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Located in Orlando, Florida, Surpass Hosting, LLC is a member of the HostDime family of web hosting companies. Our combined efforts have allowed us to launch two data centers in Central Florida. Surpass services over 100,000 websites adding approximately 300 more per week. June of 2007 will mark our fifth year of providing exceptional hosting for personal sites to high traffic portals. We are a fast growing company and one that you will always be able to count on.

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Hosting Reviews for Surpass Hosting


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I signed up with Surpass Hosting in late December after having several issues with my previous VPS host causing my website's to be down and alot of website's i hosted to be down for well over a week, after looking at there plans several times i decided to signup and my account was setup within 30Mins and all my websites were back online within an hour.

Support is friendly, fast and effective, and if you need User-To-User Help their user forums are awesome(Surmunity.com).

Since moving to surpass the servers have moved fast and the average load is usually well under 1!, and i have had 99.99% Uptime!

I honestly give surpass hosting 10/10 and have never been so pleased with a host before as i am with Surpass and i plan to stay there for a very long time!

Recommendable to anyone and everyone!

SurpassHosting is absolutely fantastic!


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Been hosted here for years now, and still haven't found much to complain about. Sure, there is the occasional downtime om hte server I'm on, but I know staff is doing their best to fix it.

Surpass is surpassing the rest.

Ben Willson

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I have been hosting with Surpass for over seven years and love it. Little to no downtime, great servers and support.

Yes there support is only online, however with a live chat, email and a support website, I have never had to wait long. Honestly at first I was a little worried, but then I realized that I have never had something resolved with a web host on the phone. Usually a tier one tech just takes down the info and can walk you threw things. I find I have gotten better support a lot quicker with Surpass.

The price has never gone up but the feature have, unlimited space and bandwidth. I remember when I first started with them I got extra bandwidth on my account if I had a link to there site on my page.

Surpass has always been very comparable in price and features to other major companies. The major difference for me has been the support, it seems like they are more focused on keeping the customers they have and not acquiring new one (however they are very fast growing).


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Surpass, has been absolutely awesome for me. They may not offer telephone support, but their people talk to you like humans, and respond with in minutes... if not hours... I have been with them since 2004, and would totally recommend them!


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This it my server from almost 5 years, i have only one time down time for upgrades, the support team are the best, the price my be high to some ones but worth it, i have only shared plans there but i have no complains

Buen servicio soporte de lujo, todo muy rapido precios buenos en relación a lo que ofrecen no como otros estafadores, 100% recomendable se nota el profesionalismo en esta empresa tengo 5 años y solo una vez tuve un problemas por una actualizacion a su sistema pero fue programado y todo


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They have matured into a reliable, responsive hosting company. I have used them for over 8 years and the occasional hiccup was sorted out quickly. I used their shared hosting plan.

Richard Jordan

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I must say, since joining the Surpass Hosting family in 2003, I have been very happy with the service throughout. Every service has issues here and there, DNS outages, router failures, power glitches in the new data center, but it is all a part of growth and the phenomenon of (ahem) happens sometimes. The staff has been more than helpful not only in responding and offering advice, but also in how they have treated me as a person and a customer. You guys just helped me get from under the old OC10 plans to something more current and robust and said that you would be willing to assist in ways I did not expect. I thank you now and for the future that I see for my hosting experiences here!


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I've been a client of surpasshosting since 2007, when I first started bulding websites with Joomla. I can't remember now what brought me there, but I am glad it did!

The price was okay (shared-hosting-average) the features were quite good as well...but the best was the support! Very dedicated and human :)

I am still enjoying it so far, no big problems and, if there are any minor ones, support is a ticket away and quick on replying!


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I have been with Surpass for some time now, after I left my previous host. Surpass were recommended to me by a good friend and, although it was with some hesitation I changed, I have been pleasantly surprised.

The cpanel and other aspects of controlling my sites are intuitive and easily learned.

The biggest "plus" and the biggest "minus" for Surpass however, is their support. Quite a few times I have had to ask for help after I couldn't get something to work - a lot of the time they will actually go in and fix it for me, which is fantastic. At other times they will respond through their ticketing system with good, clear details so I can follow it easily. The "minus" comes from the speed of response - sometimes having to wait quite some time for someone to reply, which can be annoying when you are right in the middle of installing something.

Overall however, I am extremely happy. I have had <1% downtime since I have been with them, and I appreciate their helpful manner.


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I’ve been using Surpass Hosting since around August 2004. I’ve gone through shared accounts, reseller accounts, and multiple dedicated servers. I’ve been through a lot with this company but overall it’s been an awesome experience.

I started with a simple shared account to host a personal website, but quickly moved into a reseller account so that I could host as many websites as I wanted.

With Surpass, the support has usually been great. I’ve had a couple of oddities, but every problem I’ve ever had (which were usually created by me) has been solved to my satisfaction in a timely manner. The prices are great for the support and service you receive. Their servers are not oversold like a bunch of other hosts that I’ve used.

Of course there are always things in any company that can be improved. One thing I would like to see improved is support tickets. Sometimes all of the people responding to tickets don’t read the entire ticket, causing a delay when they ask for something that was already provided. How the tickets are ordered and run is weird as well (limitation of the software). It would be nice to see a custom written help desk, tailored to exactly what they need. If they integrated their new service status that would be great as well in helping users find out if a server is down, or maybe if their IP was just blocked.

So overall: Surpass rocks, and I expect to continue seeing awesome things out of them. I know they will continue to work on any problems there might be and always try to make the service better.

John Marx

    Review Rating

I've used many hosting companies in the past, never have I had such a bad experience that I've taken the time to write a negative review, but you guys asked for it.

I'm sure this will get deleted a few minutes after I post, but hopefully someone will read it before purchasing and steer clear. (I will be reposting this on every host review site I can find).

To start with, last I checked SURPASS DOES NOT HOST THEIR SITE OUT OF THE SAME DATACENTER THEIR CLIENTS SITES (sketchy to say the least).

These guys dont even have phone support, which is reason enough for moving along. But if you do stay, beware that tickets are SOMETIMES answered within an hour or two, but 99% of the time, the guy who answered the ticket never took the time to process your question.

Perfect example of this, when you have 4 or 5 messages back and forth in one ticket, I CONSTANTLY have recieved repeat questions that were answered in the initial ticket question. This is almost NEVER FAIL, guaranteed, 100%. My experience has been that I've actually had to repost all the data in one message (they refuse to look back at other messages), and highlight the important stuff so that they'll get to it.

Next is uptime, reliability, and speed. Recently I had a client download a large file off my website over the phone (~300mb). He told me his computer said the estimated time for download was like 3 hours. I tried downloading the same file on my end and my speed capped out at 5kbps.... That's flat out ridiculous.

When I first signed up to Surpass, I purchased the low end reseller package just to give it a go. Then they had a sale and I purchased a mid package from the sale and canceled my original purchase. With my new package i was all set, and immediately transfered over all my accounts (BIG MISTAKE). The fact that I purchased two packages and canceled the first confused surpass to no end. They ended up taking both packages down, but of course kept the money. It took 3 DAYS of posting tickets and posting all over forums to get them to fix the problem.

They offered me three months free to make up for this, and I took them up on it. I had prepaid 1 year, so 1year + 3 months = 15 months. After the 12 months, I immediately get charged. I submit a ticket asking what's going on, I was promised 3 months free hosting. Of course, my immediate reply is "The 3 month credit was almost a year ago." Sigh. I'm guessing it never crossed his mind to see 1. why I havent paid in almost a year 2. what kind of plan I'm on. Comeon surpass, this is basic business. And I can understand slipping up once, but EVERY ticket has been like pulling teeth to get ANYTHING done.


Got a good deal at surpass, transfered all my clients over, immediately all sites went down for days.

Have had nothing but one bad experience after another with support.

Was promised 3 months free hosting for problems caused by surpass, but have not received them.

Essentially lost the money I spent on 1 years prepaid hosting, and have gained nothing but headaches and angry clients complaining about bad hosting.

Have switched back to old host and vow never to deal with surpass again, and warn everyone who ever mentions the word "hosting" against surpass.


    Review Rating

I have been with Surpass Hosting/Domains since 2001 and in the past year have been asking myself why? When I first started with this company they were reliable, easy to communicate with even though you had to submitt a help ticket. I am not sure what has happened lately but their services have diminished severly! My average response time to an easy question takes atleast 24 hours on a good day. My latest battle in dealing with them arises from a miscommunication between a client of mine and their billing department. My client disputed one month of service that was billed to their credit card and Surpass closed them down. Now mind you this client has continued to pay for all of the service since this incedent that occured over six months ago. The day before the account was suspended, Surpass was supplied with a new credit card information and paid in full. I am just so sick and tired of their attitude and lack customer service. I moved all of my domains to a new hosting company and I would just like to warn those who need to have a good support service to look elsewhere.

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