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PowWeb understand that customers websites are "mission critical." PowWeb provides state-of-the-art load balanced Web hosting platform to ensure maximum uptime. PowWeb was founded in 1999 and has established a leadership position in the "low cost" Web hosting industry by meeting the needs of small-to-medium sized businesses.

PowWeb is one of the few Web hosting companies that stands on our own two feet. We develop our own custom Web hosting software and automation tailored directly to our customers' needs. Our entire infrastructure was built and developed in-house by our programmers and developers to cater to our satisfied customers. We manage, own and operate our entire network and all of our equipment.

Today, PowWeb remains unbeatable in terms of reliability, quality, and performance in the Web hosting industry. By continuing to listen to our customers, we continue to learn, grow and evolve our business into the #1 choice for Web hosting!

Part of the Endurance International Group.

Endurance's (EiG) other brands include A Small Orange (ASO), Apollo Hosting, Arvixe, BigRock, BizLand, BlueDomino, Bluehost, Dollar2Host, Domain.com, DomainHost, Dotster, easyCGI, eHost, EntryHost, FastDomain, FatCow, FreeYellow, Globat, HostCentric, HostClear, HostGator, HostMonster, HostYourSite, HyperMart, IMOutdoors, Intuit Websites, iPage, iPower, iPowerWeb, StartLogic, JustHost, MyDomain, MyResellerHome, NetFirms, Networks Web Hosting, Nexx, PowWeb, PureHost, ReadyHosting, Saba-Pro, SEO Hosting, Site5, Spry, SuperGreen Hosting, USANetHosting, Verio, VirtualAvenue, VPSLink, WebHost4Life, Webstrike Solutions, and Xeran.


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Hosting Reviews for PowWeb

    Review Rating

I recently moved my high traffic site from a dedicated server, the site shifts around 500gb a month on average and uses a complex CMS called e107 to provide content and downloads.

I have found the speed of the site overall is fine, downloads are faster than the old dedicated server and I have not yet experienced any downtime with them.

I have been with them for 3 months and so far I am perfectly happy.

Only issue is with hosting more than one site, its fine mirroring the current site but having more than one physical website requires a payment of $30 or some editing of .htaccess files.

D. S.

    Review Rating

Powweb has turned extremely sour since the buyout. My site is down at least once a month and the mysql errors are through the roof.

If you plan on hosting your website through powweb I beg of you to reconsider!

Save yourself frustration, stress, and most of all money by choosing a different host!

Very, very, very poor host here.

Michael Billington

    Review Rating

I began using powweb back in 2004, I have been going on and off with various domains throughout the years with them and have experienced good service. However, in the past year and a half or so, I have noticed a serious problem with various aspects of their services such as mySQL support and overall uptime of my website.

Christopher Smith

    Review Rating

I hosted with Powweb for a year before moving to back to a dedicated server for all my sites.

The signup failed to work, after logging a ticket this was corrected within 15 minutes.

I found that uptime was really good just it did slow down and it was noticeable especially with php/mysql applications and the reason why I left them.

They always made me aware of any works going on their clusters, i.e when they upgraded php and mysql.

Not a whole lot of features, you do have to buy extra services for ssl certs.

    Review Rating

I wish there was something lower than "Poor" on the reliability rating. The MYSQL problems make running a site (much less forums) on Powweb pretty much impossible.

I can't say I'd recommend Powweb to anyone, its just not great. The support is subpar too although the few times I did commicate with them it was somewhat acceptable. It just took forever to resolve simple issues.

Powweb is the classic example of overselling gone wrong.

Gregg Carlstrom

    Review Rating

They used to be a solid hosting company -- affordable pricing, good uptime and features -- but the servers have become interminably slow over the last few months, particularly for sites that use MySQL databases.

So pages that used to execute in < 0.1 seconds now routinely take 3-4 seconds to execute, sometimes as long as 20. Simply unacceptable.

I'm in the process of revamping my Web site and jumping ship to another host.


    Review Rating

I have been a powweb customer for many years.

They are a low cost, ftp-only-access 3rd party service provider.

They claim to provide 'unlimited' disk space and bandwidth. However, yesterday I received an email stating that I was using too much disk space (?) and that my account would be suspended within 3 days if I didn't reduce the space.

The email claimed that I was using my PowWeb account for 'archival purposes'. This is patently false. I serve up a lot of video and audio content. These are recordings taken at my church. This are not backup storage.

Several years ago PowWeb claimed that my account could use 30G storage. Last year it claimed 300G. Now they say 'unlimited', but it seems like I am allowed to use less now than before. This is probably illegal. At best it is misleading and unethical.

I called their technical support to discuss this, and was told that I needed to reduce the amount of disk space. When I asked what the 'real' limit is, I was told that they cannot tell me that. I was advised to remove a bunch of files, and hope that it was enough that they wouldn't suspend my account. I asked if I could at least have until after next weekend, since this was a part-time effort for me and I had to work during the week, and I was told "no". My account would be suspended on Friday (in 2 days) if I didn't remove some unspecified number of files.

Does this sound like the sort of company you would want to do business with? I recommend that you do business with someone else.


    Review Rating

It's a cheap host - you get what you pay for. You'll go for months of reliable service, but there is a lot of downtime you might not even be aware of. If I had to start over I'd pick someone else. Also, not happy with their limit on simultaneous mysql user connections. It's highly below average. Support is usually good, but usually next day responses are normal. Live chat can't always fix the issues that arise.

mark fassett

    Review Rating

Product was fine until they LIED about their "unlimited disk space." The told me I was over their limit... for unlimited disk space!! When I was unable to comply (I make music and video and have a lot of large files for my business), they deleted my files. Everything.

DO NOT USE THEM. Their advertisement about "unlimited disk space" is PATENTLY FALSE. They told me in writing their limit was 25 gigs... they advertise UNLIMITED!! Sleazebags.

    Review Rating

Since I started using them, they have had spotty performance issues and over the past 6 months horrible uptime. External monitoring services show my site working only 80% of the time. They aggressively sell new accounts and don't have the hardware to handle it. Support wasn't aware of the issue for months, because they just assumed it was their customer's who couldn't browse the web properly. Now they just say "deal with it." There's a mass exodus of angry customers now. So long POWWEB, you were offering a good deal, but now it's time to get a host with decent support.

    Review Rating

I had been hosted at Powweb since November 2001 before switching to HostGator a couple months ago.

Powweb was bought out by Endurance sometime in 2006 and they changed their hosting platform. Both those changes resulted in catastrophic performances for all my websites that were hosted there. From August 2006 to November 2007, my main website (setup with PHP-Fusion) was either incredibly slow or down and support couldn't solve any of the problems I had with my website's reliability.

MySQL server problems have been a recurring problem at Powweb since the platform change and I lost a very valuable forum (over 7500 posts on it) because of that and their tech support wasn't able to salvage it because it wasn't setup in a MySQL DB but in a static html fashion.

I have endured over a year of frustration with Powweb and I felt like I was treated like dirt whenever I needed to talk to them to resolve problems. I did come across a nice woman named Lisa Brookner who dug deeper in my problems in order to try to have everything solved and keep my business but it was too little too late. She was very helpful but unfortunately all the problems I went through were just too much for what I could have endured for another week.

Powweb WAS a great hosting company prior to August 2006 and the buy-out by Endurance. Now, they are just a standard hosting company thriving on getting new customers instead of helping out the ones that have problems with their websites.

I would NOT recommend Powweb anymore although I did 6 years ago...stay away from them, until they at least find a way to solve their MySQL problems.

Brett Meyer

    Review Rating

I agree with most of the recent comments here. I used to absolutely love PowWeb. The features and platforms were incomparable, especially for the price. However, things are horrible after the buyout. Their MySQL servers are worthless -- many of my dynamic sites have either crawled or receive SQL timeouts the last few months. Their customer service is worthless. The last time I complained about the SQL servers, I was told by 3 different people in their department to clear my browser cache. I'm sick of dealing with them.

J. L.

    Review Rating

Stay VERY far away from powweb. Since they were acquired in 2006 by Endurance International (search, you'll see) this host is amongst the most unreliable there are. Their answer as of late on most support inquiries is that is must somehow be the customer's fault or 'its working fine for us, please clear your browser cache and try again' and the tickets are almost always closed with no resolution. This company is quite literally imploding from within and it would be fun to watch if I didn't have 2 accounts with them.



    Review Rating

For several months now Powweb has had severe problems with their MySQL servers' performance. It often takes several minutes to load a rather simple web page from a CMS system.


    Review Rating

If you are looking for a webhost for your Wordpress blog, DO NOT USE POWWEB!

I've used Powweb since 2002 and it's gradually gotten worse. I am in the process of moving my blog to another host that is more reliable.

    Review Rating

I woke up this morning to find that my site can't be accessed and when I try and login to powweb to see what is going on, I get a "Server Not Found" error. I have only had this account for a couple of months and it is paid up for 2 years. I am feeling somewhat like a fool right now thinking I did the right thing by choosing them as a web host for my 2 domains. If anyone knows a way to contact these people I would be forever grateful. Thanks.

Miss Pick

    Review Rating

First of all, let me just say that I think this site is great! I wish I had found it before renewing with Powweb. Your ratings standards are making Powweb seem like a better company than they are. I mean seriously, who cares how great their prices are if they are horrible and their sites, when utilizing MySQL are absolutely unusable!

Who cares if they offer a lot of features if those features utilize their MySQL rendering them unusable!

Their support is prompt, but who cares when they are a bunch of liars who won't even acknowledge that there is a problem.

Their prices are bad because when you are selling a product that can't be used, it doesn't matter if it cost $5 or .05, it's useless and worthless!

Oh yeah, I'm REALLY aggravated. This company was so great before! I've hosted various sites with them over a seven year period. This company, Endurance, they need massive class action lawsuits filed against them. They are horrid.

Lucien Miller

    Review Rating

I have been a Powweb customer for over 3 years. About a year ago the service for my site started to deteriorate, and now it is so slow that I cannot even get any work done. The SQL data base servers are so slow that page refresh times often exceed 2 minutes.

The bad news is the do not even care! I have contacted customer support at least 10 times in the past couple months, and all I seem to get is a canned "We are sorry if this has caused you any inconvenience" response. Every time I try to call customer support, I am on hold for at least 20-30 minutes, and if I try the live chat, I often get the same wait times.

I think that we all need to band together and start a class action lawsuit against Powweb for failure to provide the service thta was promised. I talked to a service rep on Friday, March 21st, and she said that they are currently running up to 5000 web accounts per server, which is ridiculous! No wonder the wait times are so long! If anyone else has the same experience that I have, I think the only thing that will get their attention is a class action lawsuit for failure to provide service. I really don't care if I ever see a dime, because I am going to have to switch to a different service before I lose any of my customers. However, if Powweb has to pony up several hundred thousand dollars in legal fees, maybe then they will take notice of how bad the service is. Is anybody with me?


    Review Rating

i have been with powweb since 2003 and i now want to switch... they have messed up my bill and after being on the phone for over an hour still have not fixed... VERY POOR CUSTOMER SUPPORT!!!

service - good

customer support - horrible

hope this helps

    Review Rating

Had some terrible support issues with PowWeb. I had 6 websites go down, and all support could tell me was "We'll create a trouble ticket and someone will respond within 24-48 hours."

What?!? When my site is down shouldn't that be a priority! 48 hours to get a site back up? And just FYI it took 3 whole days before everything was sorted out, and that only because I switched hosts.


    Review Rating

I signed up for PowWeb in 2008, as they had a 3yr deal that seemed phenomenal at the time. I setup a personal site for myself, and a couple of other sites for others and things were ok for several months. Since then it's been abysmal service/support. Their mysql servers were constantly down (at least the one my db's were on) which caused my Joomla sites to be down. Then one of my sites was taken offline without warning/telling me (it was a HS class reunion site for get togethers etc). Apparently the site was exploited from a Joomla extension bug that I wasn't aware of. I can understand them shutting it down, but not telling me in any form (even an automated email would have been nice) and not telling me what exactly the problem was, was horrible business IMO.

And what prompted me to write this review was after I tried to cancel my account tonight, I was told I would be charged a $35 dollar cancellation fee to do so. I told the gentleman at the other end (in what I hope was a calm, firm voice - because believe-you-me I was no where near calm) that I had pre-paid for 3 years and still had one more year to go, and to charge me $35 dollars when you still owe me a years worth of service is a filthy, scum sucking way of doing business. I was almost to the point of being out and out rude when he finally relented and said he would waive the fee.

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