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tmzVPS goes above and beyond the standards of the internet webhosting industry in quality and prices. Compared to other VPS providers tmzVPS has the lowest prices, while offering better features and award winning around the clock support, to provide an ease of mind.

All VPS Servers are FULLY managed with free cPanel/WHM, running on 100mbit connections, with a smart combination of lightning fast DDR3 Triple Channel RAM, state of the art Xeon processors, and failproof Hard Drives.


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Node outage for 5 days but still our site is not back online.

We are loosing our sales on this peak time of the season including Black Friday. While they keep saying for 5 days "We are working on it."

I will definitely move out of TmZVPS as soon as our data is reachable to migrate.

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They migrated a VPS during peak times despite being asked to do it outside office hours and this caused us to lose clients ergo: money.

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Firstly, everything I am putting here is without prejudice and drawn not from conjecture or heresay but my own direct experience.

I've worked in the web design and technology industry for some time now and while I do not claim to be a server administrator (I'm too busy developing websites for that) my server admin days are a distant memory, I do know a good host from a bad one. In addition, we have to bear in mind that a VPS can cost (typically) 10-15 times more than a shared hosting service so one could be forgiven for assuming that you'd receive a certain level of attention as a client.

Think again.

One quiet Sunday afternoon my daughter asked me if I could go to the pool with her and I wanted to, I really did but here's why I had to say no.

I've been using TMZvps.com for about 6 months and all was OK (in as much as it can be with a budget VPS provider.

However, about 2-3 months ago we had an outage for a few days while they dealt with a “node outage”. I moved one of my major sites away to another host and lost a couple of clients because of this and have since had frequent short outages.

Then, with no discussion, warning or notification I get a mail on Sunday 13th September 2015 @ 17:33 (GMT) informing me of their “intention” to suspend my VPS for “IOPS Abuse”.

Now I was about to send them a mail asking for the details of the offending account and any associated data so I could deal with it myself when about 60 seconds later I got a mail informing me that my services had been suspended. At this point I was livid.

To add insult to injury they'd also blocked my IP address as I was now unable to even get a PING response from their servers. I could however view the website in a Tor Browser and opened a Virtual Box Linux OS to verify this was the case as my VB runs on a VPN.

By this point I was incandescent.

TMZ's behaviour has been childish at best I think and could easily have been misconstrued as a deliberate attempt to sabotage my client base. Don't forget, I lost paying clients due to their monumental screw up just a few months ago.

Following the incident and a protracted text discussion with their CEO over Skype services were reinstated and they decided to communicate with me through their ticket system (they've yet to invent phones or train anyone to use them I guess). After a few questions I discovered that one of the techs saw a high load on one of my websites and took the arbitrary decision to cut all services to the entire VPS account.

Following this, in the ticket system:

“So, at some point prior to 17:33 someone within TMZvps took the arbitrary decision to suspend all services and restrict access to my data on the basis of an "IOPS Abuse" issue which in your own words "is very difficult to pin-point...".”

Now I've been designing websites for around 20+ years and have used 2-3 VPS providers (as I am particular about the services my clients need) and all I can say is that if you're on the hunt for a VPS provider steer well clear of TMZvps.com as they'll not only damage your business but your reputation.


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I bought a fully managed VPS , but i received VPS without WHM installed . I installed myself , but license was invalid ...

It offer only 1 IP for VPS, so to set nameserver is need using same IP for both , deprecated system

I think they have no skills for fully managed service.


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I was a client of TMZVPS hosting for more than five years, primarily using their service for hosting a number of film and video game related websites.

As a service, TMZVPS is a house of cards; so long as the cards are all aligned just right, the service will have the appearance of being stable. However if any card just slightly gets out of alignment, the entire server falls apart in flames and destruction and continued days of downtime.

This was frequent. TMZVPS was, on a whole, a let down. Their fire fighting skills are terrible; they left me in a lurch numerous times, including one time where a website was in a critical launch period and TMZVPS made a series of bumbling mistakes that kept the site down. Their reaction times were abysmal; their attitude complacent and apathetic. This is a company that just does not give a damn about its clients; they are in it for the money and the money is all they want from you.

Which leads me to the double billing - TMZVPS routinely double billed me over the course of the five years, sneaking in extra charges whenever they could. The first time this occurred I was astounded to find that they had double billed over $700. I took up the issue with them and they bullheadedly refused to even consider a refund, offering instead a credit. I became beaten down and so accepted this, though in looking back, I should not have.

Just this last month, I discovered the company had again been sneaking in double charges. They had never stopped. I again took up the issue with them and found they had charged over $1200 above and beyond what they should have. And - again! - they refuse to refund the money, claiming that anything a client pays them is there's no matter what, regardless of whether it's deserved.

TMZVPS uses a few social engineering methods to hide their double charging. First, they do not show whether there is a credit within the user account or other commonly accessed status. You have to *ask* them if you have a credit. It's intentionally not displayed - or if it is, it's quite hidden - as they keep it on the downlow hoping you might not notice that they owe you money.

If you have a credit with any other company out there in the ether, and a new charge comes up - the charge is typically applied to the credit, first. TMZVPS does not do this and it is another social engineering method they use to skim money. All new charges will ping whatever payment method you have setup, and the credit they have stored will be ignored - instead that credit will grow, hidden away from your view, until they have hundreds if not thousands of dollars that they will refuse to refund you "because its theirs now".

Further, you might think that if a company steals from you by sneaking in double charges, that you might want to turn towards your bank for help (and you should); realize that TMZVPS has small-print weasel-words in their Terms of Service, which they claim gives them the right to lock down your server and hold all of your data ransom should you try to recoup your illegally double charged funds. If this company steals from you - and they will - be sure to copy your server data or migrate it to a new service before reporting the issue to your bank, as it will be held for ransom against you by TMZVPS once the complaint is made.

TMZVPS is an apathetic webhosting company that will provide you lukewarm and troublefilled service while preying upon your bank account via sneaky double charges. They should not be used or trusted; that this organization does this sort of thing makes them especially unfit to host any data that is at all sensitive. These are not up-n-up and trustworthy people; it would be unwise to trust this sort of organization with anything important at all.

There are plenty of good webhosting services out there who do not scam their own customers; for your own financial and business security, stay away from TMZVPS and use a service that is more reputable. Happy website building.

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