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SYN Hosting is a privately owned company located in beautiful Nova Scotia on the east coast of Canada. SYN Hosting has a technically diverse staff with many years of combined experience dedicated to helping their clients and managing the daily operations of the business.

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i select my host by reviews of an arabian famous blogger who select this host by rating of host users in this site , and advice any one search for new host or transfer his host to visit this site and any one has experience with host company to share it with us .

advice you to using or transfer to syn hosting my last problem solve in 7 minutes only , i have discount when i registed by months free and when i face some problem from my previous host company prevent me to transfer my domain and blog , syn hosting updated my billing due date to take into account the time it took to transfer everything over, and using full time .

in short word , i love synhosting that amazing company.


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So far I am only using a cheap shared plan. I have never had any problems with reliability. Whenever I have problems the support team usually has responded to me and fixed the problem within 15 to 30 minutes. Definitely recommended.


    Review Rating

They respond quickly and in a friendly and helpful way to any support queries. Love their cPanel. Anything you need is easy to find. I am really glad I chose them!

    Review Rating

Well, We have business relations for about two years now. We have found the best servers here and the support actually went far beyond the host-client relationships a couple of times to help us. We rate SYN-Hosting - EXCELLENT!

    Review Rating

Totally on the ball.

It is doubtful a better host could be found anywhere

    Review Rating

I lucked out when I came across Syn a few years back. I have been thrilled with their level of service and dedication to customers. Prices are very reasonable. You might find cheaper but it's not always about cost. Without high level of service, price doesn't matter. Highly recommended!

    Review Rating

SYN Hosting has provided me with a reliable hosting service for over a year now. Their pricing is excellent and the support received is far better than I have ever experienced. Definitely recommended.

Raymond Black

    Review Rating

SYNHosting.com has been spectacular from the beginning with me. The questions I had in the beginning that were of a very skeptical nature due to the bad experiences I had with other hosting companies were answered in a polite and prompt manner. Since then it's been smooth sailing and has shown that you can still get exceptional web hosting and customer service without breaking the bank! :)

Jorge Patino

    Review Rating

We only use SYN Hosting for e-mails. We need to send and receive e-mails all time, its very important for our business the stability of the service, in order to keep working. We are glad to recommend SYN Hosting.

Julius F. Liu

    Review Rating

I chose SYN Hosting because of its good reputation in the webhostingtalk community when I was doing research for my new shared hosting provider. And now, more than two years have passed and I'd say it was a pretty wise decision to choose SYN.

I am using a basic plan for my hobby web site. The price is not the cheapest but quite reasonable and affordable. I have a lot of visitors from mainland China and Europe, and they never complained about the speed, some even have a better experience than their local hosting. In most cases, the server just runs perfectly without any problems. When support is needed, SYN's response is superior fast. So far I have issued four tickets: two were due to my misoperation, one was due to over bandwidth, and the other one was due to software updating. Each ticket was solved perfectly and promptly as if the support guy is next to your desk.

So if you are looking for a reliable hosting and your site is not so sophisticate to require some fancy scripts, such as Ruby or Python, I highly recommend SYN.


    Review Rating

I've been running a website with them for about one year and I'm not going to say "SYN Hosting is the best thing you may desire" or anything like that. I can say "It just works fine, that's it".

Server is fast (very performant MySQL!), and support is very good: people replying to tickets are aware of what they're talking about, they're always kind and very respectful towards the client. And that's very important to me.

If you don't need a very sophisticated environment (shell access, ruby, python) go Syn Hosting.

Adam W. Warner

    Review Rating

I have been using SynHosting for a few personal sites for some time now and have always had a great customer experience.

The company I work for found itself in need of a reliable host for a specific application and because of my experience, I recommended SynHosting.

They were able to fulfill our requirements and have been absolutely outstanding with their level of support. I have worked with leaders in the customer service industry, including Ritz Carlton and Amazon, and I can say without hesitation that SynHosting is certainly "above the fold" in service and quality.

Obviously, I highly recommend them:)


    Review Rating

Always offering good deals, I left my host to sign up with synhosting.com. From the moment I signed up till now, a good 2-3 years, I have been nothing less than happy with everything they offer.

They match their competition with such features, including fantastico deluxe, unlimited SQL databases, access to WHM and many others.

Where they shine though is through their support. The longest reply I received took only half an hour - though most of the time I get a reply within 5 minutes. Also they go out of the way to meet your needs, even though they're not obliged to do so. A perfect example would be asking them to help with some wordpress issues, or asking for a backup of just one single folder instead of doing one giant one.

Summary? I very highly recommend them and am fully and thoroughly satisfied with their service.

Tom Gleason

    Review Rating

I was very satisfied with the service, but needed greater space/speed, and preferred a more familiar linux platform.


    Review Rating

Wonderful host with the best support I've ever experienced. They are incredibly fast to respond and solve any issues you might have. I've been with this company for four years with multiple sites and have nothing but good things to say about them! I can't remember having any unscheduled downtime at all, and so little scheduled down time that I can't even remember the last time any of my sites were offline for even a fraction of a second. Absolutely terrific host that's truly worth every penny.

    Review Rating

Best tech support going. They never give up until it's fixed!

    Review Rating

Excellent support, clean servers where all functions work and there are no dead links. Pricing is very fair, not the cheapest but the values delivered is far above average. I was paying half as much and getting less than half the peace of mind. If your hosting is important, this is a great choice.


    Review Rating

I really appreciate the way that SYN is set up :the Customer Service is expedient, the prices are perfect and I've never experienced any down time. I'm a very satisfied customer and recommend SYN to anyone that appreciates quality & affordable prices!

    Review Rating

I have been with SYN for about a month and have found their support excellent and responsive, although I do miss Bluehost's 24/7 phone support.

Our site runs at least twice as fast off of SYN's hosting as it did off of Bluehost, and for that I'm thankful.

    Review Rating

I wasn't a customer long enough to comment on their uptime. The only reason I'm commenting is just to inform people that there offer of a dedicated IP address comes with numerous strings attached. So many so that I canceled my service and went with another host. I really feel that SYN misleads people by withholding all of the requirements for the dedicated IP until after they're a paying customer.

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