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QuickWeb strive hard to give customers better web and VPS hosting experience. QuickWeb would like to announce the first backup cluster is now live and available to take and store your precious data & OS settings offsite.

Not only it will backup your data but it will preserve your entire Virtual Private Server's (VPS) entire operating system and all your settings, too. It's like your

VPS time machine! Yes you read it right as QuickWeb's VPS Vault (Central Backup) store the entire image (like ghost copy) of your system and copy

it remotely to QuickWeb specially designed backup server cluster out site of QuickWeb network to ensure secure and safe file storage whatever happen to the datacenter your server is hosted. Restoration is a breeze with just a click of a button.

New Zeland


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Hosting Reviews for QuickWeb

Tony Carlos

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Been hosting with quickweb for over 2 years now and im really satisfied with the quality of service.

Support is responsive and uptime is near perfect; open several tickets and were responded promptly not to mention they resolved my request.

i would highly recommend them if you are looking for quality services, only comment is that they dont have any good promos for customers unlike others.

    Review Rating

You get what you pay for, I used VPS for 2 months, first month everything was perfect. As soon as 2nd month started 7hours downtime in 3 days. Support proves poor knowledge in 1 support ticket, they disprove 3 possible versions what is going on. Stay away from this company.

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