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The company is dedicated to making WordPress hosting easy, fast, and reliable at scale. Organizations of all sizes, from startups to Fortune 100 companies, use Pressable’s Content Publishing Platform to share branded content with millions of viewers every day.

Pressable, formerly known as ZippyKid, is reliable WordPress hosting for businesses and developers who expect more. Pressable is where WordPress works best.


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I used zippykid/pressable for over 4 years. At first, when it was a small company, it was great - I even had the CEO's cell phone number and he told me to call anytime with issues. Any issues I had were taken care of promptly, and service was great.

After a couple years, they got larger and disabled all phone support. My credit card expired, and my account was shut down without a call - apparently they had sent 2 emails, and their policy was to shut down any account 30 days past due. It took numerous emails, tweets, and threatenings to get them to restore my data. Now I am in a fight with them to stop charging my card.

I set up my site originally with a partner - he had the main login, and I had a collaborator login, but the hosting charges were to my card. We went our separate ways, I had the site transferred to another much better host that cost less, and contacted them that the account was to be closed. They said it wasn't possible since I was not the main account holder. I offered to prove that I owned the credit card, and let them know that I no longer authorized any charges. They said they could do that. I got an email shortly after saying "Your Ticket #52*** - Close account - has been closed." and I skimming it assumed that my account was closed. It was not - just the ticket was closed I have still been getting charged.

I have contacted my credit card to refuse all further charges from them, and strongly suggest that you look at other hosting companies instead of this one.

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