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Virpus Networks, Inc is a Kansas City, Missouri based internet service provider with our datacenter in Dallas, TX. We have the mission of providing exclusive web hosting services, VPS's, and dedicated servers at affordable costs, yet with premium services in both customer service and network performance.

Kansas City, MO, USA


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Hosting Reviews for Virpus

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Virpus are a great host, now for all your infomation I do not work for Virpus! I started with their first Intro Server, which was a great price to start with. Cheap reliable and effective. It did the wonders, after being messed around for 3 months with other web host providers.

Charles Gaddy

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They are cheap, but they are NOT RELIABLE. We have been hosting a single VPS with them for less than a year and we have had so much downtime it is nuts.


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Im realy happy with my virpus vps .

The price is just great and so is the vps and uptime .

The support could be better but overall i love using my virpus vps .

Thank you virpus.

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