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Reseller Zoom is a division of Hosting Zoom, Inc. Hosting Zoom was taken over by JagPC.

Resellerzoom is licensed in the state of Texas and a member of the Better Business Bureau. Reseller Zoom is dedicated to providing their valued customers with the best reseller hosting experience.

Reseller Zoom offers a wide selection of reseller plans for every budget including Budget plans starting as low as $6.95/mo to our high availability Failover plan starting at $24.95/mo. For those European customers needing high reliability and fast performance we offer UK plans located in England from $24.95/mo. Asia Pacific customers can benefit with faster response times with our servers located in Singapore starting at $24.95/mo.

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Hosting Reviews for Resellerzoom


    Review Rating

Been with RZ for over 3 years now and still a happy customer. Uptime overall is excellent, support very helpfull and no complaint about the server/connection from me.

The first host provider I have stayed for longer than 3 months and still glad I found them.

Leonardo Mendes

    Review Rating

I'm clientof RZ and since March i don't have any problems with this host. :)


    Review Rating

Picked then a rush to get off a dying hosting service. No commitment, cheap and same features as I had with same dying host.

Has worked fine without a problem for about a year. Never down without reason.

Had one tech support call, something had blocked all my write accesses - the online chat support that was working on a Sunday night corrected it.

For the price - beyond expected service.

Brody Murfin

    Review Rating

Great uptime, no noticeable downtime in my months using the service. Occasional high loads / slow loading times. The support was generally fast and helpful most of the time. I have no complaints about them.

Scott Robertson

    Review Rating

A great host at first - and I'm speaking as someone who has just left them. For the past 8 or so months they've taken on too many customers and the whole system has ground to a halt. Expect slow load times, common sever overloads and unreliable pop. Ironically the least reliable servers they have are their "Failover" ones who probably should be called FailOften.

It is sad because the people behind the company are great. I hope they sort out the system and get back to where they once were.

I could not recommend them at the moment.


    Review Rating

I had a failover reseller account with them until my customers started seriously complaining. Their network is WAY too slow. Too many Internal 500 errors. And page load times were just unacceptable.

Shawn Kumar

    Review Rating

I had been with Reseller Zoom (a division of Hosting Zoom) for 3 years and they were pretty good for those 3 years but the recent 3 months our server has gone down on a almost daily basis. When you contact support the site will usually come back up and they would say there is no issue but our 3rd party monitoring service showed the server going down on a daily basis. It became apparent they have no idea how to manage servers and keep them from being overloaded. They have "Failover servers" that fail all the time.

In summary, stay away from Reseller Zoom you will lose clients if you go with them.

    Review Rating

A good choice if you know what you're doing and are looking to keep costs down.

    Review Rating

Recently they have been repeatedly stopping my server for 'high load', this was not previously an issue, until they moved server to another centre.

Hosting zoom were okay with me for the past year, previously had a lot of major issues!

I'm considering leaving

    Review Rating

Look good on paper. Reality a different story, however. Had an account with ResellerZoom for about a month, but never transitioned any of our domains over to them. Sloooow servers, with mediocre reliability and uptime. To their credit, however, the cancellations process was clean and hassle-free with no attempts to add bogus charges, etc.


    Review Rating

We have been with ResellerZoom for about 4 years. Most stressful years of my life. In 2009 alone there were 7 different periods of down-time that they themselves reported on their forums but this does not include the countless times that service is down, no emails, no response from server. It has been very damaging to my business and reputation. So please do not risk your sanity and business with this company.

Hope that helps you stay well away from this company.

R Luthra

    Review Rating

I have been hosting with ReseelerZoom close to 2 years and while the customer support is courteous, its is very very slow and can have the same issues coming up every few weeks. The response from Support Manager as well as their CEO Greg Landis is non-existent on even repeated escalations. On not meeting their SLAs you have to take up the issue more than a few times to get a credit. Very very sad indeed. I have finally given up and decided to move.


    Review Rating

I've been with Reseller Zoom for several years and have weathered their growing pains. However yesterday their entire server farm lost power and both Reseller Zoom and Hosting Zoom clients were literally in the dark. Obviously they have no back-up power supply and my clients have been without their sites for almost 24 hours. After 3+ years I'm leaving and going to another host.

Robert Adelfson

    Review Rating

I've been with Resellerzoom for several years and reliability has been marginal at best. Frequently mySQL connections for WordPress would break, email server would get blacklisted, and finally on Saturday 6/29/13 their entire server farm went offline. It's now 3 days later and all my sites are still off line. Communication during this ordeal has been poor, and responsiveness to remedy the problem has been horrible, bringing only 1 server up at a time. I'm leaving Resellerzoom as soon as their servers are up and I can move to another host.

    Review Rating

Undependable, unpredictable, and getting worse by the week. I have been with them for two years, and it's about six months too long. Practically every day there is some aspect of the system that is either completely dead or dying, or spasmotic

Henry B

    Review Rating

I've been with both ResellerZoom and Hosting zoom for 4 years now. While they were once considered a quality company, the same can no longer be said. Down time is very high, tech support doesn't speak good English, and something is ALWAYS crapping out on the servers. I'm headed out the California way....time to find a new host.

j tolysz

    Review Rating

Stay away from resellerzoom, they have downtime all the time, dos attacks are every 3 days or so,

worst host ive ever dealt with

    Review Rating

I signed up for reseller account with RZ and I tell you my experience was pathetic. First their servers were too slow, second they developed DNS problem and they did not even inform me about that, down for around 10 days and then they changed servers.

Can you afford a 10 days downtime?


    Review Rating

Have had them for years but when they choose to make more money they let you go a day or two for invoice payments with no issue then they jump on you one month with high fees.

I also have had issues with them with security but not with sites of the same script elsewhere.

Lastly I had major issues they said that were related to my site - it was them. Lasted 5 days!

Avoid them - I am switching!


    Review Rating

Worst support n the planet. Their FAILOVER (no downtime)server R5 has been down for THREE days now and still no sign of it coming back up.

The have not updated their forum since yesterday, and they have stopped replying to support tickets.


    Review Rating

ResellerZoom is one of the worst hosting providers i have dealt with. Allot and long down times, very slow support. They offer cheap prices and you will be getting cheap service back. Not recommended to anyone.


    Review Rating

Zoom Hosting is TERRIBLE and UNRELIABLE. Service and Support is almost NON EXISTENT. Their "Fail Over Account" should be renamed appropriately as "FAIL OFTEN Account". I'm glad to be through with these amateurs. To boot they creep up the monthly hosting fees on occasion, and then when you call them on it they plead that they were unaware of it occurring. Typical Dot-Head run organization.

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