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For years, Utropicmedia has been providing an array of software and media solutions for clients throughout the globe. We have been able to bring complete solutions for our clients with development through support, and decided to create a team solely responsible for managing our global network. With the best-in-show talent and industry-leading resources, the network team here at Utropicmedia has one focus: reliability.

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Hosting Reviews for Utropicmedia


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I really have no complaints about Utropicmedia and their services. They really are just that good of a host.

Karl and his team have been nothing short of exceptionally responsive to all of my [sometimes unusual] demands. I've gotten him to tweak PHP settings, play with MySQL, sort out issues with cPanel, install memcache, look into Zend products, or just chat about basic performance issues.

I have absolutely no complaints about the server performance and reliability. In the span of about half a year, I've already gotten nearly 2 months free because of their rock solid SLA. Karl is also very generous with his credits, and he once rewarded me with some SLA credits for telling him about the time settings for DST. Factor in just how stringent they are about reliability and performance, and their prices are more than fair.

The one thing I can say about my site is that it's fast. As a client, I'm very interested in the loading speed of my websites, and sometimes I may come across as demanding for webhosts in that regard. I have to say Karl has been very patient and has shared my zeal for optimization. He's tweaked settings rather extensively on request.

In moving to PHP 5, I asked for a server move, and it was provided within the day. My site experienced practically no downtime, with the only issue of note being the DNS propogation, something that is largely beyond their control. Karl regularly schedules performance updates to the infrastructure, and it's something that I can genuinely say is very impressive. It's reassuring to have someone who is dedicated to the performance of their platform like he is.

Over the course of my stay with Utropicmedia, I can say that I have had a tremendous experience. They are a very professional, personable, and knowledgeable bunch. In fact, for their level of service and dedication, I feel like I may be underpaying them.

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I have been using Utropicmedia for several years now for my hosting needs. I current;y have 2 different sites hosted on their servers, and both of them are running like a dream.

Since signing up with Utropicmedia, things have went extremely smooth. There is an occasional outage, but things are only down for a miniscule amount of time. Most of these outages are for upgrades on their system, and are take place in the night, on a scheduled date.

Each time I have a problem with something on either of my sites, the support people are right on it, sometimes almost instantly. They guided me through my troubles each time (99% of the time if was me not knowing what I was doing!) in a very clear and concise matter.

All in all, I would recommend the Utropicmedia Hosting services to anyone that is looking for an excellent, full featured, extremely reasonable price hosting service. You definitely get more than what you pay for from this company.

Great job!

Alfred Speakes

    Review Rating

I have used Utropicmedia for assistance on getting our website online and posted.

With their expertize and professional assistance, my site was up and running in no time with not alot of expense.

The staff I worked with was friendly and professional in assisting me each step of the way.

I would highly recommend Utropicmedia's services to anyone, no downtime and fast servers.

Thanks guys you are the best!


    Review Rating

I run an IP Board community forum about boating and Utropicmedia helped me move it off of IP's hosting service and onto their servers. I had no idea how to move my site, but they did it effortlessly! They also helped me install some components to my forum and fixed my page layout.

Excellent people.

I like to think my forum is busy, we have alot of posts and sometimes up to 50-70 users online at once. The site is extremely fast compared to my old host. Price is better too!

Joe Serafini

    Review Rating

Utropic Media is by far the most responsive host we have ever had. We have been in business for 20 years! Karl you rock!

No matter how small or large the challenge, the support has been instantaneous and all have come with a resolve.

Jo Hunter

    Review Rating

I needed a host that was small enough to attend to the needs of the individual, but not so huge that they promised endless amounts of bandwidth which you then end up sharing with a zillion other people. I had specific requirements for software and operating environments. After reading numerous favourable reviews of Utropicmedia, I decided to try them.

So far this has been a great decision. Karl responds very quickly to support requests and gets things fixed. Does the man get any sleep? He's always there! He explains what is going on too, so you don't feel left in the dark. And it's so nice to have actual warnings of scheduled downtime.

David Leiderman

    Review Rating

The customer service is incredible. They get back to you within minutes. I have not experienced any problems. The tutorials are perfect, and they include software that you can create a very nice website.

    Review Rating

I operate a large e-commerce site, along with several other informational sites. Not only are there no interruptions in service the support team at Utropicmedia is top notch.

If there is ever a problem with one of our sites, support team is right there to assist me in every way possible. Even though 99% of the time it was something to do with a configuration on our end, they help determine what the problem could be.

I have nothing but great things to say about our hosting experiences with Utropicmedia. Every chance I get, I try to recommend their services to people that are looking for a friendly, reliable hosting company.

Great job!

    Review Rating

I've been really happy with Utropicmedia so far. I've had to call support several times and I've always gotten a quick responce back with appropriate answers. Not some computer generated responce like I've gotten from other providers that didn't even come close to helping me,

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I find the customer support to be higher than any other hosting service that I have used in the past. Karl Mozurkewich really takes the time and dedication to make his company work well.


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The team at Utropicmedia is very quick to respond to my very "non-tech" and uneducated questions! They also work hard to keep the website running smooth, fast, and without downtime. I have relied on them several times and they always come through with a smile.


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This is just an excellent host! I was attracted by an unusual approach and think this was good.

Fast load, high uptime and just superprofessional support will make your hosting time the finest, no matter what time of site you have and which account your are going to have.

I recommend them highly!

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