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Verinet er Danmarks største server hosting center med 10 danske landsdækkende serverhosting centre. Verinet tilbyder missionskritisk server hosting, colocation og outsourcing i 39 lande med 73 hosting centre med en max. kapacitet på 61.500 M2. Hos Verinet betaler du kun for DEN PLADS OG TRAFIK du bruger. Du betaler kun for det antal GB du forbruger og der er ikke krav om minimumskøb og meget andet.

Som grossist tilbyder Verinet flest faciliteter og de bedste priser med en-gros 19" Server-hosting, Microsoft Hosting, Linux og Open Source hosting, Mac Hosting, Virtualisering, Virtuel Server, Video Streaming og IT Outsourcing.

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Hosting my domain and as a partner i think Verinet is a good server hosting center with colocation and also my CMS System called CMS Made Simple.

Palle Nielsen

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I have now spend a couple of hours on research on this. And I have to say... It sounds like a duck, smells like a duck and walks like a duck....

It is very likely a DUCK.

The only positive review here is by the owner :)

I have been in the hosting business in Denmark for 15 years, and have never heard about them before. If they had 10 datacenters in Denmark (which is not that big a country), and have been in business for over 10 years (they say they have not had any downtime the past 10 years), I would know.

They have never been mentioned ONCE in ComputerWorld. Their prices are "too good to be true"

There are no available financial statement.

Previous company that everything points to (TELEMETRO) has been closed by the government.

Also existed back in 2004, for ONE year.

Current company registration created in september 2008.

Previous companies by this guy:

Direkte Kommunikation A/S

ZipSoft ApS

Belly up or shut down by the government. (which is not a crime, but adds to the walking, talking duck)

By the way, if they had been in business for 10+ years and were that big. They would probably not have popups on their website saying that images are copyrighted but everything can be bought (at THETEMPLATESTORAGE.COM) for about $30 :)

Peter Jakobsen

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This is a scam!!! The company was shut down by the Danish Ministry of Commerce in 2004...

Erik G.

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There are no company details on their website, and aqccording to CVR.dk they are not registered in Denmark. At least this indicates a scam.

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