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Hosting Reviews for StartLogic

Megan F.

    Review Rating

I've been using StartLogic for over two years. I find it nice to use, especially since I had never done any Web sites before using them. My learning curve was huge, but I was able to navigate their system. Their support is fast and easy. Their control panel can be slow and their built-in site creator is awful. Their web-mail interface is a little tricky to use. I haven't figured out how to block spam or set up some key features. Overall, a good host and very stable, but I am shopping around for others just to see what else is out there.

Chris Alvino

    Review Rating

I'm a freelance web developer and have been for a number of years so I know what average service is from a hosting company. In terms of support and features, this company is average, nothing stellar. But in terms of technology, reliability, and speed, this company is the bottom of the barrel. They USED to be good in the past, a couple years ago. I know because I hosted my uncle's business on this site while I was still in school, probably 3 or 4 years ago. It used to be one of the better cheap hosting solutions, but now I would not recommend their service to anybody.

I recently decided to move my site to a new host and thought I might revisit Startlogic since they (used to) work so well with my uncle. Now I just installed wordpress, everything was default, and pages were taking upwards of 10 seconds to load (if the page bothered to load at all). During the day my load times for a single 5k page with all of the default wordpress graphics and settings was between 10-20 seconds, which is just absurd. Help desk said it's fast on their end, must be my machine. I asked a number of friends from around the world and they all agreed, super slow. I also used several websites to analyze my load times and they all showed the same thing. I did get a customer service rep fast and *hopefully* I'll be getting my refund shortly.

So do yourself a favor and go with another host. You don't want to risk losing clients or customers because they closed your window before your site loaded.

Tanvir M. Shuvo

    Review Rating

Although features are great and good support but it's speed from Asia and Pacific region is very slow.


    Review Rating

TERRIBLY slow server response ... slowest page load times of any hosting I've ever used. I had not choice but to dump them when my hosted clients complained and threatened to find another developer.


    Review Rating

Just the average overselling host. Had a prepaid account for an year. I was just hosting static content there but I saw my site slow and down almost 10% of the time.

Maybe ok for small family sites.

    Review Rating

I was with startlogic with two accounts for 1 year. I had set the accounts to "Pay By Check" near the expiration through my support panel - HOWEVER they renewed an account against my will and charged my card. I had to fight with them over ten days, and they still took a month out (kept $8.95) before they finally refunded the money they had stolen! They were horrible. Their CEO should be arrested for fraud. I was so upset 6 months ago that I decided to start my own hosting company where I personally pledge I will never ever attempt to screw a single customer, ever. This is a real review. It is true. I have all the chats saved from them. If you'd like to see them, feel free to contact me via live support chat on my site. Thank goodness for HostJury! Otherwise it is hard for the little guy to alert others to fraudulent companies.

    Review Rating

Always down. Tech support is non existent. TERRIBLE

V Chau

    Review Rating

I normally do not write reviews about a company unless they exceed my expectations or their customer service/support levels are horrendous. I decided to try StartLogic in October of 2005 and initially when I had contacted their sales department, the person I spoke with was very friendly and very helpful and made me feel like this was a great company to do business with. As a result of their pricing and my high expectations of their service level and the fact that they were ranked well among web hosts, I decided to give them a try. I signed up for a VPS account. Shortly thereafter, I began to experience issues, first it was with the setup of the VPS, this took about a week for them to resolve and actually get me online. Then after about a week after I had started working on an important project, it was determined that the VPS was not properly configured and it had to be reconfigured which took me offline for another few days. I experienced sporadic issues, but for the most part was able to get by and continue using them with few issues arising.

Then in early June, my client's site went offline for no apparent reason. I contacted support and did not recieve any type of response for 2 weeks, however, during that timeframe I tried to contact them numerous times via their help desk and even tried calling them, but everytime I waited approximately 20 minutes and would hang up due to the fact that noone would answer. I was finally contacted approximately 2 weeks later and in the reply they had informed that the ticket was escalated and that I would recieve a response shortly. Well, needless to say, shortly for them was another 2 weeks before I recieved another response, only after I threatened to cancel my account. In this response, they informed me it was my responsibility since the account was a VPS and if I wanted them to fix the issue and get my client's site back online, I would be charged. Well, that pretty much broke the straw on the camels back and I decided to cancel the account. I waited for over 30 minutes before I even was able to speak to a person at which point I was actually transferred to billing and had to wait for another 20 minutes. There option to access billing does not work and their support is beyond unsatisfactory.

I just tried to call back in to get a refund for my unused portion plus to request that I get a month's refund for the month my client's site was down with no apparent help from them to resolve the issue. However, after being on hold for 50 mins, I have decided to give up and take the loss. It is not worth the headache and anxiety to try to get a few dollars back.

I do not understand how a company with this level of customer service/support is rated in the top 10 for web hosting. I have been in the IT business for over 6 years and during that time, I have never seen a company show such disdain towards their customers as StartLogic has shown in my time with them. For those considering this company for your hosting services based on pricing, please reconsider and look at the big picture. Do you really want to save a few bucks and sacrafice performance, support and reliability? I did and it was a huge mistake on my part.


    Review Rating

My sites on my Startlogic VPS were down for 3 days. They didn’t answer trouble tickets or email. When I finally got someone on the phone (30 minutes+ wait time), each time they said they didn’t know what was wrong or when I would be up again. After 3 days they said they had a hardware crash and lost my server. My VPS and the other VPS accounts on my server were gone.

I have backups but I don’t have my databases. Don’t even think about this one unless you like losing everything.

    Review Rating

Being with Startlogic has been one of the most frustrating experiences in my online life.

Promised me a certain amount of bandwidth, only to find out they just give you half that much with the excuse that you'll get the rest if you "ever need it". Horrible, slow customer service.

Since they charge for their website creation tools, if you manage to find better ones like me rest assured they will remove support for them one year after as soon as they find out you are using it.

As happened to me, they dishonestly removed Joomla support ( A free ware website automation tool that takes advantage of components existent in most hosting packages) one year after I was using it, and wanted to make me pay for it, even though the services on which Joomla runs were included in our original contract, with the excuse that they were upgrading their server.

This is of course, a lie, since all they do is disable a variant so you can't use it until you pay.

Try any other host but startlogic

    Review Rating

If you are thinking about using Startlogic all I can say is RUN, RUN AWAY and don't look back. I have several Joomla sites installed for clients and I have been moving them all to new hosts. Startlogic support is the most frustrating process I have been through as you WAIT FOREVER and the biggest draw back is the sites are all very SLOW!!!

Eric Ediger

    Review Rating


I've been without my email for two weeks - they had some kind of 'outage' but their 'engineers' have yet to bring IMAP folders back online.

In addition, their 24x7 'support' is an F*ing joke.

The minute I get my email back, I'm moving every single domain off of their servers.



    Review Rating

I have several websites hosted with StartLogic and they have been down for the third day. I have contacted them 5 times, and all they could tell me was that their engineers were working on the issue and that my sites would be up in a couple of hours. Well, they are still down and I am looking for a new hosting company.

StartLogic supports is so horrible and they have no clue of what is going on with their server or they are just lying to the customers about the situation. I completely understand that any server could go down for various reasons, but not being able to get it back up and running in a timely manner is not acceptable. Either they have really crappy hardware or horrible engineers that can't figure out the issue or both.

Either way, I do not recommend StartLogic to anyone.

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