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Servage was formally founded in 1998 under a different name. However as our company developed we realized the need for a recognizable and meaningful corporate name. The name Servage resulted from the words: “Serve” and “Age”, that when combined (almost) spell our proud name. We believe that our name describes our company well as it is our goal to serve our customers while always keeping our systems up-to-date with the most modern hard- and software.

Servage provides the next generation web hosting platform, which is one of the most technically advanced and reliable web hosting platforms available today. Compared to traditional platforms the Servage clustered platform revolutionizes the way web hosting works. Downtime is no longer an option since all systems are in redundant setups - even our servers is mirrored in a fail tolerant way. This means if one server should fail it will automatically be replaced by the other cluster nodes.

Germany - Sweden - USA - Australia.


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Hosting Reviews for Servage

    Review Rating

I lstudy by myself writing HTML.

I founded "Servage" as a very good company.

They have agood price, I have good pings to my domain name.

Whenever I wrote to the support it felt like I'm chat to a friend that answered immidiatly and solved my problem or question.

    Review Rating

They have been the best host i have ever been with and i have been with quite a few when i have problems they are always there to help always friendly and useful and the services that they offer are really high quality.


    Review Rating

I'm suprised so see so many bad reviews i have been with Servage now for almost 2 years. I have never noticed any downtime on my sites i have however had mysql problems but they have lasted just for minutes. The support is great too i always get a reply within minutes. The online thing i have to complain about is the 5010GB/month transfer wich is not true when one of my sites was at it's biggest i had about 10-15k hits every day on it and i got daily notices from Servage about using to much resources, so i had to movie that site but other then that im realy happy with them :)

    Review Rating

Servage is The Best, If you want reliability and need space and transfer, No one beats Servage,

I can say that I have never had any problems with them, When I need an answer, They reply fast and have the answers.

They have great prices, and even offer ways that you can get free hosting. Give them a try, You will not be sorry!

    Review Rating

I think they provide the best hosting I had, and I have been with them long time. Problems are resolve fast and replies quick to the questions.

    Review Rating

I am using Servage Hosting

and I Am very happy with their service which I rang High.

Well done Servage


    Review Rating

I write this review since Servage gives me a good feeling. They have empathic people in customer care and they provide a human touch. Thanks to James and Rafael and the team :)

    Review Rating

I've been with servage for more than 1 year. I've read the comments and I am quite scared now. I've had major difficulties myself with their emails, it just seems that they are capable of offering proper services for POP emails and can't get back with proper explanation. In fact the email is not easy to install in the first place. Their support is quick to respond each time but they rarely have a plausible explanation. Whenever they have a problem they only tell you that it is being fixed and not what it is.


    Review Rating

well m still hosting my site on servage yea m getting database error frequently and support is nice i think and page loading is really slow i think m gonna to change my hosting now

Michael Friis

    Review Rating

I've been with Servage for 1,5 years and never really had any problems. The support is good and fast. My sites performance is great.

    Review Rating

The Electronic Media Foundation (www.emfanz.org) is a charitable trust based in Waitakere City, New Zealand. For years we were looking for cost effective web hosting where “cost effective” did not mean “cheap” in the perjorative sense of the word and where storage space and bandwidth was not sacrified on the alter of that “cheapness”. We finally found this at Servage.net. We have been clients at Servage.net for two years now and and have no complaint with their service during that time. Their support has been simply exemplary. During our time with them their list of services and facilities have continued to grow and their prices have continued to drop. They have been pleasant to deal with and, in short, they have basically been everything our previous web hosting experiences have not. What more could you ask of a webhosting service provider? Our Foundation now has no hesitation in recommending the Servage.net service to our clients and to those groups in the community who we support with our charitable work; we have no hestitation in recommending them to you! Sean Mac Ghabhann, Secretary to the Board of Trustees, EMFANZ. May 2009


    Review Rating

"Mark 25 Jun 09

The features and pricing may be good at Servage - if only the features worked consistently.

Reliability is extremely poor where basic facilities can disappear for months, - for example, the ability to execute a simple Perl file. (That example was caused by an server "upgrade" by Servage which affected many acccounts.)

Support at Servage is always polite, but the responses are meaningless 80% of the time and there is an avoidance of the facts - especially when Servage are well-aware of the problem.

Security is weak, my sites were hacked on average 3-5 times a year en masse.

A quick look at one website mentioned below - Electronic Media Foundation www.emfanz.org. This is another example of a currently hacked website and now appears with a security warning "This web site at www.emfanz.org has been reported as an attack site and has been blocked based on your security preferences."

Overall, Servage hosting may be cheap, but simply is not worth the hassle - and would not recommend this host to any other potential customer - or victim."

couldn't agree more, overall servage has been adequate for my site over the last 22 months, however it is very slow, especially their phpmyadmin interface, which at times can take 5 minutes to load a page. I also 100% agree with mark that the support responses are 80% meaningless, you can't argue with them, as they seem to think they have solved your problem, when in reality they havn't.

    Review Rating

Been with them or over three years. Nothing to complain about. The Support service is noticably fast (minutes!) and accurate.

I appreciate the sevice of Autoinstaller, which of a great help when creating dynalic sites.


    Review Rating

OK, be fair. It is $8 p/m hosting! If you are planning to run massive websites with zilion hits per month... think and go for professional solution.

If you want a website for you, your family, friends, blogs, etc - it is an ideal solution. I am with Servage for 3 years and yes, it is not as reliable as my other hosting which I use for business. But hey, it cost 10x less and offering 10x more in respect of capaciy and bandwidth.

For the money it is a great service. It is not for anyone being serious about their hosting, especially if it should be used for business or for large number of visitors.


    Review Rating

I have been with this provider for 1,5 yrs now and I must say that they are top notch! Good support and no downtime! I can only recommend!


    Review Rating

Most pathetic host I've ever known.

No cPanel, EXTREMELY BAD SERVER SPEED! Wouldn't give me a refund when I asked for one.

Stay away!


    Review Rating

I never have such bad experience with hosting company like servage.

Connection to database is very slow, ftp is always slow, loading time of site is always slow (20mins. to open a homepage - sure my visitor never open it again)

It is often i have to refresh page till 3 times before my page full loaded.

But for static html page (without using database) they are good enough.

My suggestion, if your plan is only to host 1 or 5 pages of static simple html page, then go to them, they have good price, but be aware, if you have plan to make complex sites using database, you should choice other server. Otherwise, you will not productive enough.

I am moving my site to other server.


    Review Rating

I have experienced constant problems with my MySQL DBs using Servage. I'm unable to connect to the MySQL server for up to 20 mins at a time on a very regular basis, often daily.

Support is responsive but unable to fix the issue. They always tell me to repair the DB and try moving it to a new server. I have done this several times and it doesn't work - the problem in my opinion is that they overload their MySQL servers.

On a few occasions they've told me there was an overloading problem and that they've reset the MySQL server, but it just happens again within a few days.

I've had enough now and I'm leaving the company.

Richard Georgiou

    Review Rating

Hi paid for 6 months of hosting up front (Bad mistake). All was OK for about 2 weeks then they suspended my account becuase of a DDOS which I think didn't happen. They refused to enter into any discussion about the DDOS and I'm now seeking legal advice re suing them. DO NOT TOUCH THEM EVER AS THEY ARE THEIVES! Best regards, Richard Georgiou.


    Review Rating

I too are one of those people who lost everything. Their response to me losing everything was that i was sharing fifa games.... i was like ugh. there was only 5 html pages there. I asked for the files to be put back and i was told that i can not share games from fifa.. :\ - This all happened after 3 days in to a years hosting :(. Thanks for taking my money servage. Please be aware of their unreliability and ability to lie to take your money.

Julius Thijssen

    Review Rating

I wish I had read these posts earlier. I've just lost 30 Gigabytes of storage there. And all BY THEIR OWN doing, entirely their decision and their loser-personnel. Nothing of it was my fault or related to overuse or anything close to that (you can find the emails in WHT forum), just amateurs too lazy to make backups or use their heads moving your account around like they're playing with apples or something, without even telling you about it. Idiots, is all I can say, they are absolute and utter fools.

I have referred a zillion new customers their way, I have a terabyte storage space with them now. All for nothing, and I'm ashamed I ever did. They don't care one bit about their customers. They've now conveniently blocked submission for new tickets too, if you have 2 tickets that are open. They have pretty much ruined at least an entire month of hard work for me, friends and relatives. Not to mention the non-backupped data of 20 different websites I had hosted there. And let's not forget; The fact that I didn't have backups of everything has A LOT to do with downloads breaking, and my FTP account being inaccessible! I couldn't get in to MAKE that backup. And they were aware of that too. I have the emails to prove it.

So yeah: AVOID SERVAGE AT ALL COST! Even if you're tempted, trust me: Don't do it. Their customer support is a big bunch of liars, no name is real either. They make promises they never keep in almost every message.

And if you're still a Servage customer: LEAVE NOW. Get your data out of there while you still can. I genuinely HATE them now, and I rarely hate anyone. They give a bad reputation to Danish and Northern German citizen. The worst IT-anonymous bunch I've EVER encountered. For crying out loud, I wasn't even using much of what I was entitled to!

[Ed: Combined two reviews from same person]

Following up my earlier review on them, I must add that they suddenly found a way to get my formerly lost data back! It seems that they still have a sensitive spot if you keep on nagging about it (which I did). They told me time and again to re-upload my content, but I refused to do so, and told them they were being lazy and I didn't buy their story on losing all the data just like that. Apparently it worked! This afternoon I suddenly got an email:

"Good news.. we have found your data. The backup is a bit old, but still all the data is not lost.

Kind regards,

Scott, Support

Servage Hosting"

Strangely though, the data isn't old at all. It's the exact same data the way I left it 30 hours earlier. I do notice that server response and download speed have gone WAY up as well. Just had to tell you this, so the review is true and complete. They've more than made up for their mistake(s).

I'm not sure if I'll be staying with servage forever, but they made VERY sure I would, for now I'm a happy camper again..

The Support rating should have an extra option added to the list: "Strange". Their support is actually not bad, it's just very weird. They change from being cold robots to nice friendly tolerating humans. They alter from BOsFH to lovable admins. You just never know what to expect or when..


    Review Rating

I've been with Servage.net for 3 months, as of February 2008. My sites have been innaccessible 5 times during that period. Entire sites were "unable to be found on the server. SITES, not files.

Responses to support tickets say, "We're aware of the problem." Once I couldn't access any sites for over 8 hours.

Whenever I have asked them what caused the problem, I get no response.

Another negative is their 5-day money back guarantee. There is no pro-rating. Once you sign up with them, you're stuck - unless you get smart and decide to change hosts.

I am changing hosts.

Bottom line. Servage is a webmaster's nightmare.


    Review Rating

I been with Servage for over a year now i host 6 sites with the one 2 online shops with sales value of £10.000 month and so far so good , you can expect the odd problem now and then but never something that last more than 10 to 20 minutes , the support lcks a bit but overall is a dammm good host for the fee thay chargue thmumbs up for them


    Review Rating

Servage was hacked end of May! Hackers compromised all index files with hundreds of links to malicious and porno sites and guess what? When they realized the hard fact, Servage did not inform customers! Instead, they just sent a mail saying that all FTP passwords were reset...

Also, when you enter a support ticket, you get a moronic answer with all kind of smilies but no resolution. I had up to 3 different people answering the same ticket...

You decide.

John Jameson

    Review Rating

As i am writing this review all/most Servage Linux customers have been hacked (31 august 2008) and their index.html, index.php files replaced by a hackers tag line. The support staff have been returning canned answers and not understanding the impact on their customers (I have checked over 200 currently).

Naturally i am upset with Servage but lets be honest they are cheap webhost. Here are my experiences with them.

Windows Hosting: was hacked in may, and customers had to refresh their ftp passwords. Was sorted after around 5 days of messing. Post this been fine if slow and occasional non response.

Linux hosting: been ok till now, but currently compromised. The hacker '3rqu' is known for his Linux hacks.

Reliability: The Linux farms have been reliable until now, the windows ones not.

mysql is VERY hit and miss. Often with timeouts but this can be cured by moving to a less crowded mysql server. As you are not limited on the number of servers you can create just keep trying till you get on a lightly used one.

tools: offers very easy to install tools, ideal for a small home website, but the lack of backups means you are taking a risk. hint use Servage for personal sites and not customers

Data storage: Not tested their claims on disk storage limits.

Bandwidth: Here they probably are not lying, but are misleading. For example their bandwidth usage is counted weirdly and often is inflated. They count an access to a mysql database on their systems as bandwidth for example. With their high limits though this shouldn't be a problem.

What is a problem is their hidden 'high load' warnings and bans. I have had a ban of 3 days without notice because they have a limit on 'hits'. the amount this triggers at varies 100k to 300k per day but if you do you will be baned. The result is many sites can't pull more than 75mb per day without being banned (small files and database access). If you are providing large files on your sites you shouldn't have this hidden hit problem and hence provide data in the gigs per day. 100k does sound generous limit but given this can translate as low as 1000 impressions on some dynamic websites generated with a publishing tool using a database.(lots of small images , page refreshes etc).

support: Varies, the canned answers are good and quick, but it does take multiple goes to get a non standard answer out of them. Encountered worse customer support. Just don't trust the answers.

speed of setup: Not instant, but in around 24 hours max for everything to work, scripts like Dupal can be installed in under 20 seconds and work via a very easy to use install system.

Payment: takes paypal, use it! we used a single use pre paid credit card number to buy one account, and guess what? had a fraud transaction attempt the day after. Could be a coincidence of course.

Overall: Don't put customer data on the system, assume it will be compromised. Back everything up. This is the kind of host that suits a guild website, forum etc where you are taking a risk but don't want to spend a long time setting it up and can afford it having trouble occasionally.

    Review Rating

Servage is a good hosting provider for personal sites where reliability isn't so important however I would be very cautious about using them for business or ecommerce sites as I personally have had many times where the site has timed out or the databases haven't been able to connect.

Also, Servage hosting is very locked down so if you need any custom mods or changes Servage will not be great for you and you would probably need a VPS option.

With regard to support, sometimes it is ok but usually you get a canned response which often doesn't even answer your question. They also tend to blame errors on the users scripts rather than acknowledging faults in their system.

In summary, Servage are cheap and the features and general package are good for a personal website, but just be careful if you are going to entrust them with more critical commerce or business sites.


    Review Rating

servage was a good host until recently 4/28/10 when they "servage" deleted all my files and folders and refuse responsibility and refuse to replace/restore them. I really doubt they will post any bad comments about themselves and their clueless tech support so why bother?


    Review Rating

I use Servage to host a few small websites (Drupal, Wordpress and some simple html sites). I have some mixed feelings about this hosting and I am planning to move to a new hosting provider.

Let me first start with the positive points.

The offer a very affordable hosting with some nice features (lots of space and bandwidth, auto installers, ftp, subdomains, ...).

In my experience their support is fast and helpful.

Now the bad points. I often notice that my websites run very slow. I have experienced multiple downtimes, often for more than an hour.

My account has been hacked one time. Servage support told me I was probably caused by insecure scripts on my website. But I read a lot of forum posts of other people with hacked accounts. The don't remind you when your account is going to be renewed.

If you are looking for an affordable hosting for small websites Servage might be an option. But don't expect high quality, stable hosting.


    Review Rating

Been with servage for a couple of years.

Few days back they suddenly suspended my account without prior notice and all my sites were no more available, later I was informed that my site had virus.

Downloaded my sites, scanned and did not found any virus.

When I informed that i uploaded my scanned website, they took two days to unsuspected my account.

I suggest all the user not to go with Servage, specially if they are commercial.


    Review Rating

I have a lot of sites in Servage. The features are perfect und mich Mord then other hosting companies. Support is not so good, and speeds oft some typo3 sites are very Bad.


    Review Rating


- everything is ALWAYS your fault

- their 1s line supporters are incompetent - a supporter just deleted 11 years of images from my Wordpress account, and it is MY fault...

- in the 11 years I have been there they have driven my crazy with ALL of the bad things mentioned in the other posts - the most mentionalbe was having 43 subdomains with individual owners closed due to "virus" and being forced to download everything - which took ONE WEEK, (because their FPT download speed is serverly limited in order to prevent streaming from FPP)!

The reason for not moving is due to the fact that we are not programmer, computer nerds, but artists just needing a place to stay and hang out together. And it takes a while to to get everyone ready and araange it etc. And we never got around to it, but just suffered the abuse from their Grosly incompetent and UN-empathic supports.

2019 they have suffered 5 MAJOR hardware disruptions, which have cost ALL of their residents major time loss, data loss, and loss of opportunities due to inaccessability to domains and mail.

STAY STAY AWAY!! The relatively cheap price and previously very good, now very reduced servar options is NOT worth it.

    Review Rating

With the low price and massive storage space and transfer, I thought Servage was a great deal.

Then they lost my website.

Everything...every file and folder in my account was gone. Fortunately I had a backup. Support told me they would investigate, but I heard nothing. The support ticket was later closed by a robot.

Next, all my traffic stats started showing 0 hits, 0 transfer. I had been getting several hundred hits a day.

When I contacted support, they suggested I switch ISP !!

Needless to say, I don't plan to renew my subscription.


    Review Rating

This host's a total ripoff.

When we first put our site there, we had daily lag from about 5pm til about 6am. We contacted tech support of Servage about this, and they always gave one of these two answers:

1) Either they waited til the problem period was over and said: "I just tried your site out and it loads just fine"

2) They offered to move the site to a different cluster. We once went ahead with this, which resulted in a day downtime, but the problem remained.

After 3 months, they finally said: "Then it can be difficult to say what it wrong. This is shared hosting and it could be that another customer used a little more resources than allowed." Shouldn't they have had logs of it, and keep each and every account completely separated from the others? I know that that's the normal way of business for hosts, to make it so one customer doesn't affect another's account.

The problem wasn't solved after that, though. The lag was gone most of the time, but we still kept having near-daily SQL connection failures (as my inbox can prove, as each failure comes in there), and there was still a regular downtime of at least 4h every two weeks.

To top it all off, they frequently put up their backups of random files up. That, on itself, isn't bad, weren't it for those backups being ancient, forcing me to put my own backups over them once I noticed.

Aside from that, their support always comes up with the same answers and never, ever solved a problem. Instead, they've pretty much always been telling me I'm lying about the problems (just not so crudely), which I find highly insulting.

The hit tracker often resetted itself, and didn't give any clear view for a day until two days after it, and the amount of webspace used showed 1300Mb while my personal backups showed 300Mb.

I changed to a different host, but they had to change my DNS information so my new host could get it (Yes, you can't do that yourself, but it has to go through them). My ticket for that was open for nearly a full day. I even sent out emails to them to tell them about it, which only resulted in the reply they don't answer such problems in emails.

Eventually, they changed the DNS and told me an admin would contact me shortly about the refund I asked for the months we paid ahead and for the refund I asked for those 3 months we had an acceptable connection only half the time. Another day passed and they said:

"Thanks for the updates.

If you have any other queries then please feel free to get back to us. We will be happy to assist you.

Have a nice day and take care:)"

I told them I still had queries unanswered, and eventually, after someone said they'd be forwarding it to an admin, someone else (Steffan this time) came to tell me that they can't refund me, because it says so in their Terms of Service. Since when can they hide behind a Terms of Service of a service they haven't properly delivered?

In short, they don't deliver reliable hosting, their hit tracker and statistics are one big lie and their support staff can't read and could just as well be replaced with auto-reply bots.


    Review Rating

I'm a servage customer for almost a year now and let me warn you people, STAY AWAY FROM SERVAGE! From the start we were losing 1 or two folders which wasnt a big deal but recently, we lost the whole main directory! And of course servage said "it wasn't our fault". I find it hard to believe that they are unable to trace where a whole folder (holding more than 20 GB) went. After a few days, my friend also lost her whole directory, nothing was left from her website and again servage said it wasnt their fault and they dont really try to check what's going on.

Reason why you need to AVOID servage:

1. Poor support. They dont know a jack what's going on and they are painfully slow. I asked why my site was deleted, and they said they don't know why.

2. They don't have a log of what's going on with their site. Which gives you the impression that they don't know what is going on.

3. They don't have backups.

4. Their bandwidth statistics is NOT accurate. They say Im consuming 50-100 GB per day. I moved to a different host and guess what? I'm only consuming 6 GB per day.


I can forgive poor support but being clueless on what's going on and dishonesty is something unforgivable.

    Review Rating

I have been with Servage for just over a year now and will definitely not be renewing my contract.

The biggest problem I've had is the amount of downtime my sites have experienced. It seems that they will just stop responding several times a day, or otherwise run so slowly that they might as well be down.

Technical support is absolutely useless - I've contacted them dozens of times and literally every single time I've ended up having to sort the problem out myself because they haven't got a clue what they're talking about.

The only thing this company has going for it is that it's very cheap, but that means nothing if it can't deliver on its promises.


    Review Rating

Do not use Servage. Wish I had read these comments before I signed up with them. Had nothing but problems with my mail servers, no emails getting through to hotmail or yahoo whether sent standard or through php.

Been continuously onto their support since the first day I signed up 7 days ago and now I know why they kept me hanging on…… they only refund within 5 days of sign up. Now my refund has been refused and they’ve kept an upfront payment for 14 months hosting!!!

Servage has not only left me out of pocket but with a list of cheesed off customers aswell. DO NOT USE SERVAGE


    Review Rating

If you get on a server farm that works you're laughing.

However, if not, they will update and change you service without warning or notice, resulting in several hours of downtime.

They promise never to do it again, and blam a week later, they've "improved my service" resulting in 12 hours of no email.

Also their SQL servers are pathetically slow.

Yeah, they're cheap, but you get what you pay for.. Servage charge peanuts, and the certainly provide the monkeys!

Avoid them if you expect service.

CT martin

    Review Rating

I have tried working with Servage.net. It is a miserable failure... because THEY are a miserable failure. NO ONE should EVER use them.

The web pages were so slow and cron and php would crawl, so I resorted for a while just using them for IMAP and FTP.

And then I backed up my office computers to FTP, on an account ONLY ever used by me... it took a lot of time. And then some Servage sysadmin went through my files and randomly deleted some (not all) and then sent me a message that I was using too much disk space (I was paying for and credited with bonuses that gave me 750GB, and I used 400GB for backups) AND they were going to delete anything they thought was copyrighted material.

They are friggin amateurs.

There are also wild differences in their different IMAP/POP servers. For example, srv15 will NOT work with iPhones, but srv9 and srv11 will.

There is also no SSL for email, they use vulnerable and antiquated ports to send and receive. They might as well just forward copies of all your emails to the myriad of Eastern European hackers that sift through their servers every day.

They also suffer from routine and inexplicable service outages. If you can access your email via webmail when client access fails - which happens to be about 4 hours of every week - and contact management, all they say is that "there is not problem so you must be doing something wrong".

Their customer service is a combination of keeping their head in the sand and outright lying to their clients.

There is no phone number to call, and their customer service email system (actually a web interface, which does no good when their own site goes down along with yours, which is often) is just full of emoticons and NEVER provides a real answer. They either deny there is a problem or give a :( like that is going to help your business and communications.

Furthermore, there is a glaring security problem with their client login. To wit, if you:

Log in the the CP as Domain A, then go to a different web page or even close the browser and then log into the CP as Domain B, you are taken to the the CP for Domain A even after Domain B's login being accepted. ONLY if you log out and quit the browser will you be limited to the CP for Domain A. This happens on all my Macs, running Safari OR Firefox 2.

I wrote into Servage about this very problem months ago... and they told me that it was impossible. Yet I still do it. I jacked into a client's website and created an paralell FTP account for myself to access his private files just to demonstrate. And Servage still denied that I did it.

In short, Servage should be run out of this business. They don't deserve at all to even be in the industry.

I quit my account AND I am posting this review/tip in as many places as I possibly can.


    Review Rating

Pros: Cheap, huge space

Cons: Everything else

If you have more than one website hosted there, or multiple domains/subdomains, if only one of them reach daily transfer limit, your full account with all domains will get blocked for full 24 hrs without possibility to enable it within "punish" time.

It's not possible to setup different bandwith or capacity quota per domain, mail or ftp account. Their support is arrogant, they lie, and they often offer only empty phrases for answer. If you can reach em.

For last 5 days I cant login to my account, passwords are somehow changed and their password resetting system is broken. I cant fill ticket because I cannot login.

If I use my default mail for contact I got automated reply that my mail is already in their database so that I rather fill online ticket.

I cant call them because they don't have (LOL) telephone number.

Their security is almost non existent. People reporting hacked sites non stop, slow databases, slow loading, bad support all around.

If you need site to brag with storage capacity use Servage, otherwise avoid like plague.

Servage will let you down when you need it most, like what happened to me today: I cannot upload my work: 600mb big interactive CD for my client because I cant log into my account or FTP, and that's main reason why I paid for servage host.

Several months ago I made and deployed one flash game for my online gaming community (EVE online) into servage.

I suffered slash dot effect, bandwith got sucked and they blocked it for 24 hrs.

I even offered them money for extra bandwith, but they just said: not possible.

That flash game was made special for big patch day for that game, which lasted 24 hrs and it went offline 4 hrs after deployment. So my several days of work was almost wasted.

They advertise huge monthly bandwith.

But info about daily limit is well buried in their ToS.

Tf you try to fill full advertised space, your account will get blocked for some puny reason: cpu usage, max hits achieved, etc.

To choose servage or not?

You decision.

Mark Bolton

    Review Rating

After completing the registration form info and charging my account, Servage claims I dont exist.

They then dont respond to my emails. I dont even get a ticket number because remember, I dont exist!

I am not sure what morals these people subscribe to, but in my opinion, this this is just plain fraud.


    Review Rating

All my websites were hacked in last 3 month at least 10 times.

On reply of my request they say that is a my problem made of an negligence of storage of my passwords.

Now i will start to migrate on hostgator.

    Review Rating

I was servage customer for 1.5 years.

And it seems like Servage was hacked and they cannot fix the problem!

Multiple users submitted same problem: some malware (iframe/javascript) were added !!! to index scripts!

Servage know that (since many users submitted same error) but still keeps denying that there are/was an exploit on a higher level.

They not just keeping it in a secret, until users will find out problems by them self, but THEY ARE LYING TO CUSTOMERS.

This isn't a way of making business.

Moving from them away.

Also: they hosted in Europe, ping from US is SLOWW, overall bandwidth and speed is also SLOWWW. Latency is about 1-2 seconds!!!

Stay away from them.


    Review Rating

Simply the worst hosting service I've ever experimented.

Transfer of simple HTTP resources is very fast (so no bandwidth problems), the issue is MySQL.

Database performance is ugly, there are frequent reboots (as they said me: "to improve performance", whatever that means).

There is NO actual support, people replying to tickets behave like stupid monkeys whose only task is to copy&paste template-like answers just like "It's all fine here" where nothing is fine.

Stay away from Servage.net

Bobby Henderson

    Review Rating

Direct quote from customer service below - enough said.

"When we find huge lists of mp3 files and seems copyrighted contents we delete them without any further verification. This is the reason we always request to our client not to keep any as such contents in servage server."


    Review Rating

The features and pricing may be good at Servage - if only the features worked consistently.

Reliability is extremely poor where basic facilities can disappear for months, - for example, the ability to execute a simple Perl file. (That example was caused by an server "upgrade" by Servage which affected many acccounts.)

Support at Servage is always polite, but the responses are meaningless 80% of the time and there is an avoidance of the facts - especially when Servage are well-aware of the problem.

Security is weak, my sites were hacked on average 3-5 times a year en masse.

A quick look at one website mentioned below - Electronic Media Foundation www.emfanz.org. This is another example of a currently hacked website and now appears with a security warning "This web site at www.emfanz.org has been reported as an attack site and has been blocked based on your security preferences."

Overall, Servage hosting may be cheap, but simply is not worth the hassle - and would not recommend this host to any other potential customer - or victim.

    Review Rating

I have been with this company for about 3 years, I gave my log in details for a company to install a website in my FTP last year as I'm not a technically minded, it looks like that they placed a spam sending script in my FTP, I was notified about 8 months ago of it,I changed my passwords and told them please scan and delete all related spam scripts in my FTP as I don't know how to do that, they never replied, just came back to me after another month asking to pay 30 Euro penalty for the spam scripts, told them I requested those to be removed and they never helped me, I deleted all my websites and files from their server to make sure no spam there but they placed my account on hold, I've sent at least 20 messages asking for the VP's email address or phone number and in each time the Rep says they will come back to me till the Ticket closes.

There is no phone number and no supervision on the Reps either, I was promised at least 5 times in the last 8 months to investigate and get back to me but never happened.

Do not use them, Their Staff are not trained enough and no follow up, apart from this they do have a good Uptime.


    Review Rating

Servage is the worst host, unsafe, jeopardizing your business and charging your credit card without authorization!

We have been with Servage for the entire hosting period and had nothing but problems.

* Mail-servers are blacklisted (proven) - yet - Servage say NO PROBLEM.

* They keep their data base UN-updated, sending utmost confidential material to the wrong address (proven)

* Yes you can cancel your account but what's the point? Since Servage has your credit card details (that must be one of the few things they keep in their database to remember) they will just keep charging you!

WE? We have taken steps to press fraud charges against this first class customer support hosting company and leave you with making your own decision whether or not you want to waste your time, money and business with Servage!

Best of luck


    Review Rating

Worst hosting ever.

Always trouble with them. For the second time this week my whole website offline without any warning.

Last week they damaged my database and don't take responsibility for it. Don't think they will put a backup back or something.

Today they told me I am a company and I have to pay VAT. Because I didn't pay VAT (I am not a company) they shut down all my websites and don't put them back online. The warming about this I received after I made a ticket about it.. :s

They don't even respond anymore and dont put my sites back online.

My most important website is a website for women with a disease and I feel really sorry for them that if they took the stap to register and posting on my website they can't visit it anymore because Servage likes to take the website or database down.

Its a really really bad company, without any responsibilities. Its always my fault if something happens. Bleh, thats all I have to say about them.

    Review Rating

Worst hosting provider ever. Unable to keep a website stable running. Unable to give performance and blaming the lack of performance on OTHER customers!!

Helpdesk has no knowledge and can only copy-paste standard answers.

I encountered to many issues with them, which they are unable to solve. NEVER USE THIS HOST!

    Review Rating




    Review Rating

poor customer support; when I had an issue they were outright rude to me!


    Review Rating

after hackers broke in to my account, the problems started. Servage suspended my account and the bill me $30,00 to activate my account again.

untill the time you pay they just shut down the websites en email.

Never start hosting at Servage!

    Review Rating

" An excerpt from the real ticket which describes the issues I had. After this ticket they suspended my account, and even after many requests they did not gave me the access.

They locked all my website-content too.


Listen folks, don't stick to your idea of not refunding my money. Look into the issues and think with a broader perspective.

Don't keep on saying repeatedly, "We Cannot Refund".

Don't be hard like sticks.

My Issues-

Issue #1.

My WeBSItES Have Been Compromised On Your Servers Due To Problems At Your End And Your Support Has Been Explaining Me The PRECAUTIOnARY MeAsureS, Instead Of Providing Me With The Details.

TheY Just UPDAtED TheIR COMMeNTS In The Ticket And Directly Closed THAt Issue. Did Not Even Wait For My Reply.

Issue #2.

This account hack information has been brought into my notice by a mail from Google itself.

I asked support team to look into the issue why my websites have been compromised and provide me with details.

They asked me to check the control panel. Great answer, Right ???

All this happened immediately after major upgrade to control panel. I changed my password too, and kept it secure but again this thing happened.

All the unknown files looked like to be blog, personal webpages and documents. It looked like someone else's files were mixed into mine.

Now my question is, with whom all my data was mixed ?

Issue #3.

After my sites have been hacked, there has been many huge number of files that were created. I even mentioned few names to support team. Ideally they should have atleast provided me some help on deleting these files. But no support that time too.

Issue #4.

Waste Control panel: I cannot even multiple select the files and folders to delete. Deleting such a huge number of files really proved to be a pain.

I tried checking for Ip details about account hacking through the control panel details, but it only showed me 8-10 entries.

How will I be able to see who has actually tried breaking into my account 7 days back ?

Do you guys have any constraint on maintaining longer history ?

Issue #5.

Incompetent team, where most of the time I see Sorry, Regret, InCOnVENIENCE words or some sort of stupid emoticons but generally I don't get a good solution from support team.

Even after clear definition of the problem, and stating the expected solution I am always presented with irrelevant questions and answers, sometimes that are way far from the topic.

Even when dealing with a sensitive matter like account hacking (maybe due to whatever reasons), support team was not much bothered.

They just replied to the ticket We Are Sorry For The InCOnVENIENCE and directly closed the ticket. They did not even wait for my response on that.

This clearly demonstrates that there was some fault at your end only and an attempt was made to over-cover it.

Also, whatever be the issue, support team never forget to mention their explanations Due To Our Clustered Systems, We Are Unable.

For some problems it is fine, I too understand the limitations of this. But this is now becoming a way of excuse for them. These explanations are made even for the problems that are nowhere related to cluster technology.

I have also been working on clustered server systems for a top Us Healthcare Organization, and know where this clustering can have a limitation effect and where not.

Issue #6.

No Customer-Care number, No call-backs on request or Grievance Handling cell. Is it like the customer should go to some of your partner organization to talk to you.

The channels or hierarchy for communication should be followed within the organization. Not between the customer and the organization.

Issue #7.

Statistics not functioning correctly for me. Many at times I see a targeted visit to my personal portfolio site through some adult or non-sense keywords. This is nowhere in correlation with my websites.

Few days back, I logged on through a highly secure Us-based remote terminal and was surprised to see that actually this Ip was not logged into control-panels history. But other sites were rightly able to capture this Us Ip-Address.

******Imp Please NotE-Proper Clarification needed*******

This time luckily nothing wrong happened and Google intimated me on time.

Now suppose if there would have been any incident of some copyright violations or maybe the whole server and cluster level hack, you would have directly suspended my account without any notification.

I brought this into notification of support-team and did not find even a small help from them. Is that the way they probe into sensitive issues ?

Support team has still not figured out the possible causes nor they have dig much into this issue.

My account was almost nearing a suspension from your side, great thanks to support team for not doing anything.


Question #1.

Going forward, if the same situation arises, then definitely the sufferer is Me.

But who are the actual culprits responsible for this ?

Its Servage only

Question #2.

Just like someone else's files got mixed into my account, what all places and across which accounts my files have been mixed ?

Investigate, Research, Summarize and then give me a proper reply on this one.


Issue #8

Just to meet up the Sla or 1 hour response time, support team is actually not coming up with some solutions.

It looks like just to fulfill their response time, they are bluntly saying anything. Please be aware that there is a big difference between Sla and Response Time.

Issue #9

Sms Gateway's functionalities have been taken off after the control-panel upgrade. I can no more customize the Sender-ID for Sms. Panel upgrade took off this feature. I was really in need for that, now I have to look for some other service provider.

6 months back when I asked them, when can we expect this feature, they said maybe in another coming months. But this has really been a long time and still no sign for this.

Issue #10

Fancy but feature-less control panel especially file manager

I cannot select multiple files even for delete operation.

While listing the files, the light and dark highlights are almost similar and accidentally the upper or the lower file can be deleted other than the one that needs to be.

While confirming, the delete or file update, file or folder name does not appear. It only asks

Are You Sure You Want To Delete ?

No filename here, increases the risk of accidental deletes.

No Copy to a different location option is available.

Recently I have been facing a different problem. While updating, I was asked multiple times to confirm the operation. I had to confirm 7-8 times to get a file deleted.

Also, big promises were made that lot more features will be added to control panel, I don't see any in the coming future.

Instead of having a separate team working on Servage blog and that tutorials (better versions are freely available on net), why don't you guys focus more on developing utilities for control panel ease.

Cluster server offers some challenges, but definitely we can quickly writeup some utilities to overcome this and add lot more features to the control panel.

I see this constant development and renewal factor missing here.at Servage. Feature-wise this control panel is monolithic to the earlier version.

Issue #11

Just after control panel upgrade, I faced issues related to statistics which took longer than 2 months to get resolved. There are still few more.

For over 2 months I did not had any stats for my sites.


These and few more are the issues I have with Servage. If I have to cope up with these issues and stupid communications by myself then when I will do my work ? I am not able to focus on my customers, instead I am always running behind you guys.

Hope this satisfies your queries.

All TheSE IssueS WeRE Not A Part Of The HOSTInG COnTRACT. Also Sms-ID CUsToMIZAtIOn And WeBDRIVE, Is Not Available As It WAs BeForE. THIs Is Clearly MeNTIOnED On The SItE -


I am paying for all the features mentioned there. Not for few features. Temporary unavailability can be entertained but not permanent.

Your ANSWeR:

So, now here is what you guys will be saying to me is-

Sorry for the inconvenience caused. Thank you for sharing your issues. We will make sure in future all the issues gets resolved and you will not face anymore issues. We will definitely improve in these key areas.


Definitely if you want to improve, there are lot of points mentioned in this mail that Servage should extract for improvement.

So when Servage thinks that they have actually improved then you may notify me. I will be happy to come back to Servage again.

Till then I would like to move on to a different host.

Please Process My Refund. I Know THAt Can Be DOnE. If It Is Out Your Scope Or Can't Be DOnE At Your Level, TheN Please ESCALAtE THIs And AsSIGN The Ticket To Your SUPERVIsOrS Or COnCERNED DEPartMeNT.



---------------------------------------------------------------------- "


    Review Rating

Cheap but thats all, bad support on recent hacks and all other support tickets.

When u send them 2 questions in a ticked they only answer the easiest one, and even that gets u no were.

Had 4 sites hosted on 1 account, 3 not updated 1 is, but they keep crying about delete all sites and reinstall e107 and so on.

John Vido

    Review Rating

Over priced and is terrible for hosting forums, if you go with Servage and host forums bre sure to get plenty of timeouts.

They do not have telephone support and their accounts have been known to have been hacked from time to time. Once I logged into someone elses account!

Avoid at all costs.


    Review Rating

Shocking company, email mostly down. Do not go with these guys. They also bill you without notifying you and will not reimburse you even if they have just taken off the amount. Terrible company rather go with anyone else!


    Review Rating

I just lost more than 40 sites from servage:

Me: any chance to recover the files?

Servage: Hello Alecu Cezar,

We have unfortunate to notify your about a total loss of your Webhosting content.

We unfortunately had to face a total loss of the entire storage device that also stores your account data due to a corrupted RAID array, that is caused by the failure of multiple harddisk in it.

The Harddisks are unfortunately not accessible anymore, so we cant make any attempts to recover the array.

We are very sorry about this issue and kindly ask you to re-upload your accounts content.The MySQL databases and E-Mails are NOT affected by this loss, as the data are stored on different systems.

As a compensation we have added 1 month of free hosting to your account. We have move you to our new powerfull storage and the failed device will be returned to the manufacturer, for closer investigations.

Kind Regards

Peter, Support

Servage Hosting

1. I tell you what... I don't care about your compensation because I move my hosting to another company. A real company.

2. Servage support is ticket bassed and an answer come in about 2..3 hours.

3. In 4 years my sites was hacked for 2 times. They have very unprotected servers.

    Review Rating

we stay more than 3 years at servage.

But now we are more than 4 days offline.

Service gives no feedback, we waiting for answer.

We transfer our site to a other host.

Service are to bad.

kyle j

    Review Rating

I have spent 5 hours trying to prove to them that I am the sole owner of the domain, because of a type in my registered email address they have denied me all access to my own account, i scanned my photo ID and sent it to them, included billing info, address....everything they needed to verify, now i just get ignored by their supervisor. EPIC FAIL SERVAGE!!!!!! i online chatted with 4 diff reps, every single one had a scripted response, they kept repeating please understand the situation, take not i missed the deadline for having the domain set up, thus i lost my contact w/ the company, the support team ignored my explanation of the timeliness of getting this worked out. I asked several times for a contact phone number so i can talk to someone who has authority, each time ignored... then the tech says our supervisor is Heige and he'll be back later today to finish verifying.

to me that says to me your single and only supervisor is the only person at the company who can step up and verify my info, the same guy who chose to ignore me for 3 hours....and counting......

im sure their other support is better, i cant even log into the website to get in touch w/ someone else...... absolute worst customer service i have EVER experienced, you'll get better service from drive thru at mcdonalds with a broken speaker..... do not support this horribly ran company....


    Review Rating

I have been with servage for over 6 years! I think I am just starting to realise what to expect from a good host.

For most of my static websites it has been ok except for some downtime here and then. So all was more or less ok as they are cheap I did not expect too much.

Once starting to use wordpress the nightmare came through. MYSQL error regularly, always pushing the fault on bad script, making you jump hoops with no solution to be found. Then officialy publishing hardware error with no apologies.

They have a support team. The truth is that it is called support, it is not actual support.

Wordpress has been hacked on numerous occasions. They simply shut ALL your website downs. Then you struggle to get any real info from them, in actual fact you wont get anything helpful to solve your requests, excepting for some generic answer.

Increasing the wordpress security improved things, but other problems occured.

You have to constantly issue tickets to get them to to beyond the generic answers, often they do not look into the problem until you chase them for days. Even then it is never their fault...

Now, my website is down. No warnings, ALL websites taken down, not even ftp access. They argue the cause is ONE of the websites. I repeat ONE website that would take 100% of the shared server resources??? They ask you how you can guarantee this will not occur again, but in actual fact you don't have any log to even find out what could be the reason. You don't have access to your website so it is impossible to fix anything. A day later they mention a script??? Not a specific one, just a script...

Support should help or at least provide a log of some kind. They just making you waste your time and there is no reasons to take all of the account down for one domain. I skip many other points as the lost would be too long. You get the picture!

I have enough now, this month I have wasted almost 2 weeks fixing stuff. So unhelpful, I would really recommend anyone to avoid their services.


    Review Rating

This was one of the worst experiences I had in a long time.

They failed to provide the information that the person ordering the service will also have to pay for the charges that their bank imposes for foreign transactions. I followed the instructions they provided, paid to my bank for transaction and made a payment to their account in the amount quoted by them. They rejected activating the service until I make a payment for fees induced by their bank. Offered to send me back the money but $50 less than what I paid (20 for my bank charges and 30 for their bank charges). In total, they expected me to pay another $80 to compensate for their mistake and cover for their loss of $30. absolutely no consideration, no acceptance of responsibility, simply insisting to charge me for their own mistakes and incompetency. they did not even know how much their bank charges them for foreign transactions. and they are selling their services internationally. if anyone should be banned from offering services internationally, it is i Servage One. Disgusting experience!


    Review Rating

i paid for a year hosting plan 3 days ago.. i m waiting for 3 days for them to activate my account. i chatted with 3 different ppl from them and all give same answer "it will be activated in few hours"

at last chat a guy told me that contact with us tomorrow.. its like a JOKE!!!..

when i said him " i never got any f*cking email from you" he told, stop talking like this or i will close chat.

they are really good SCAMMERS!!!


    Review Rating

I have been with Servage for some time and they simply get worse and worse. Their support is a joke, rude, unhelpful and selective when replying to queries (they will not answer questiosn they don't feel like answering). I have had all of my websites disabled due to them not being able to differentiate between legitimate and malicious code (when challenged, they simply do not answer). Incredibly frustrating and unhelpful people, who aren't very knowledgeable. They're not even cheap, considering the joke of a service you receive.

Shai Shahar

    Review Rating

Quite possibly the most frustrating, off the point and illogical customer support techs in the field..absolute nightmare getting a human to reply instead of an autobot...and then when you do, no matter what the problem it is always your fault until proven otherwise..which it usually is..but only after a day or two of denial and aggravatingly unsuitable responses. I had one old joomla script error in one page of one of my hosted sites and they shut down all 4 of my sites as a precaution against malware! Check all 4 sites page by page, line by line, used several online scanners..totally clean..and they still havent put them back online! Grrrrrrr

David Osborne

    Review Rating

Been with servage for a couple of years no issues until the last week when the admin decided to delete one of my active sites, with contacting support they said it has been deleted and gone no backup. I would not suggest using them unless you dont care if your active site is deleted


    Review Rating

Availability of services, specially email is very bad. they are very often blacklisted and sent emails marked as spam. once email client exceeds 5GB quota, it is suspended and the customer is notified AFTERWARDS, no time is given to cleanup and the access to account through webmail and imap is prohibited - not really a service that I want to use in future.


    Review Rating

I've been a customer for 15+ years (at least since 2004, likely earlier). They started off being great. Unlimited webspace, unlimited bandwidth etc. Over time, their service has declined and declined, and the price I had to pay did not get cheaper, ofcourse.

Today I received an e-mail stating that my account has been terminated. Because they are migrating and the webspace they now offer is 200GB (I use more - which was fine when I signed up 15 years ago), they just kicked me out. I've prepaid until mid 2020. They did not offer a solution. No thank you for being a loyal customer.

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