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Hosting Reviews for Vexxhost


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I am with vexxhost for two years now, my site was a couple of pages when I started and now its about hundred thousand pages, Still working perfectly with nearly no downtime. Also thanks to their good support.


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Been with Vexxhost for 3 years now and have had absolutely no problems.

Their service is quick to respond to any problems and they will personally aid you in anything that you need! Their prices are unbeatable and they provide a great service.

Rose Chiep

    Review Rating

I got my account with them, for about six months. Used it for my blog, and everything has been going on very well. they are the best, speed wise, price and reliability of the service also a helpful support staff.

A. Suvi

    Review Rating

So.... now we are finally in a "bad enough mood" with vexxhost.

For the past 6 months, our site has been down 7 times. and it always happened via their fault - no changes were made on our part via cpanel nor any other way.

one time it even lasted 39 hours, and in the end all we got as a response from vexxhost to the question " how will such a long down time be compensated" they just ignored that question and said " We apologized for the inconvenience this issue has caused you." which is their standard answer to everything.

the only good part is that the Support replies fast via chat. but the problem solving is taking too long.


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I have been through several hosts in the last 7 years, and vexxhost is by far the worst. They claim to have a 99.99% uptime, but I would put that more at 60%. Nearly every time I visit my domain, it's a gamble. I have emailed them countless times about this and nothing ever gets done about it. Usually they will tell me they were doing service upgrades. Well are they doing service upgrades 18 hours out of the day? People are constantly complaining that they can't access my website. I cannot wait to get away from vexxhost.


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I was on vexxhost for 9 months. I had VPS with cPanel. few days ago I decided to get another VPS under same account but without cPanel.

I installed centOS 7 on new server and got problem with MySQL so I requested them to reinstall centOS 6.5 on new server. I clearly stated to reset new server and I included server name as well.

But they deleted my both servers so I lost my old server with 7 years old website.

Unfortunately I didn't have backup of my website. all gone forever.

They accepted it was their mistake. They said It wasn't intended and offered me for 1 month free hosting. But after loosing entire server with 7 years old website who's gonna care about a month free service.

They are so careless. I also had few problems with server. I always had to restart server in every few days.

Beware of VEXXhost.

I can provide screenshots of all chats and emails for reference.


    Review Rating

maybe i am trying to be a smart ass, but any hosting offer only 2% cpu usage ? all sites offer 10% and above, only vexxhost offer 2%.

what happened with me is after getting 500 visitors per day, they asked me to move to vps, this is considered a good hosting?

when i sent them first email as new client, they replied in 6 hours, but after using their hosting, they started replying after 2 or 3 days

J Dyckes

    Review Rating

I was on a top-tier public cloud package, and one day my install failed. I went to restore an image to find it failed as well.

They wanted $120 to fix the problem and my site has been down for days, all my data lost as well. I trusted the backup feature to work from a 10+ year host, I was wrong.

Muhammad Naser will try and lie his way out of responsibility and make it your fault in anyway possible. Grow up, this guy should be behind bars for fraud.

Support don't give one about their SLA, like I said 3+ days downtime and over £1000 of lost business.

Stay away!

    Review Rating

At the beginning the service was smooth. But 2 months I have been in trouble accessing my Control Panel. Today's date i can access my control panel since this morning.

Hosting Swami

    Review Rating

After less than 24 hours with vexxhost I was unable to install any video sharing scripts (phpmotion, clipbucket, etc), their install scripts did not function, and the support was non existent. They claim to be ffmpeg ready but you have to jump through hoops to get your scripts configured and to top it all off, you don't even have access to the paths that they provide for your video codecs... "Forbidden

You don't have permission to access xyz on this server." Really?

Marcos Figueira

    Review Rating

Simply put, the worst support I've ever found. And I am an experienced user. I host servers since 1995.

I use the cloud VPS and the server went down 4 times in 3 months. One of them for 4 days. No answer from support.

Run away.

    Review Rating

I am using them for a year and completely fed up with their services. I have submitted nearly 12 tickets for their response but they didn't reply me. More than 2 days has been passed and since no reply. Now i have buy the godaddy hosting. Please dont waste your money on vexxhost Its a single man shop. I have Deluxe VPS account and they are doing me like this

Jim Socal

    Review Rating

Vexxhost is the worst!

I actually had good reliability from them for 2 years so that sounds good, right? But then someone hacked into my site through their backdoor and I had to try to get their help in getting rid of all the junk some hackers added into my site.

I contacted Tech Support and guess what folks, THERE IS NO TECH SUPPORT! GO ahead - CALL THE NUMBER ON THEIR SITE: 1.800.910.1726

If you can get through at all you'll get a message stating that they do not offer phone support. Another thing: They also do not offer BILLING support!!! I am currently trying to resolve a billing issue with them and I contacted them through Chat. I said, is there NO ONE I can actually TALK to about this? and they said "No, submit a ticket."

I submitted about 4 tickets of the course of a week regarding my web site having been hacked. They NEVER answered it, and then a month later I get a bill from them for renewal! Yeah, sure!

I am trying to cancel my hosting while renewing my domain but there is no way to do that on the net and they have no phone support... so I am basically at their mercy - either continue using their hosting in order to also get my domain renewed... or lose my domain.

NEVER NEVER NEVER use vexxhost for ANYthing, you will regret it if and when you have a technical or billing issue!

    Review Rating

Vexxhost is a hosting service where I have hosted my web site for a year. My web site is about Business Directory for Turkish companies.

On August 4th my site went down for some misconfiguration of a recovery completed a few days earlier.

I contacted Vexxhost for help. I submitted a Ticket: #FIF-852-11311and received an auto-response that they had received my request for help.

It took them quiet a while to extract my website from their back up. Finally when it was done, still they failed to recover my website.

When I warned them that I will launch complaints about vexxhost if they failed to solve the issue.

They come up with a reply that 'We have exhausted all to resolve this issue. We have restored it from the backup you have provided and did all the things possible to get this resolved but unfortunately the issue has to be checked by your developer. We have worked with our senior technician and has done all your request regarding the restoration. This is beyond our scope of support and tried all we can to assist you on this.'

However the issue has got nothing to do with the developers. On 2 occasions I warned them while recovering my website, they have failed to restore 50 odd tables from the MySQL database, which is one of the reasons of webpage not loading.

After 9 days, I now launch my complaint for this hosting company.


    Review Rating

Horrible hosting company, will suspend you for actually having a busy site - the resources they offer arn't what you'll get. Stay FAR away...


    Review Rating

Hello everyone,

I was contacted by Mohammed Naser through upwork for VoIP and Cisco phones configuration.

First of all their box was hell slow, performance and when I ask them to load their ISO they said it's impossible in their environment to load the ISO. WHAT A CLOUD tech!!!!

I ask him to do few test just to see the connectivity between their network to PBX and look what this stupid guy reply!

ME: Did you block icmp?

[8/29/16, 4:14:50 PM] Mohammed Naser: its an isp

[8/29/16, 4:14:51 PM] Mohammed Naser: who cares

[8/29/16, 4:14:53 PM] Mohammed Naser: it works

[8/29/16, 4:14:55 PM] Mohammed Naser: it is downloading the file

ME: It’s not bud and it’s not about downloading files and stuff.

[8/29/16, 4:19:45 PM] Mohammed Naser: lol

[8/29/16, 4:19:46 PM] Mohammed Naser: ok

[8/29/16, 4:19:56 PM] Mohammed Naser: i know pbx and voip

[8/29/16, 4:19:57 PM] Mohammed Naser: ive set it up before

[8/29/16, 4:20:03 PM] Mohammed Naser: please dont run this stuff by me

I did a mistake not to start the project through Upwork, even they did not ask me that I am going to hire you on Upwork. I thought this was a good company on which I can trust, as I was planning to go long-term with them.

I did all the configurations and setup was done. By the time it comes to test their box.This guy is such a stupid guy he checked everything and kicked me out of the box.

Anyway it was a 40$ project which I really don't care.



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