was quite satisfied with the service: I had no downtimes, very few reasons to contact support, and the site was always working fastly. I've never had the renewal problems people below have, my accounts were closed once and I was never asked for renewal.

One thing about that: if the reviewers below me maybe read One.com's TOS, they'd see it's clearly stated that, to avoid automatic renewal, you have to cancel the account at least 30 days before due date; they can't blame the host for their mistake.

P.S. = I am in no way whatsoever related to One.com; I'm just a satisfied client leaving a review and her 2 cents.

    Review Rating

Hired hosting service sites One a few months ... I am satisfied with the provision of the services are really good ... just not much enjoyed the fact that they request a fee which I find absurd to add new domains on the same hosting account

I hired the Superior Professional plan where they tell you can host multiple domains, but to try to do it discovered that have to pay a rate of more than 50 real. This type of feature in other hosting there is FREE !!!

John Curley

    Review Rating

One.com is a scam. after filling out the registration and info correctly, they withdrew the money and I heard nothing from them. When I spoke support to see what was going on, he advised I needed to send him some personal ID just for their records but could not tell me why it was needed. I advised there was nothing on their entire site mentioning this and he said right, but either i send it or theres nothing they can do. I laughed and told them to shove it!This is why the link doesnt work!

    Review Rating

I do not recommend One.com, if you ask a question to the Live Support they never solve a problem, they give u an e-mail of the technical service. And you if you have a gallery you can't even add high quality pictures.


    Review Rating

I was referred to one.com a couple of years ago and their reviews were great. They were a top hosting company and I registered 3 domain names with them and told people about them all the time. Today I say beware!!!!

Being with them isn't so bad. I became used to the server down emails and inability to get in to my account. You just try again later or another day but if you want to leave them their cancellation policy is very sneaky. 35 days notice of cancellation (this is over a month). With one.com you don't choose to stay, you have to opt out and you must remember to do it early otherwise you are stuffed!!! no site but still paying or having to stay with them and wait for next year to come around.

Thinking about one.com? Consider whether their name is really indicative of their present status. For me, sadly they are not number one anymore!

    Review Rating

yes, they are at the higher end of the pricing and yes they have got a *sneeky* requirement for a long cancellation period. I've been with the for 3+ years and only noticed my site down once. On balance, i'm happy with the service and comfortable with the terms (which are published ontheir website and I chose to read first!)

Steve Gascoigne

    Review Rating

I have 4 domains and hosting with one.com and have never had any problem so can't really rate their customer service but everything I've done on line on their website works in a straight forward and efficient way. I have to say I really like one.com.

Jussi M

    Review Rating

I have various domains hosted years by: one.com. It has been better by years, but i need to change to other. One.com do not have SSL/https hosting, and i can not get one on their webserver.. Anyway, it has working fine for me..

    Review Rating

Bait & Switch - they doubled the price for my 2nd year and Terms and conditions locked me in so even when I cancelled I still had to pay for it. :(


    Review Rating

I've been using one.com for several years. For a hobby website like mine, one.com was quite ideal.

One.com does have a quite a few features. However when I needed to make use of cronjobs, triggers and stored procedures in the database... one.com simply lacks these needs.

I really don't care about pointless features like photoviewers, easy-to-build webpages... I simply want to be able to build a fine website, in which one.com doesn't support me.

In my conclusion one.com is perfect for relative simple websites, like hobby websites or small businesses. When you want a more complex or professional website this provider is not a go.


    Review Rating

An average hosting service. Regular short downtime and only one SQL database can be annoying, but support is ok and it's simple to use. However be aware of their deceptive use of subscriptions. I thought I was purchasing 12 months web hosting, and when I no longer needed it ignored their renewal notices. Little did I know one.com had signed me up to a subscription service (something they tuck away in the Ts and Cs).

So you can imagine my shock when I received a notice from a debt collection agency, I mean, I thought that kind of action was limited to payday lenders.

I got in touch with customer services and expected them to say 'sorry you didn't realise it was a subscription, we can see you haven't used your account in 4 months, of course we'll waive the charges." But no. Only after an extensive conversation with complaints where I was made to feel an idiot for not reading the terms and conditions I managed to get the debt collection case closed but still had to pay the renewal fee for a subscription service I didn't think I'd signed up to.

To show that they are not clear, here is the itemised invoice for my initial purchase. Prize for anyone who can see the word subscription:

Order details:

Date: Apr 1, 2014

You have ordered the following:

Discount - Web Space Small (5 GB) for first 12 months - 10.80

Discount - Domain transfer (.co.uk) -2.00

Domain transfer (.co.uk) 2.00

Setup fee 9.00

+VAT 20% 1.80

Total in GBP: 10.80


    Review Rating

Ronny, I did read the terms and conditions.What I don't like is that they bury the £10.00 fee on page 2 of the TOC, well away from renewal details.

But my main beef is that the sites are slow and they won't do anything - I lost business because one o my sites was down and they refuse to answer any requests for compensation.

My advice, keep away from them.


    Review Rating

Ridiculous! A letter came in the post, dated several months prior due to where it came from, saying payment was due. Paid. Payment failed. They said nothing.

2 days later, debt collector agency contacted us!

(I'd also tried to cancel 34 days prior. Ofc, they wouldn't allow it.)

I paid AGAIN. It worked, got a reference for the payment and its on my statment.

Waited the apparent up to 14 days for it to update on site, it never did.

Contacted one.com and questioned it, they said they'd sort it etc etc.

2 and a half months later, I'm being mailed saying my accounts being suspended for a bit for non-payment.

Ruining my credit rating and trying to get more money out of me and failing with invoicing correctly? I'd call that a con merchant, my friends.

    Review Rating

Unfortunately we’ve lots of domains on one.com. We’ve ordered them a couple of years ago and everything worked fine until one.com decided to switch it’s server provider. From this time on nearby ALL our domains (more than 10) are unavailable so often, I can’t count it. The chat supporters are telling you that the tech stuff is trying to fix the problem, but from my point of view, they’re all highly incapable.



    Review Rating

I have been using one.com for several years and have generally found them to be good and reliable.

I mainly use my domains as a hobby rather than for production purposes and have happily run WordPress, Joomla, CMS Made Simple and Drupal, concurrently in different sub-domains.

Family members have tripped across their near impossible cancellation process and we have been hit by late payment surcharge when a payment request was not received on time - more a SPAM filter issue if I recall correctly.

One.com have recently upgraded their servers which briefly offered significantly improved page load times etc, however over recent weeks one of my domains has been hit by a scripted attack or hacked - support said it must be a security issue on my end - but I suspect their server was breached as I found references to similar problems on other forums.

Most recent and most annoying, it has become almost impossible to get WordPress auto upgrades to work, Drupal upgrades to load and very very very slow page loads.

Update failures have resulted in the need to completely reload from backup (fortunately I took one - you should make sure you do too) and then you have to delete everything and start again, and last but not least - at random times of the day or night it is impossible to get a clean ftp upload to complete as it appears the server randomly stops responding to the ftp client ... I hope they sort out their issues because to date they have generally been very good value for money. But even hobbyist's time is money so I hope they read these reviews and get their act together.

    Review Rating

This is to highlight their poor business integrity. They seem to make their $$$ by 1) attracting new users at low prices and then AUTOMATICALLY renewing them at a HIGHER 12 MONTH FEE and 2) Sending e-mail with NO CLEAR SUBJECT HEADER to give you the OPTION to terminate the AUTOMATIC RENEW POLICY. If you miss this option email (easy to do amongst the many emails a user may receive) then you are stuck with a 12 month subscrption at a higher rate. Note they are happy to send reminders of amounts not paid via surface mail / letter - but this "renewal option" is only sent via email poorly labelled so WATCH OUT ! And preferably avoid this company.

david lai

    Review Rating

Well all i can say if you have a problem with this site good luck with it!!! tookme ages to try to get things sorted live help was good if you get the right person other wise pay a little more get a better service


    Review Rating

One.Com sends out email to none customers (spam mail) and tells that they have an years free webhosting and domain name offer, but they will anyway be sharing you for it which is illegal when you are offering something for free within EU.

Also, it's illegal to send email to people who ain't their customers or haven't given them premission to send spam.

Don't forget that terminating an contract is diffucult and they illegally extend your domainname subscription and then charge you for the domain, no matter if you want it not and this cause One.Com to loose the right to seel .SE domains.

Patrick Kannie

    Review Rating

Please. One.com is meant for very basic hosting. They have extremely limited features.

We cannot compare a simple host like one.com with Namecheap.com for example. One.com is for Home use DEFINITELY NOT for business. They are down MOST OF THE TIME. So sorry but this host is not even in my wishlist!.


Senior Developer. Joomla Bamboo.


    Review Rating

unlike every other hosting company who will automatically suspend /expire your account if you abandon it and cease payments (and lets face it, that's very common) this company, wont cancel or suspend it.

They let it run on, and just when you had forgotten you ever had hosting with them, you'll suddenly get a letter out of the blue from a debt collection agency, telling you that you owe them money.

Its a ridiculous way to conduct a hosting company...never ever experienced this nonsense with other hosting companies. So beware, you have been warned!


    Review Rating

Worst webhost ever, will do everything they can to charge you more and more money. Make it very hard to cancel. Support is awful, servers couldnt even cope with running a small phpBB2 website..

Avoid At All Costs!!!

Gavin Rolph

    Review Rating

I mean it, THE worst. If you want a company to deal with you like a child asking for sweets then sign up with one.com.

I began by using a CMS to create my site, when it was ready and working i paid for my domain, for the next few weeks i tried to get it working but it seemed it just wouldn't, i asked technical support and i was told that it was a problem with there MY SQL servers and it would be sorted shortly. I kept pestering the company as to when it would be sorted but i kept getting replies telling me soon.

After 3months of being a paying member and yet no service i started again asking the same questions. I finally got told that it was actually that some of my coding was not supported and that actually not much code is supported (i am yet to discover to what extent this is). I believe that i was mislead for 3 months and as such i have not received a refund.

The customer service team (online chat only) were unhelpful and at times rude.

The technical support team rarely replied, but when they did they were always obnoxious, arrogant and rude.

I recommend you avoid this company at all costs, pay the extra money, you wont regret it.

Hope this has helped steer people away from One.com.


Gavin Rolph

Angie G

    Review Rating

I contacted one to try and move my site to them as my previous webhost suddenly shut down without warning. Their live help was abrupt, offhand and after just two questions simply stopped responding.

That told me all I needed to know about one and I'll be looking for hosting elsewhere!

    Review Rating

Avoid at all costs. After signing up for an "instant account" i was then told to wait 24 hours for the service to go live.

After 72 hours and several contacts with one, they were still trying to pass it up as a DNS issue, even though it was their servers giving the errors.

After deciding to cancel, they have advised the ONLY way to get a refund is to email them your bank details for the refund to be put back into my account.

They say they dont store card numbers so they are not a target of fraudster. Well instead, their email is certainly a focus for anyone wanting a steady stream of bank details.


    Review Rating

When you register, they promise unlimited traffic, BUT that is wishfull thinking, you are right away limited!

Many filetypes are not allowed and you are also limited to small filesizes, when I asked the helpdesk why, I was told it was because otherwise there would be too much traffic...

Before the end of my one year contract I received a new bill for an other year contract, I was like: what the heck? So I mail back that I dont want an other year contract, and that they cancel it. They reply that that isn't a problem. A few days later I get a reminder to pay anyway! I mail again the support and I get the answer that I canceled too late! I had to cancel minimum a month and a half before the end of my contract!

And indeed that is somewhere written in there general rules, but offcourse they don't tell you that on there website, no they hide it fare away... Most people with a one year contract pay for two! So don't be fooled, it aint so cheap as they prommise!

I suggest you stay far away from this company, they have only "one" goal and that is to get as much cash as they can, from your wallet!

Kalle Sommer Nielsen

    Review Rating

This is without a doubt the wrost webhosting I've ever used. The support team is a very unprofessional couple and doesn't know fully about how their system operates, I spend 20 minutes trying to ask a guy a simple question and in the end he concluded the same as I had in the first place and kept answering questions about technical stuff that was incorrect. But thats not all, when I was gonna cancel my domain I didn't even got notified and suddenly I was in 100 dollars extra in debt because the support team had told me something that turned out to be against the company policy, truely the most unprofessional hosting company I've ever encounted, everyone should really seek a better approach than this company.

adam park

    Review Rating

I signed up with One.com for a year to secure a domain name. THe next correspondence I got was a year later from a debt recovery firm. One.com had failed to invoice me or tell me that my one year subscription was due to expire. Now my credit rating may have been affected. Customer service said they would sort it out but I have just found out that they have not and will not!

I believe that this is unethical practice.


    Review Rating

What can I say?


I like many other people here signed up to a 12 month period with One.com

I received an email on November 3rd asking for a 'payment reminder' the first I had heard of any payment. Again, like many others never received the actual invoice.

I received the reminder 31 days before renewal, they require 35 days to cancel, so they wont let me cancel!

I've spoke to their sales team, who threatne me with court action, I've spoken to their customer service, who are useless, and tell me to pay.

They're adding £10 a month on for late payment.

It is unethical and very very poor that this business can not send invoices and basically scam their customers like they are pirates.

I have emailed the manager and await his response, though I dont hold much hope.

I'd be interested to hear what everyone elses outcome was and how (if) they got it sorted!

Be aware if your with them! You wont receive an invoice just a reminder so cancel in plenty of time!!

    Review Rating

Do yourself a favour, stay well clear of one.com.

I made a big mistake joining them, and now they are making me pay for a whole years subscription before I can terminate the service.

Further more, they do not have a contact centre so you can never contact them when you need help, or write to them. There isn't even a compaints procedure in place..


David Benson

    Review Rating

Avoid like the plague!

If you do sign up with them and wish to cancel this must be down 35 days prior to your renewal date or you will be liable for a further years charges. If you cancel and refuse to pay then they charge you a £10 reminder fee, if that doesn't work they sell the debt on to Intrum justicia (go google).

Wish I'd seen these reviews before using them.

Not nice people to deal with, who's only interest is squeezing another years payment out of you, for providing a below par service.

    Review Rating

This company are ruthless and cheating scumbags! they break the law on so many levels. i canceled my subscription with them one month before renewal date, yet i get landed with a new 12 month contract i did not want and also late payments charges, which they took £20 off my credit card without permission! BE WARNED! STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!

Matthew Larter

    Review Rating

As with most I have had nothing but problems with One.Com

The site would repeatedly close down for no reason and the only response from support is that they would look into it......24 hours later the site would be working again.

I have also been remiss in checking the terms and conditions and will have to make another year payment when I thought it time to move my site to a more suitable provider like UKhost4U. Glad I am rid of One.Com


    Review Rating

The amount of outages are getting worse and worse, they do not sem to realise that in business every outage costs you time and money ..... pay a bit more, get more reliability is my opinion.


    Review Rating

Truly one of the worst and most devious hosting companies on the net. AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE!!!

They represent all that is worst about a hosting company. I have attempted to pay my account for nearly six months and the payment gateway refuses to accept my card details even though my card company assures me the card is perfectly valid. Their take on it is that the transaction is being deliberately blocked at one.com's end for whatever reasons they may have. I phoned Danske Bank and paid the account by cheque, one.com insist it has not been paid added a £10.00 handling fee and are now threatening to hand the matter over to a debt collector. I'll be handing the matter over to the police if the cheque isn't returned.


    Review Rating

I had a free account with them, for a year, which came with some software I bought. The 'free' period has turned out to be less than they year, now they are demanding payment for a service I have tried to cancel and have threatened me with escalating costs, merely for sending an email.

Avoid One.com like the plague. Trading Standards might be interested in this lot.

Leon Deylaman

    Review Rating

In my first contact with One.com I registered a domain name which was approved and available according them. Therefore I paid for one year subscription via my account. After two days came a mail from one com in which they complained that the domain name was not available. This is what they wrote:


We are sorry to inform you that the domain you have applied for is already registered with another provider.

For this reason we are unfortunately not able to offer you the web space and domain registration for this domain, which means your order has been canceled.

Please reply to this mail for a refund of your payment and please provide us with the following information:

1) Name and address of your Bank

2) Account number

3) SWIFT code

4) IBAN number

If you would like to register another domain, please place a new order through our website.

Best regards,

Hostmaster support


Well, I emailed them my account information to get my money back. But nothing happened. Now it is a month that I'm doing email them to support, to sales in their homepage to get contact with them without any positive response. This was an unnecessary bad experience and I want as soon as possible cancel my existing subscription with them. My advice is: Do not be a costumer to One.com and spread this to everyone you know. One.com is not serious web host.


    Review Rating

Didn't even get on. I registered at 8pm and waited till 10pm for the email with the login details etc etc.

The email said that my webspace could take another 2hrs so I wanted until 12.30am and still nothing.

I contacted there live support who told me it would take 24hrs which wasn't advertised or put in the emails.

I've not cancelled the account but the live support wouldn't do that, no email only so even though they take your money straight away everything else is time consuming for them. Worst host I've been or nearly been with in this case

D Rath

    Review Rating

Same boat as everyone else. I didnt receive my reminder until the renewal date, then I could not cancel my account. Then they sent me a letter which apparently cost them £10 to send (which is what a bunch of cowboy webhosts/conmen do). I would never deal with these again, if you want to run a website just buy your domain and host it yourself!

The most joking part of their service is that if you do not pay for your second year in advance they will block the hosting on your site so you are offline, dont even tell you about this, and they have now email me to say my domain is closed and the website will be deleted. The account is active until July 2012, so even if I pay them now the £30 for this year I still lose all of my money and get nothing for it. Absolute bunch of useless idiots I say.

Alasdair Morison

    Review Rating

Total Rip off company who rope you into a rolling 12 month contract. These contracts have been made ilegal for mobile phone operators and other service suppliers, but ONE.COM continues ti use them and then send debt collection agents after you.

I would highly recommend you don't use this company. This comes from someone who works in IT and understand just how much these guys are ripping you off.

Fabien Fournier

    Review Rating

This company should be filed for unfair consumer practices!!!

I have informed One.com in April 2011 that I wanted to close my account and stop any of their services. Since then, they are regularly sending me emails asking me to pay new fees.. Worse of all, I have almost never used fabien-fournier.co.uk, and they are still charging me... Appalling practices which I have already reported to a couple of watchdog... Based on the other reviews, it seems that I am not the only one to complain... Do not use ONE.COM services or they will rip you off!

Fabien Fournier


    Review Rating

Been with one.com for three years. At first they are quite good and everything is operational.

The problem now starts where there are constant issue with email. With my line of business it is important to send emails to customer. Use their live support and all they could say is "We are working on this issue and will be operational when the tech team is done" which means jack all.

Since 2012, their email server is getting a lot slower. It is slow to sign in, check inbox, sentbox, open email etc. I have used many computers and different internet connections with same issue so definitely no problem on my hand.

I will terminate with them and choose another service provider. Price might be cheap but with these headaches and problem and me losing customers....it costs more!


    Review Rating

one.com is one big scam they fail to notify you properly for annual invoice and then see that your charge you through the roof and pass on to debt collection agencies without properly letting you know. My advice is avoid using them by all costs.


    Review Rating

well guys, I have just subscribed with one.com One that should be avoided I believe. So called live support? since the morning 8 o'clock till 18:00 NO ONE reply to my query and of course how could they since every time i try to contact them I get the same replay, You are not currently in chat session... Really I don't want to be rude but this all scam, rip off ! though they did activate my account fast enough and they did send me codes and stuff as they promised there is no support. I am new to web development and this was first hosting provider I ever used. They do have option to set up a blog, which doesn't work, you can't log in, you can't blog, you can just change some pictures on it and do lay out changes. Fck me that is not what I paid for, I can do this in my own html editor, don't have to pay an asshole in Denmark for that... Anyone who will ever ask me for good host provider will be suggested to avoid this liars. And I believe there will be no refund from their side since they act as a "dead and death". Not giving a damn that me, their paying customer have technical issue to solve. For sure they will not notice that I want to cancel with them.

oh, and when I read their terms and conditions at one paragraph they mentioned that refunds are not possible, that 14 days period to terminate your subscription is also not possible and if my cancellation e-mail will not be delivered I have to send new one. But on contrary they mentioned that cancellation is possible. Thought that it is just my English that is not so good to understand the meaning properly. Now I know why they wrote it. SCAM, LIARS, RIP OF,

hans janssen

    Review Rating

one hosting is one of the poor hosting in the world.

They think only about the money and not about the customer.


    Review Rating

Very unimpressed with these guys. Customer service was very poor and have very little understanding for individual client needs.

Am now using Justhost...fantastic

Anne Leonora Blaakilde

    Review Rating

Like most other reviewers on this site, I will not recommend to use One.com.

No matter other problems regarding bad support, it seems almost impossible to move your domain to another webhotel. Frustrated!

Stewart W Blewett

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I was sent an e-mail from ONE.COM on 20th May 2013 telling me a domain I bought the previous year for £1.80 was being automatically renewed for £26 on the 17th June 2013. I replied immediately the same day (20th May) to cancel it. But One.com says that I gave them only 29 days notice and not 30 days!!!!!!!!!!

They are ignoring the fact they only notified me 29 days before?

Now they say they will keep adding £10 frequently as a "reminder fee".

I have no intentions of being bullied by them, even though they threaten to use "Danish Law" (is that because it helps swindling bullies?* You decide.)

And why the increase in fee? I only used it to send a few e-mails. They never stated why they increased their fee by such a massive amount.



* Not that I am saying one.com are "swindling bullies" of course; I leave that to your own opinions.

THE BIG JOKE is that on their main webpage they write " "No strings attached! You are free to cancel your subscription anytime, should you wish to do so" But they are pursuing me for cancelling 29 days instead of 30 days in advance of their auto-renewal (which i was NOT even aware of) ... and they only told me they had increased the fee from £1.80 to £26 29 days before (i.e the SAME day I cancelled).

I also question this statement on their main webpage "After the first FREE year, your price for the web hosting package is only 0.90 GBP /month" ... so why are they demanding £26 from me?????? And adding £10 as they wish as "reminder fees"???????

AND ... they quote a well known review site as giving then 4 stars, when it gives them 3 only (and the last two reviews each gave ONE star only) and they quote the review site as saying they give "Great service" when it actually says "Acceptable".

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The Servers are continuosly going down , we have a few domains with them, differents accounts, different types of Subscriptions, thinking that with a more advanced plan they would provide a better service. You need to contact them at least once per week. If is not the ftp server, is the database server going down and so on. Support Staff with basic knowledges, polite but cannot do more than filling Support Tickets. If you have a problem on Friday evening, say ByeBye to your site until Monday when the Technicians are available. Overall, worst hosting service, not reliable, not professional.

Marculescu Sorin

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Scammy services

So i`ve got a free domain when they had an offer last year and now without even suspecting I am forced to pay 36 euros before i can actually cancel my account. I think they are a money grabber scam hosting "company". I don`t recommend anyone buying from them because the hosting is bad, few options to customise it, and again, very bad and slow as hell. Don`t get fooled by some promotional offer because you will pay for it whole in the end.


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The only reason I am giving one.com 1 star is because technically I can't give them a 0 star.

First, on the main page of their site they loudly claim

"No strings attached!

You are free to cancel your subscription anytime, should you wish to do so.

After the first FREE year, your price for the web hosting package is only 1.45 USD /month"

But then they deceive you with their it was mentioned in the terms and conditions and make you realize that the tagline should have been rather been "several strings attached".

1. One.com expects you to manually Cancel your subscription 1 month before the expiry of your hosting plan by contacting their customer care, otherwise you are auto renewed and charged for the subsequent year. Unlike other well known hosting providers who cancel the hosting plan by default on non payment of renewal fee(unless the customer decides to go for auto renewal), One.com forces auto renewal on all it's customers. As of reminders about the expiry of hosting plan, while others send atleast 5 to 6 reminders, One.com sends only 1 reminder, having missed which you are bound to be auto renewed. The Customer care is prompt enough to show the terms & condition to the customers.

2. After the expiry of due date(15 days before the expiry of the Hosting Plan), one.com expects you to Pay an extra 12$ as a reminder fees every time they send you a mail reminding you to pay your due amount. So expect a bill of somewhere around 12$ every month as reminder fees, in case you fail to pay renewal fees for a website that was forcibly renewed without your consent. The customer care have their usual excuse "Please read the terms & conditions"

3. The web hosting package for which you are supposed to pay $1.45 every month after expiry, apparently doesn't include the domain name. For the domain you are supposed to pay an additional $13.8/yr, thus making the grand total of $31.2/yr. Inspite of the fact that the web hosting package you bought actually contains a domain and One.com itself claims in it's main page

"Web hosting - everything included

5 GB Hosting space


FREE Website tools

Unlimited transfer

Unlimited email accounts

Cloud Drive"

4. One.com's Customer Care is perhaps one of the worst in the industry and for everything they have a single answer "We have mentioned it in the terms and condition".

I made a huge mistake of disregarding the negative reviews about one.com and bought a web hosting plan trusting and expecting them to be customer friendly. Alas, I became a victim myself and now I am forced to write a review about them to warn others and let the company know that if they don't change their policies and continue scamming people with their "terms & conditions" then sooner or later they would be forced to pull down their shutters.


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Beware of one.com they are scammer.

My experied domain was stolen

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One.com is horrible !

The concept is very simple, you pay little and you get also nothing. If you need a mini website for whatever little business you have, then one.com might be ok for you.


* Their service is terrible, they have a 24h contact service, but as soon as its about a problem, they always postpone the reason or solution. They say: We are currently working on it.....

* They automatically take you money from you visa/mastercard, eventhough I UNCHECK the box, telling not to do so.

* Now, I discover they only give you 1 MySQL database and dont even care about giving a guesture by making a 2nd one. They just dont care about you at all.

Horrible company, rather spend 10 euro more on a more reliable company then one.com

Steve Jones

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A dreadful organisation. Rather than investing in a good service they try and con you by auto renewing your subscription and then adding £10 charge for chasing you for the money. I would urge everyone to avoid this outfit like the plague. It verges on the criminal


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If you value your business AVIOD at all costs!!!!

The are the most incompetent fools I have ever met, they are rude, disrespectful, unhelpful, dumb, incapable morons.

They cost me and my business over £200'000 by freezing all of my data, websites, emails the works for 2 international and reputable organisations.

There is no complaints procedure and no one with an IQ greater than a hamster.

The only way to deal with these fools is to take them to court.

Is this even a legitimate firm???

0 out of 100 for my review!!! AVIOD AVIOD AVIOD

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avoid this company. They are always down emails do not work. auto renewal means they renew and try and make you pay by threats of collection agencies. Typical American company avoid them like you would Ebola

sarah gabr

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Well if you don't need emails, you don't need to update your website often and you can live without support or with a support team that humours you then go with one.com.

One.com will hold your simple website and that it can do but offer support, email and a functioning infrastructure no.

Because of all the problems I am having they have cut me off chat twice, I have two email accounts that don't work and their reply is use another mail server if you don't like ours.

When I cant access my files because the system doesn't work they disable chat until they fix the system and then tell you chat was not working because of your browser, even though I never had problems before. one.com is all about telling you to try again in 24 hours usually with an excuse as to why you are experiencing problems like telling me that my email was not sending because I had four emails trying to send for thirty times and this apparently cloggs up your email for 24 hours and you can't use email again. The truth is they will try and fix it but they will not tell you there is a problem because usually they can't fix it. So after a year you will accumulate problems here and there and never a solution until you leave because thats the only thing you can do to be able to work.


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Don't use this company for hosting! As others have mentioned, I got contacted out of the blue from a debt collector. They auto renewed a long forgotten site and stuck me with the bill. Customer service was a nightmare to deal with when I tried to pay it and be don't with these con artists. Beware!!!

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there is better companies.

Andrew Murchie

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Probably the worst customer service ever, and effectively a scam on renewal and extra fees while they lie about emails, etc.


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It's amazing when you realsie spending £2 for years hosting to feel too expensive. I wish I could say anything positive but I can't.

theypromise 24/7/365 chat. It's a lie. Quality service, it is also a lie. I had two days where the webeditor woudn't publish my site. Now gaps are appearing in the site for no reason and piling text and pictures underneath it. rather than have it set as as I did it. I have previously spent a year with wix their free service knocks spots off one.com. seriously do not go with these people once my years up I'm writing a review and leaving. Never to give them a penny again

Karl Bater

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Previous comments about having the brains of a hamster is an insult to hamsters. Replied several times to their emails regarding renewal of subscription stating that I didn't want to. Had to keep updating my password which took an age so decided to cancel.

Cancellation process is via the website, which I cant access because of the password issue. More emails exchanged; finally told to respond to their email

with a statement expressing my wish to cancel only for the email to bounce back undelivered.

Received letter from debt collection company, which I will pay, but now researching the best way to take these idiots to court to reclaim the costs. AVOID

Karla Wentworth

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I have had a terrible experience with one.com. I used their services for putting together a cheap and easy website for a year. What I didn't realise is that I was going to be charged again the following year without having a chance to cancel easily. What made it worse. I have moved house in between. So apparently they had written to me but I didn't receive anything. So there I am happily living my life when I get an email from a debt collector. Sick to the bone. I then got in touch with one.com via their live chat and spoke to a really unhelpful guy who made it really difficult for me to cancel and demanded I made the payment no matter what happened. Today I've paid the money because I felt bullied into it and threatened that I'd end up in court over £40 but I will never, ever use them again for personal or business use and I will be making sure I let other people know not to fall into this trap!

mr hollio

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BE CAREFUL! These guys will screw you given half a chance. They refused to acknowledge my cancellation until after the payment date so they could extorting money. Now they are trying to charge late fees on a notice they never sent to EXTORT MORE MONEY!

l Shirfield

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Terrible service, I requested a cancellation but they didn't carry it out and now have sent my details to debt collectors, AVOID LIKE THE PLAGUE..


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The basic website has very little in the way of features it's is ok with regards to search engine friendly. The webshop has been a complete waste of my time. I advise, do not use it if you are serious about your business.

I have just had the worse month in a long time having to go back and forth trying to investigate on my own into a search engine problem with the One.com webshop. Google couldn't find any of the product pages 404 errors messages. The customer service made me feel as if I was wasting their time. They were abrupt and negative and many times hung up live chat on me during the conversation either by simply shutting it down or saying their shift was over and shutting chat down immediately. It's as if the customer service only have limited knowledge and feel undermined if you approach them with questions that they can't understand. Despite the lack in their support, it ended up that my request was valid and suddenly I received an email from them accepting that the One.com webshop IS NOT Search Engine Friendly! I was told there was a bug on their end that they were looking into but had no idea as to when it would be sorted out. I asked for a refund if it couldn't be sorted out shortly because what is the point of a webshop that can't be found by Google??? Again suddenly, without being informed after a couple of days I received a refund and they cancelled my webshop. So all of the work I have put into the product pages etc has been for nothing. There was no apology, no level of understanding, no show of concern that they have basically delayed the progress of my business, nothing, just cancelled webshop. Which has now not only wasted months of my time but has also set my progress back due to having to find another eCommerce provider. Never again. Sometimes cheap is cheap for a reason.


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It's a con, poor service, then debt agency threats and sharp practices at renewal. Avoid, pay a little more and get a professional company. Never go with them. You'll regret it!

ismet sankir

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hi everyone i had a bad experience also with one.com becouse of atomatic renewal.

Automatic renewal practices is legal robbery . They should of ask me shell we renew it? and take my permission

i dont recomend it anyone at all

Tech Man

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Beware of autorenwal and poor customer service. Their details: One.com is a Danish company based and registered in Dubai. We operate through the internet and is not a locally registered company in the UK. We do not have a UK registration number. What we do have is Dubai Internet City license number 19958 and EU registration number EU208000020

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one.com hosting is one of the poor hosting service provider.

They think only about the money and not about the customer.


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auto renewed my account with out notificationand billed me. I was in a holliday and when i came back i got a letter from debt collector and the case was already forwarded to national debt colletion. its a scam. Good site to build website but negative -100000 on good business practices avoid this site. make a site on web server with good business ethics easier

Sandy Scopa

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This service is a scam. They charge you for services that you don't want and charge you a full year's fee even if you cancel. Avoid One.com! They will scam you! Read online reviews from actual customers up see what a scam they are! #one.com scam artists avoid!!!


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Extortion, trying to charge me for another full year before the current year is up because they like to renew 2 months early... well I dont.

Steer clear of this horrible company, I cant believe they treat customers like this.


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Stay away form this company! They are the worst with their trickery and smoke and mirrors.

All these bad reviews should be enough to paint a good picture of this companies ethics.

I’m just waiting for the CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT

Sign me up!

Garrett Duell

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I own most of my domains for the max allowed 10 years. I switched over to one.com because I thought their prices were appealing. I have been paying dearly for that mistake ever since. Even though I already paid their transfer fees, they continue to charge me annually for renewals on domains that I already own for another 4 years. They also charge some sort of DNS fee. I complained to them, and it's like they don't even speak english. They just keep telling me to pay the bill in different ways. Or pointing me to FAQs. This company deserves to be out of business. Just let me get my domains transferred away from them before that happens. This has been a costly attempt to save some money.

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