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Mission statement at The Planet is to be the leading provider of On Demand IT Infrastructure. Today The Planet host more than 22,000 small- and medium-size businesses worldwide. By offering the best choice of servers, software tools and world-class support — backed by state-of-the-art facilities and unmatched network connectivity — The Planet is dedicated to helping you turn information technology into a powerful competitive advantage that enables you to successfully grow your businesses.

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Hosting Reviews for The Planet

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Outstanding host. All servers crash, but at least they are infrequent and dealt with quickly. Support staff is friendly and knowledgeable. The pricing seems higher than average but you get what you pay for and then some. I would recommend The Planet to anyone who wants a site that works properly and good service.


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I have been with the planet hosting for more than 5 years it was called rackshack then. The support is outstanding, best in the business, the server is always online. If it goes down the support is working on it right away.

Toryalai Hart

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These guys are awesome. You do need to know what you're doing, but when confused, they always respond and guide and even straighten things out for you. I have 3 linux dedicated servers with them and have never seen a moment of downtime despite many warnings by email that I might experience some due to maintenance. It's never taken them longer than 10 minutes to get back to me about any support ticket, and thus far 100% have been resolved within a few hours at most. I feel very fortunate to have come across them and recommend them highly.

Victor castelan

    Review Rating

This is the 2nd host provider that I try, and in my experience I am on line every time when I access my sites.

The support is good, because they responds me in the same day.

The control panel of the host, allow me to manage my entire server without restrictions, also I can restart my server when I want.

    Review Rating

This hosting is simply flawless, no downtime at all and the support is good.

Craig R

    Review Rating

I'm not going to write a big long review. I am going to let my machine speak for itself:

15:57:34 up 832 days, 15:39, 2 users, load average: 0.56, 0.32, 0.24

I would recommend The Planet to anyone, my only complaint would be the pricing, but even that I can live with thanks to the reliability. I never have to wonder if my site is down, because it won't be.


    Review Rating

The Planet, the cul du sac of evolution for the once great "RackShack / EV1 Network". Long time client and since the change over, I've stuck with the Planet a couple of years now.

I feel as though we've gone from a "Can Do" attitude to, "You're paying over $600 for dedicated servers, but you're not signed up for our Alpha Elite Special Services so we can't really touch your server". Wow, talk about value. The line they draw on service has grown to be quite arbitrary. We've stuck through during their UPS burn out that shut down a good portion of their network for days, *imagine 15 hours without the ability to get a call, not or carrier pigeon*. We've shed servers as equipment aged and support weakened. It seems not a month goes by that we're not butting heads, wondering when they'll proactively inform us of network issues so we don't have our clients informing us. Alas, the company I was loyal to is gone. A hard working Texan firm offering great value is now replaced with overpriced services, screwy migrations, spotty service and under appreciated clients. . . I've gone from 15 servers across multiple clients, to three. . . soon to less than that as the hope dies.

    Review Rating

I was looking for options to help me reduce hosting costs. I tried The Planet and was so upset with them I terminated the account right away. The still placed an unauthorized charge on my bank card which I had to dispute. They quoted me one price to set up the server then started to ask for more money to complete the setup. They never got me a working login to Plesk. In short they never delivered a workable server to me yet charged me until the end of the month based on a credit card authorization form than had expired.

Don't trust these people.


    Review Rating

Order a new Redhat server dedicated server on 3/24. the sales person forgot to add panel. create ticket on 3/25. nothing is done until 3/26. waited all day 3/26, finally they told me that can't get the damn server to install properly. they start charging from the date i ordered. 3 days later, they still can't get the server up. Don't trust these people at the planet. If they can't setup a new server, don't expect they can keep your server up and running in the long run. I have a windows server with them for the last 5 years, it was down for more than a week when they power went out. It was almost down several times because some guy over there decided to change firewall policy or something. The planet sure got a lot of morons. I am moving all my servers in house.

Eric Chan

    Review Rating

If you like to get Sue and go to legal court battle with them then you should choose this host.

Been using them for several years. Their sever always goes down every so often. All of a sudden they charge me $7000 in one month claiming my website was hacked and a hacker used up a lot of bandwidth. How was that my fault and since they knew about it or claim it was the case. Why did they not stop it and let it go on and try to over charge you. They are a piece of scum. And I won the court case.

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