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Rochen’s mission is to build innovative hosting services that, while complex, are elegant and simple to use. We deliver these services on top of the most reliable server and network infrastructure available. We underpin these services with world-class support from pragmatic, technically capable, and customer service focused teams.

All of Rochen’s solutions are built on top of our own fully owned and managed infrastructure and benefit from features like built-in high availability with automatic server failover, managed backups and 24/7 technical support. Rochen uses the latest hardware and software technologies and offers many features beneficial to our customers like PHP 7 and LiteSpeed Enterprise Web Server.

Rochen heavily contributes to the open source world. We are the official web host of the Joomla! project’s official websites, and we’re also a Premium Hosting Supporter of the Drupal project. We provide hosting services for tens of thousands of Joomla, Drupal, and WordPress websites.


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Hosting Reviews for Rochen

    Review Rating

Support second to none, had an issue and was resolved quickly and professionally.


    Review Rating

I have been using Rochen for the past month to host Joomla, Drupal, and html sites and love it.

The one time there was an issue with a server my sites were on there was a bulletin on the forum within 5 minutes, no lie and the problem was fixed in 15 minutes.

Check their forums and you will see satisfied customers. More importantly you won't find complainers.


    Review Rating

I've been around the block a few times. After a dozen or so providers, including many on this review site, I've settled down at Rochen. Support is outstanding, and the most likely reason is that they are bored. There are very rarely any issues. Sure, their prices are higher than most, but $25 a month for a reseller account and plenty of space allows me to keep sites up for me and my framily. Got to give these guys some brownie points. I recommend them to anybody looking to host a website.

P Cabrelli

    Review Rating

We've been using Rochen for the past two years and could not be happier with the service and support we have had. Any issues or questions are always dealt with swiftly and professionally to our satisfaction. Excellent all round.

Hollis Fay

    Review Rating

Switched hosts last year to Rochen. The exceedingly quick tech response times, migrations, tech support folks are amazing. Highly recommend if you're considering hosting or switching hosting. They make it much easier.

Ross Hawkey

    Review Rating

I've used Rochen over recent years for multiple websites.

The setup process was straightforward, the hosting is reliable and provides what I need.

The most impressive thing I've found is the support from them, when raising a ticket (raised to resolve issues I may have based on my limited knowledge of hosting, and not related to any poor service issue with Rochen). Their responses are always quick, polite, and helpful.


    Review Rating

I have used Rochen for many years to host my eCommerce websites and also for a few client websites. The servers are always kept up to date, the price is very reasonable but most importantly... (as I have just made use of now - and what lead my to make this review)... is the support!

The support and speed of responses is worth many times what Rochen charge for hosting. I don't believe I have had to ever wait more than 2-3 min for support reply, 24/7. Excellent!

Daniel Muir

    Review Rating

First time I have used Rochen and it has been excellent so far, really competitve pricing and the support is 2nd to none. Having previously used larger hosts such as siteground go daddy etc. They get back to you really quickly and are happy to help no matter the issue. Would highly recommend!

    Review Rating

I am highly thankful to Rochen for providing a great service and very affordable pricing. Great Technology, Great People, this is Rochen.

In 2011, I opted for Rochen and since then I am at complete peace of mind for my websites.

John S

    Review Rating

I have been using Rochen both as a reseller, and as a business customer for a retail store's website for several years.

Support response time is typically less than 15 minutes any time of the day or night.

It is a pleasure to work with a standards-based host instead of one that implements their own proprietary interface.

In several years of service I think our total downtime that could be attributed to Rochen is less than 30 minutes.

I would highly encourage you to investigate their offerings if you are looking for a great host.


    Review Rating

100% reliable. Even to a non-tech person the service is helpful and efficient.

Don Moore

    Review Rating

We've been using Rochen since 2009. While we have used other hosting companies of varying capabilities we consider Rochen our favorite. Good service and great support!

    Review Rating

I've been with Rochen hosting for a long time and the support and service has ALWAYS been fantastic. I've tried other hosts and always came back to these guys.

No matter what the problem, Rochen always responded immediately and with the help required.

5 star support. Highly recommended.


    Review Rating

I've used Rochen for years, they are simply amazing. It's great to know I have one less thing to worry about with them as my host. They really are an excellent provider.

    Review Rating

Fast and reliable and cheerful support. And persistent, when there are mysteries and bugs to quash. From time to time they solve a problem and go the extra mile within minutes, just from a preliminary presentation of the problem, something almost un-heard of for me, after 25 years working with hosts in my web dev business. Perfect? No, but no host is, Consistently fast and reliable and cheerful is a huge accomplishment, though.

Plus: strong and thorough Joomla support, a critical factor for me.

    Review Rating

I have been on many other web hosting platforms, GoDaddy, Host Gator, BlueHighway, etc, and I have to say, being on ROCHEN for the past 5+ years has been an amazing experience. #1. Their support system is like none other. When you have a problem, they are there withing minutes and they know exactly how to help. #2. They run a secondary restore server that keeps a copy of your site on another server offline. This is amazing.

Overall, I would rate ROCHEN and the best of the best web hosting services I have ever been on. Sure you can get more data or more storage, but it is the support that you really want and ROCHEN provides the best support I have ever had. Hands down.


Michael Fitzpatrick

    Review Rating

I have been using Rochen for the past eleven years and have never had any down time in that period.

I recently had one my websites got corrupted and I could not restore it myself and so I turned to Rochen for support. I had asked for advice as to restore my site but, without any fuss they just got on and restored it for me in super quick time and taking the trouble to explain what they had done!

An excellent Company with good staff.

Andy Bonner

    Review Rating

I have many wonderful things to say about my experiences with Rochen over the past few years - so I figured it was time to put a review up!

I have hosted my Joomla websites with them for a number of years now - before that I switched between a number of others hosts - so I've had some varied experiences. Each and every time that I've needed help and advice from Rochen they've been there with super fast, super effective answers and solutions.

I've found them to be totally reliable, totally professional and often they end up going above and beyond expectations. Totally satisfied - nothing bad to say about Rochen - everything's good! 100% recommended to anyone who is looking for a quality host.

Nick Sheppard

    Review Rating

One of the few companies I actually enjoy interacting with on technical matters. Swift responses to support queries, informed and quick, helpful staff. Well put together platform, so good that I run work websites with them and also have my personal hosting with them as well. If you've not tried them before, I'd recommend giving them a try.

    Review Rating

I have been the customer of Rochen for past 4 years and during this association they never let me down. In fact they went out of the way to help me out in critical situtation like site crash or tricky backup etc etc. I am in love with this company and would be happy to see them winning top slot in the rating. Cheers to Rochen Team.


    Review Rating

A long term customer of Rochen. Wonderful quality service from the team.

    Review Rating

I have been with Rochen for 10+ years now, through many changes and server upgrades. Their support has been absolutely stellar. a Few times early on, my sites were hacked badly, they were able to troubleshoot the issues and actually restore backups they had that I did not have access to. They even fixed my .htaccess after that. Since then, and the installation of WordFence, I've never had another issue. My sites are always fast, they always bend over backwards to help me even on a shared host.

Their sales teams have helped me with my pricing over the years, because I run upwards of 7 different sites on their shared servers.

If I could get a lower price for dedicated server, I would jump on it in a heartbeat.

Can't say enough good things about their teams - both sales and support. Great Job Guys!!

    Review Rating

My website was slow, it didn't always respond. But, because it was large, I was really worried about moving it. Members area, loads of customised code.

I reached out to these guys, they did it all for me and although it did not go perfectly smooth they fixed everything very quickly.

Highly recommended, saving me money and my site is now responding much quicker.

    Review Rating

We first launched NiceIce.com in 1996. Since that time, we've hosted our site with several different companies. With that in mind, we have a wide range of experience dealing with customer service issues.

I have to say that Rochen has been by far the best. Their technical support division is top notch and responds to support tickets promptly and efficiently. On that note, they have even been supportive when we've messed things up completely on our end by installing something incorrectly.

We monitor our site for uptime/downtime and receive alerts whenever the site goes down which is very rare, so we're very happy about that.

Five Stars & Two Thumbs Up.

    Review Rating

Okay, so I've rated ROCHEN at the highest level as possible because that's where they need to be.

I haven't been with ROCHEN for over 10 years for nothing! And I recommend them to anyone who will listen.

They are amazing dedicated people. They are fast, friendly, and they have helped me through some very difficult moments when something I did, or didn't do right, messed up the site(s).

As long as I continue to be online, I will continue with ROCHEN - Period!

Will A

    Review Rating

Have been reselling hosting for 20 years. Tried many. Use Rochenhost exclusively for past 5 years or so.

Expert support is responsive and personal. Recognize names of support staff (I think they might recognize me too :-) )

Have gone above and beyond on many occasions to make my service to my clients the best.


    Review Rating

There are so many hosting companies out there but you can't go wrong with Rochen when it comes to hosting Joomla, Drupal, or WordPress.

Rochen knows the ins and outs of the popular Content Management Systems and their servers are optimized and ready out of the box. I think that's why the official Joomla site/forum is also hosted on Rochen.

The support team goes above and beyond to make your hosting experience exceptional. They are responsive and reliable and they also make the migration process seamless.

Very impressive so far!

    Review Rating

I switched to Rochen Ltd. 2 months ago after using few other hosting services in the past, and my experience has been GREAT!

The tech support team is always there to provide support on time (within minutes), and their willingness to help is truly appreciated.

If I have to describe them in 1 word - it would be - Smooooooooth!

    Review Rating

Success in 2021 for a small Digital Agency is 3 things, Support, Support and Support - everything else is determination and luck. The proposition of employing dedicated Support staff, is completely impossible; yet my clients demand the best support now, with no excuses. We owe our very existence, to Rochen Support. Without Jeremy, Sunil and the crew, we would be unable to imagine our little Business. the User Experience Task Force is really just Rochen++

Rochen Rocks! John and Irina Harrington

Taylor Grant Fordham

    Review Rating

The quality of this hosting is superb, can't recommend highly enough, there response times are unparalleled to anything i've ever seen. Highly recommend

William Ahern

    Review Rating

Have worked with Rochen for about 10 years as a reseller. I have strayed looking for a better price on occasion but found Rochen to be best value, with best support. They are a stable company with many of the same smart/friendly support people onboard for years. I have a relationship with this company not just a transactional account.

Will A


    Review Rating

If you are looking for reliable hosting and in particular want to sleep at night, knowing they've got your back covered (with a great backup and redundancy system), Rochen are the guys. Ive had dealings with hosts before but none as on the mark as Rochen. Sure you pay a little bit more ... but there is a big difference between a Ferrari and a Mini.


    Review Rating

Rochen is a great service. I have been using them for a while and they don't oversell. They may be more expensive than the big companies, but the price is well worth it.

Laurent Daubas

    Review Rating

I've been using Rochen hosting since 2011 for several clients and websites.

I absolutely love their Dashboard/Control Panel for managing domains and hosting, easy to use and an interface very pleasant to the eyes.

Where Rochen shines is with their Online Support; I've opened near 30 support tickets in 9 years and their agents always answer very quickly, they are very polite, and very, very helpful. Ask them technical questions about DNS and moving domain registration, about email and MX records, and they will walk you through the necessary steps. They've helped me with SSL certificate, blocked IP, Vault restore, and even with a compromised Wordpress site (resolved fast).

Highly recommended hosting service, probably one of the best actually (and I should know, I've painfully dealt with Network Solutions far too many times in the past).

Thanks Rochen!

James Arnett

    Review Rating

I've been hosting my website for a little more than a year now and have added 2 more domains in the last 6 months. In all of this time, I have encountered a couple of problems, but they have always been quickly resolved through issuing a support ticket and/or responses from their customer support forum.

The costs are just a little more than some of the other "full featured" and unlimited hosts, but the extra cost is well worth it. I've used GoDaddy, HostGator, and iPage, and Rochen is heads above each of them.

I had security issues with other hosts before, but since moving to Rochen, I have never once had an issue with security. They have earned my dedication over and over and I would never hesitate to recommend them to anyone.


    Review Rating

We are a Canadian based VAR (Value added reseller). One of the valuable services we add on for our clients is web-hosting. After being disgruntled with HostGator’s “reseller package” we set out to look for a new host to move all our clients to.

Rochen was highly recommended by ostraining.com (a website that we refer to for keeping our technical skills up to date). So we contacted Rochen. There tech specs for their “reseller package” were far superior. Plus, they had the advantage of SSD (yeah, SSD was a big thing around the time that we signed up). While they do not support WHM or WHMCS, we still decided to go ahead with Rochen. It was one of the BEST DECISIONS we ever made.

While every provider has their ups and downs, we appreciate the promptness and professionalism with which their support team handles each situation.

Even their servers/technologies are impeccable! NO MORE Reduced Server response time - on Google PageSpeed!

Overall, we are very please with Rochen.

Deb Shaw

    Review Rating

I'm impressed with their server speed. My Joomla sites have never run faster or smoother.

However, their servers are down more often than other hosting service I've used (in fact, several of my sites on one server are down now as I write this).

But their biggest failing is customer support. I've had trouble setting up every account with them. Yes, it all gets sorted out in the end, but not without a hassle.

A few of the Rochen support folks are very nice. But some are needlessly antagonistic and hostile. It makes me wonder why the CEO doesn't require support training for his staff for a more even end-user experience.

Bill Samuel

    Review Rating

Rochen is reasonably priced, but there are so many problems with them that we are looking for someone to move our site too. For example, our mailing list has not worked for a full month. We have had problems like this over and over again. I would strongly recommend against using Rochen.

Andrew Landini

    Review Rating

The server was constantly down (server was Broome for you Rochen customers) and the support seemed to suffer from bi-polar disorder. They were either very friendly, or extremely annoyed. They billed my client twice (when she no longer had an account with them), then accused me of "threatening them" for saying they'd need to refund her money or a complaint would be filed with IC3.

They even admitted they were wrong, but not before writing me a 500 word response telling me reasons why I'm the one who's to blame. Right. I'm to blame because one of your techs didn't delete the billing profile for a closed account on a system I have no access too. Idiots.

Wondering why the forums are so positive? They instantly banned me before I could write a testimonial.

I would highly advise against using Rochen. Look into cloud hosting or slice/linode hosting.


    Review Rating

Rochen is one of the WORST hosting I've ever used!!

I moved my Joomla site to Rochen hosting because they brag in their advertising about how they are supposed to be Joomla experts and have fast servers. I wasted two days of endless time and aggravation dealing with Rochen and cancelled the account. They were one of the WORST hosting companies I have ever used - and I've used many over the past 20 years. I agree with many of the negative reviews about how their tech support is only by email and they are incompetent and don't give a damn if your site has problems due to their server.

First they setup my server wrong. Then their "Migration Tool" does NOT work and does not migrate Joomla sites from most hosting companies (they tell you this AFTER you pay for an account and try to use their migration tool). Then my Joomla site wouldn't work properly even after I manually uploaded the files and database. This was the same site, settings, files and database that worked fine on my old hosting server. Their tech support just emailed me to have "my tech person" fix it. The speed was only slightly faster than my old hosting, which also shows their advertising is misleading even on that point.

I could go on with a long list of problem issues and wasted time and aggravation with Rochen, but you get the point. Find a different host for your Joomla sites. Rochen is NOT experts with Joomla and their servers are NOT better than other hosting and their tech support is HORRIBLE and incompetent!!


    Review Rating

I had hosting with these guys for 2 years and alway ran into the same probem..not enough space for my mail. I was told that i could add more space after being told that the space i had would be good enough for my business.

after poor tech support i lost my cool and made a not so nice remark and was told that i had 24hrs to back up my site before they terminated it! Ask your self.. Is this a risk i want to take with ROCHEN!?!

Rochen User

    Review Rating


Customer support totally, needlessly harsh, unteasonable and even vaguely fascist..

If you run into issues their "grace periods" mean nothing, they expect miracles almost instantly and will BE MORE THAN HAPPY to suspend or terminate your account in next to no time with very little sympathy or understanding.

If you have a piddly site with no visitors (and I mean less than 100 per day) and very little load you'll be fine! If you're anything else aka if you're the average website/business owner do more than think twice, just go elsewhere!


    Review Rating

I had a basic site (K2 blog & Kunena Forum) with Rochen. I received an abuse email that said my site was using too much CPU power, but provided me way to isolate the issue.

When I asked for help, Rochen support (in effect) said it was my problem and not theirs. To add insult to injury, they forced me to forego my family on Thanksgiving weekend and provide them daily updates all weekend on everything I was doing to fix an issue I had no way to test without access to their server tools.

Rochen is UNSAT!!! Stay away!!!!

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