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VistaPages' is a provider of low-cost web hosting solutions that are easy-to-use. VistaPages is very customer service oriented. At VistaPages they value our customers and recognize their need for quality service and outstanding customer service.

VistaPages has been in operation since 2004.


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Hosting Reviews for VistaPages

Joe Schlatter

    Review Rating

I am a small-time webmaster -- I mantain my family website, a website about the issue of American servicemen missing in action in Southeast Asia, and a political commentary website. VistaPages hosts my sites and I changed to them from another host because of problems with the previous host.

My experiences with VistaPages have been 100 percent positive.

I am not a techie and anything beyond publishing with MS Front Page is a mystery to me. The folks at VistaPages answer my questions QUICKLY AND COMPLETELY and fix any problems quickly.

    Review Rating

I used to be at VISTAPAGES the last 4 years. Several accounts, several services.

Every webmaster knows that issues on a web hosting is part of our job. Ok? So we can say a PEFECT hosting exists. I will be very honest here: VISTAPAGES is not PERFECT. I am not perfect, there is not even one human based project that can be called PERFECT.

But VISTAPAGES is the best option i tried so far. I saw my last 4 years hosting with them, and i don't change this company for other. I tried several ones. VISTAPAGES is still the best option on hosting , now , 4 years before and i am sure it will be the best option 4 years in future.

Prices are really good, hosting is just INCREDIBLE in features. Incredible amount of disk space, bandwidth and benefits as no other company. And they always try to do their best. New services, upgrades.. . i remember wen i take the service my pack used to have 10 g .. now the same pack has 950 g. And in fact the cost is cheaper thatn wen i joined. So i have better services and prices today than 4 years in the past.

I see my colleagues at other host companies and they have the same services, and higher prices and they can't believe my options at VISTA are always upgrading.

Of course: you will read in this page a lot of "spank post" testimonies. Perhaps are based just a little on true histories. But keep in mind this: wen you have a web site and your site is down you feel is the end of the world. I passed trough this feelings.. you ask support, you want things NOW, you send one ticket, another, you menace, you say bad words. Of course people at support are humans like you. And they work fixing machines. Machines sometimes can be fixed fast sometimes not.

But they always try. I used to email , call by phone even chat with VISTA support for 4 years and in any case they answer my questions fast and smart. Not ALWAYS, i am very honest about that. But MORE OFTEN than any other hosting company availlable on the net.

Are you searching perfection? Don't try VISTAPAGES. Don't try nothing. Perfection DON'T EXIST. All hosting companies depend on guys and machines. Machines sometimes are broken. Guys sometimes commit mistakes. So if you don't understand that you will work with humans and machines that are NOT PERFECT don't attempt even to have a web site. Try writing a personal dairy. Paper don't have downtimes, you don't need to upgrade nothing, and you don't need energy or even code to write some lines and keep them there.

But if you are a web professional and need a web hosting company CHEAP, SMART, with very convenient features and a support response ABOVE the average in the market (far above), try VISTAPAGES.

I am not a VISTAPAGES employee. I am a client, my real name is in the post, my real email and even my phone if you want to contact me and know the truth about VISTAPAGES: 005982 4017759.

Don't believe occasional post inspired on newbie frustrations. Believe proffesionals. All of us sometimes feel desires to kill client support guys from VISTAPAGES or for any other service we have and have an issue. But at the end of tickets, i feel good to stay with them. I used to stay with VISTA from 4 years (at least) and i am still here man. I have some problems with them? Of course. And i used to have problems with JOOMLA too, and even with my CASIO clock.. but i still using JOOMLA as a my favorite CMS, i never will change my CASIO for another clock, and i will use VISTAPAGES as my favorite host provider as long they keep that way or better... and they show me they always try to be better.


T.E. 005982 4017759

Montevideo, URUGUAY

    Review Rating

More of the same I am afraid, I was with Vistapages for a year and although their live support is very good and prices very cheap their actual service was abissmal with very slow servers and downtime, in the end they claimed that although I only ever had one hosting account with them that I had two accounts and that unless I paid for the phantom account then my service would be terminated, I did pay for the one hosting account and domain renewal for the coming year in the hope that they would appreciate me being fair but they still deleted my account and now have locked my domain name that I use for my business. Vistapages have conned me out of the cost of a years hosting and lost me business because I have lost my email address. I am complaining to ENOM.

    Review Rating

I've used their shared hosting plan for a couple years. Vistapages simply does not live up to their promises...

- They promise 24/7 support, but response times are often delayed up to 12 hours.

- They promise 99.9% uptime, but their servers are down on a regular basis, often up to several times a month!

- They promise a shared SSL certificate, but it doesn't work correctly and the only support they offer is "upgrade to a dedicated server".

That said - I have had good support on some issues, and they do respond quickly when their servers go down. But the biggest problem I've got is with their SMTP server showing up on CBL-type black lists - this has been on-going without a permanent solution for months - I am going to have to switch hosts. If you need SMTP services, stay away.


    Review Rating

Hi well the reason I don't want my name to be mentioned is because I am still with VP. I don't fancy them reading this and causing me even more bother! Well I am new to the whole building a site thing! I spent over $700 on A software to upload to my new fantastic site! I had no idea what a host was and the people I bought the software from said Vista Pages.

It started out great, excellent customer services, did everything for me getting my server up and configured for me. It was mint!

Then they started billing me from [email protected] obviously i ignored this coz I weren't paying money to an unknown address I am new to the net not thick! When I asked them about this they ignored me and then I started to get threats they would cut me off! Shocked and bemused I paid. Then not a few days later my site was down! FOR 2 WEEKS! I was told it will be ready within the hour please be patient! I waited for over 2 weeks finally got back on! Then around 4 hours later its down again!

God knows how long for!

So I am looking for a new host now and hope that they won't do to me what they have done to some of the other users that have reviewed them luckily I couldn't afford a year and pay monthly.

So I say avoid them also!


    Review Rating

Vistapages prices looked good, but be careful because they take it all in advance.

On my third day, service was irratic or down all afternoon.

Quick response by email, but today they demanded a $25 service charge for

a small configuration change that they had performed at no change last


I am not getting good feeling from this Vistapages and reviews on this page

are not encouraging.

    Review Rating

My JSP/Servlet web applications are down as much as they are up. I'm currently looking for a new Tomcat web host since I have lost countless users and profits due to the horrible uptime and support.


    Review Rating

Worst host I've ever tried. Was a Vistapages client for one year. My site was down more often than it was up. When it wasn't down, it was so slow it was not usable. Their billing support is awful. I tried to cancel my account and they just keep billing me and now say they are turning it over to collection if I don't pay for another year--even tho I moved my site 30 days before the end of the year I paid for and told them to cancel. They claim they can't find my cancellation and 'if you don't follow the TOS there are consequences to pay.' No attempt to resolve the situation with me--just tell me to pay up for another year or they are turning it over to collections. Stay away from VistaPages!


    Review Rating

They totally suck. They ignored requests for a dedicated ip, and as soon as I setup new domains mail, I started getting spam from myself so I think they sold address to spammers. Due to lack of support, I cancelled acount. It tooks 6 weeks and then they billed me again. When I asked for a refund they replied ""You're no longer a customer. Have a great day.

Closing ticket."

Unhappy Reseller

    Review Rating


The WORST I've tried yet. I use three hosts, and I signed up because of their Joomla support and good pricing, but I've been having problems since the beginning. Email problems (for days at a time, not hours), servers going down, extremely unreliable.

Impossible to contact a support agent when there is a problem (I think there are only 3 people handling their support). None of them really know what's going on. When I contact them with a legitimate complaint, they tell me I need to "be patient" and offer no solutions.

Dan Parker

    Review Rating

Worst ever. There should be a way to shut these guys down. They billed my client, yet failed to renew her domain and are now hosting the domain name she had under another company.


    Review Rating

One of the worst web hosting on the internet, it is very cheap, the server crashed many times and caused a lose in customers data. The service really is the worst


    Review Rating

I just had a disastrous experience with Vista Pages. My entire account was wiped out, and they installed a clean account, with a new master password. My numerous questions to their customer site were unanswered. Very poor customer service.

Richard Sperko

    Review Rating

Great price and great feature list. Horrible reliability and support. I have been with them for years simply because they are so cheap and it is only for my wife and my email. Any websites I do for organizations I put on BlueHost.

I was about to drop them this year, and the renewal price was so low I kept them. Big mistake, they have gone down a number of times recently and they suspended my account today, it took 6 hours for them to re-enable it.

I am currently warning everyone I know off of them.

Gregg Hanpeter

    Review Rating

This is a one man operation who has several aliases. After a few months of wrangling with him because he wouldn't let me cancel, kept on charging me I eventually had to cancel my credit card and dispute the charges. I won since there were no replies to the bank on his behalf.

He is a con artist, not enough experience running and maintaining servers (doesn't care, only wants your money), the hardware was old and unstable. Server was also extremely overloaded.


    Review Rating

Vista Pages has been hosting my website for a couple of years. The fist year was very rocky, the website builder hardly ever worked, the company took AGES to respond to my requests for assistance. However, I had already built the website and didn’t want to start over. Last year, Vista Pages billing did not properly update my credit card, which resulted in my renewal being late. The billing people told me at that point that I would have to change my domain name. They did not bother to give a very good explanation as to why, just that I had renewed late, as if that was a good reason to HAVE to change the name of my website (I’ve saved ALL correspondence). So, I changed the name, against my will, but again, I did not want to start all over.

This year, I renewed, again, against my better judgment. This company has had a history of servers breaking down, services not working and unfriendly customer service. After renewing, I asked if I could have my website changed back and they told me it would cost me $25.00. I was upset about this. I hadn’t ever wanted to change the name of my website in the FIRST place and was never given a good reason as to why it had to be done.

They said they would waive the fee and change the site, but now my website DOESN’T WORK! When I inquired about this, I was told: “The reason the website is not yet loading is because you have not changed the dns for the domain, please update the nameservers to insure the website loads.”

I do not know what a dns or a nameserver is. I did not have to change a dns or a nameserver last year and my website worked. Now, my website does not work and they are telling me it isn’t their fault. At this point, on July 28, 2007 I asked for my money back, so that I could switch companies and just start over.

They ignored my request and kept repeating that I was ‘confused’, and needed to contact the company where I registered my domain name. But, I never registered my domain name with a company EVER and my website worked until now. After several emails from VistaPages, in particular from Peter Wakefield, which have ALL been sarcastic, rude and unhelpful, I repeated my request to have my account canceled and my money returned. Now, Mr. Wakefield has gleefully informed me that I am past the 30 day money back guarantee and he will not refund my money. I was told, “You either make this work, or walk away with nothing.” That is a direct quote.

The funny thing is, I first asked for a refund WITHIN that limit. But my request was ignored.


    Review Rating

I have been a customer since May 2005 and I am still with them. The first year was great, but July 31st 2007 the entire hosting went down hill. Due to the server constantly failing, my website was completely unusable. I had to end up transferring my entire website over to another host. I had to put a forwarder on my domain name with them since I cannot use it.

November 31st 2007 will be 4 months and they have not fixed the status of my server. After numerous calls, emails and even using the chat service, no one would help me at all. All I got from them was promises that never came through and told they would move me to another server which never happened. I even emailed the owner and NO HELP either. At this time, there is hardly any disc usage on the server, all I use is the email, and I can honestly say I have a hard time getting into check that most of the time. Not to mention a contest in which I won an IPod from them December of 2006 and still have not received it. It seems as though I was the only one that did not get the promised prize. Trust me stay clear of the troubles that may await you, look around for a better host.

And the saga continues, Today, November 15, 2007, I decided to post on the forum they had reopened after many months of being down. I simply posted how I felt and wanted an explanation as to why the server I was on was not fixed and why I have not received my prize. No later than 30 minutes, I went to check to see if there was a response and come to find out my thread was deleted. So I posted again and they completely banned me from their forum. If you happen to post anything they do not like pertaining to the host being down, etc, believe me it will be deleted. I would have to say that this is the most unprofessional company I have hosted with.

So if you are looking for a host, stay clear from them, they did not help me and they held a contest and did not deliver the goods! I have made a complete screen capture of the thread about the contest for proof in this matter.


    Review Rating

I tried Vistapages in February 2007 because I needed to host a non-profit community website with little cash. Almost immediately I encountered difficulties. There were load delays, and sometimes my webpages would be prompted for download rather than display. The uptime is sporadic, not the 99.9% they claim on their front page.

One of the most tedious experiences was with my custom PHP configuration. My settings were continually reverted to the default and help desk would never explain why. This occurred 5 times, which my visitors noticed and blamed my programming skills.

In October there was a DoS attack on my server. No compensation with clients were discussed. I've finally had enough by November 2007 and asked for a pro-rated refund. They refuse to give one. It amazes me that a company would refuse to compensate a client after they've failed to deliver the service they paid money up front for.

This host has ruined my efforts in creating community website. I would urge you all to avoid using this service, even at the low price.

David Acco

    Review Rating

This has to be the worst hosting site I have ever encountered. There is no customer support and when you got a hold of them, they did not help. Nothing worked with this company. When I cancelled my service within the money back guarantee they jerked me around and never gave me back a refund. They kept loosing the cusomter support ticket and telling me that a refund will appear on my next month bill. I had to call Visa to intervene for me. I paid for a year service and barely used for a month because it was useless to have them host a site. They have told me there customer support reps are new and they been hacked as excuses for poort service. However, they felt inclined to keep the money. This is a company that should be shut down. Advice for those looking for a company to host there website, stay very far away from this company. I think they are due for a class action lawsuit for the grief they cause consumers.


    Review Rating

I placed an order for the Reseller Package yesterday. I received the billing confirmation, which told me to wait 15 minutes for my account login.

Two hours later, no confirmation, so I called the company and they said it was still pending, but they would push it through. Wait 15 minutes, they said.

Two hours later, I call again, and said this is starting to get tedious. Once again they told me to wait 15 minutes for the login.

The next morning, still no login, I googled their name, found this site, then I picked up the phone and called to cancel my order. And no, the confirmation message did not go to my junk mail folder!


    Review Rating


If you are looking for a webhost. STOP! Don't get conned by ads about them being top-notched. Thats an absolute lie!

I've stayed with them for a good 3+ years.

1st year. Wobbly service. Their server weren't that stable. MySQL keeps crashing. Apache crashes once in a while as well. They had some kind of hardware upgrade and promised reliability. They lied. Also hackers was able to access their servers and modified our phpBB. No compensation... Heck, not even an apology! Rude, slow and arrogant customer service ESPECIALLY billing. Their forums look clean only because VP-Kaumil makes sure it looks like that i.e. he deletes complaint posts about them!

2nd year was the same. Yeah, erratic service, upgrade that did nothing and even another hacker attack! Basically nothing changed.

3rd and last year for me was when they migrated to those 'IBM infrastructure servers' and made another promise of stability. It did, but only because they targetted those that they claimed abused their CPUs. Yeah they flagged mine... Even though I only have a bunch of HTMLs! Then they gave you a hobson's choice... Upgrade to VPS or get out and (what they said) 'that is the bottom line'!

For me that screams scam... Probably at the same level as Comcast's P2P reset.

I refused their 'choice' and ask for a refund... Which they did not give. I lost the money but I don't have confidence with them anymore and I'm sure their VPS is a scam-fest as their shared hosting. I found a better one now.

So in summary: They cheat, scam, and gives you hobson's choices! Unless you want headaches... AVOID VISTAPAGES!

    Review Rating


My name is Andi Bhatt and i am running a website http://www.stampastory.com. Here on this blog Mr Kaumil Patel is saying so many big things. But i am facing so many troubles from Vista Pages and Vista Pages made my life hell.

First of all they took money from me for couple of years that is 150 dollers, I had too many problems when i started. When ever i contacted their customer service they had no proper answers for the down time and slowness of the site. I was fed up and then i asked for my money back. When i asked for my money back they sent me an email that we have worked on your site and its working fine now and we will make sure that it never happenes in future.

Now they passed the month time without any problem, After one month when money back period passed they have started their game again.

My site is social networking site where user submits their favorite stories. Now what these clever guys have done is they blocked my submit.php file so no body can submit anything. When i contacted thier customer service they have no answer and no they had no intrest in my problem because they had already taken money from me.

They encouraged me for abusive languge and deleted everything from the server.

Now they are not intrested in any thing. You can imagine the site which you worked hard day and night.. they deleted every thing without problem.

Never go to Vista Pages they are the biggest cheaters on the web and this guy Kaumil Patel, hes the biggest fraud and Con Man in Canada. Ifyou want to ruin your life then go to Vista Pages becuase they will delete your site anytime.

I have moved to yahoo small business hosting which is best on the web.

I am going to submit this everywhere on the net. So people can understand and can stay away from these cheaters.

Andi Bhatt

    Review Rating

Mauro - maybe you did not notice your site was down for 3 days last week. If you had a mySQL database you are probably still down. This is the second major failure this year. This is a lot less than "perfection"

05-28-2008, 11:35 PM

Hello. At approximately 7:00PM EST, we have detected an issue with Apollo spitting out errors. We have technicians looking into the issue. Further updates will be made as available.

05-29-2008 3:08AM EST,

Our technicians are still working to resolve the service interruption issue with Apollo.

05-30-2008 , 12:22 AM

Hello. The server is now online. The technicians are now working to restore files from our regular snapshot backup files.

05-30-2008 , 05:57 AM

User /home files have been restored. Files are accessible via FTP & SSH.

Mail should also be accessible via POP/IMAP.

Technicians are still working on restoring Apache/HTTP service. Once this is done, customers will be able to access cPanel, Webmail and their web sites.

05-30-2008 , 07:00 AM

[site still down, cPanel not working]

Site still down, files are restoered but they still haven't brought up mySQL database.

May 31, 2008, 03:16 AM

#5: MySQL Databases. There has been some confusion from our previous e-mail. So I'll take the time to clear it up as best as I can. MySQL is stored on a local system for performance (read/write) purpose as opposed to being stored on our gigabit storage network (all your /home, email files). It is taking us longer to recover MySQL files for this reason. Our technicians are currently performing data recovery on the drives pulled from the server, similar to tasks that the government agencies and data recovery firms under go. We're lucky to have that talent available to us. This process, unfortunately for everyone is time consuming, but we're working as fast as possible.

*** IF & WHEN *** we are successful in our attempts to recover the databases from the local drives, we will be performing a mass restoral of MySQL databases for customers. Those that have decided to restore from their own backups will be skipped to prevent new data from being lost. Those customers will be provided with the backup files seperately in their /home directory for your use.

Robert Coates

    Review Rating

These folks should be shut down for real. Customer service sucks, reliability sucks, they are in violation of ICANN, and need to be sued. They have no care of the troubles they cause, but have no troubles taking your money.

This hosting company need to be shut down, in fact they need to give back all the money they took.

I will find a good lawyer, not based on the value, simply based on the practice. This is criminal and ICANN need to do something to protect consumers from people like this. Why are they still operating? Who will stand up for us? They clearly need to be shut down.

Out of all the negative reviews, and not just here, but all over the net. I only wished I'd have known first before I switched. And now that I want to get out, they simply say "NO" we will not let you switch your domain name. DUH, are they crazy, that's a violation of ICANN.

Why is ICANN still allowing them to operate, after screwing so many people?

I lost money, then they say it's my fault when their server when down, Duh, Huh, and it's my fault I don't have any customers Duh, Huh. Sorry just don't understand.

They suck, avoid them, do not use, at all cost. Because if you have customers, they will cost you PAIN.

Now as I said before, I will be obtaining a lawyer, and will file a law suit, so if you're concerned please reply here.

Vista Pages Domain Transfer

    Review Rating

I also been screwed by Vistapages they lost all my data and said I should have done a back up, well they should have done the same. Then in an attempt to change DNS they flat out said "NO", I then attempted to transfer my domain name and tickets were just closed no response. Yet with no explaination as to why.


Vistapages is a domain name RESELLER and not a REGISTRAR, they fall under ENOM Inc. Who clearly is not going to tolerate their shady practices and this is a good thing.

** Need Help Transfering Domain Names From Vistpages? Try Steps Below**

1. Google ENOM, INC

2. Click on Enom web link

3. Top of page click HELP

4. Scroll to bottom of page click CONTACT US

5. On the right side of the page e-mail LEGAL SUPPORT

In less that 24 hours I received a EPP Code, or transfer authorization code, but this won't solve the hosting problems. But if you need to move a domain name, and being blocked by Vistapages this will work (My ticket then read I am REsending LOL). If they sent it the first, or second time I would have never had to e-mail Enom.

In fact Enom needs to know exactly which type of reseller they are dealing with. Vistapages is clearly in violation of ICANN, and Enom is not going to allow them to be, Big ups to Enom. SO let's all e-mail Enom Inc. legal sevices.

OK, don't fight with Vistapages about domain names, they will only make your life a living hell.

1. Don't sign up

2. Get out, but if you need your domain name follow intructions above

I don't hate Vistapages because it's not in my nature, I only expect the service in which I paid for, that they did not provide. Saying that, I was in, now I want out, well in fact I got out, lost money (plenty of documents to prove it), but a leason well learned.

Saying that, is also to say this, I really didn't care about the domain name anyway, they killed it, I lost money on it, and the domain is tarnished. I only fought because I knew they was in violation of ICANN, and they can not stop you from transfering domain names. Provided the domain name has not expired and money owed, or within 60 days of transfer, renewal, or just purchased. Check ICANN rules.

I can go on and on, but I will not, only trying to help consumers who feel that they have been screwed but want to move on. The information provided above will assist you with recovering your domain name from Vistapages. But next your credit card company, or paypal will help you recover your money from this horrible hosting service.

I am working on this next, and will update once successful, we all want a good hosting service. But no one wants to get screwed out of their money illegally.


    Review Rating

I read the reviews on VistaPages and they were awful. But the pricing and the feature list was so good...I thought, they can't be that bad can they?

You bet.

1) Rude customer support: they are *never* at fault!

2) Horrible reliability: if you like a site that keeps you guessing as to when it will be up, go for VP!

3) Broken English in some support emails...I'm not kidding. Many misspellings and lack of simple grammar you normally expect from online support. Had to decipher some e-mails.

Anyways. The story.

Out of no where, there was an "upgrade" that began on a Friday. By Monday my site still was not up. I inquired and a tech asked why I changed my user settings, and told me to change them back. Not knowing what the hell this meant, I explained I had been unable to get to the site or the control panel for over 72 hours, as this upgrade had begun without warning. Argument ensued and they were bold enough to send me a wikipedia link (the tech called it "reading material") about CHMOD - insisting I had done something to prevent my own access to my account. Eventually, after getting through their sales phone number, I found out that during the migration "my files had been lost" and if I had a backup of my account they would get me up and running asap. Funny. Whenever I tried to download a backup the download failed because of reliability. Pretty much the epitome of webhosting nightmare.

All in all I canceled the next hour and am waiting for my money back.

My review may seem harsh but I wish the reviews I had read were harsher so I did not waste my time with this joke of a company.

Robert Coates

    Review Rating

Greg, sorry to here that you also been screwed by VP, even after my last post. Which confirms the fact that they are still screwed up. Well as they put it "Still Upgrading" I joined in Jan 08, and they been upgrading the entire 6 months.

I provided a post that will help recover your domain name titled "VISTA PAGES DOMAIN TRANSFER" if need be.

Not sure how much more harsh these blogs can get. But I had 6 months tied up with that joke of a hosting service.

Built a new site, was happy with the design, customers were paying (although they kept wondering why the site was down). Then BOOM, I lost everything.

Same excuse,

THEM "send us a back up"

ME "I couldn't get one" ANSWER, "sucks being you".

As for getting your money back, use your credit card company to help recover, it works. Don't even deal with Vista Pages, in fact they (based on blogs) may even charge you again. But they won't return your money, so don't wait for months as some has done. Go through your credit card company.

Recover your money, recover your domain name, and move on as fast as possible. Although I don't expect things to be 100% all the time, because they never are. So I'm clearly not hard to please at all. But Vista Pages don't even try.

For all others, don't do it, believe the blogs. But if you do sign up with them, please refer back here, you'll need it, I promise.

Instacom Inc.

    Review Rating

We used VP for 3 months and that did it. They had true expertise in getting your blood boiling. Rude customer service. It was one headache after another. They have no intention of providing service to the clients satisfaction. Yikes - do they know how competitve this industry is?

Folks, I really cannot help feeling sorry for you all that have experienced problems with Vista Pages. VP is a fraud, and I just cannot imagine why they still have a customer base. Their cheap pricing is NOT worth it.

I have used them, and dumped them for better hosts who are really not any more expensive than VP. This is clearly a one-man show supported by others in India on a part-time basis. And their site claims that they do not out-source. What a lie.

Oh, by the way did you know they do not even have an office in downtown Toronto? It does NOT exist in that fancy building shown on their website!!! People have been there and VP does not have any office there.

There are so many hosts out there. Kaumil Patel should not be allowed to cause all this pain. Move on folks. Leave Vista Pages for other hosts. That's the only way to put this man out of business.


    Review Rating

VISTA PAGES SUCKS! Customer service is a farse! I did the 30 day trial and after 17 days found it not to be what I expected. Requested a refund and got a confirmation that it was in process. 30 days later I am still waiting after being told every lie in the book. In the evening the only one who works at this company is a guy named Josh (if that's his real name) who can't tell me anything. Buyer beware is an understatement. I have reported this company to my credit card company as a fraud. My brother works with FOX news and I trying to get them to investigate Vistapages further.

    Review Rating

I worked for years amassing a great site only to find it gone one day. they lost all my SQL data info.

sorry but I can not recommend these folks

    Review Rating

Still waiting for my 30day money back gaurenteed. The service was not satisfactory. The sales department has suddenly gone all quiet.


    Review Rating


Vistapages has the worst customer service i have ever seen. They also have a rude customer reprentative that i always have to live chat with. I never received my search marketing credits. Support is very poor. And site uptime is very bad. I am on the brink of cancelling the hosting with them soon.



    Review Rating

Asked for my money back its now over 40 days and no response, service poor, everything about them is poor. All staff are east Indians and don't know what help means ...... This is a one man show, same person just changes his name in the support ....


    Review Rating

sorry but I DON'T

recommend these vistapages

Downtime 70% Dptime 30%

many DNS errors


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They hijacked my site; wouldn't unlock the domain I paid for, because i wanted to switch hosts after they had continuous downtime and server issues - at 50 a month for their incognito shared plan i expected good service. I had phoned them, and was hung up on rudely after asking for my domain to be unlocked again.

There was one man there who helped and finally did it, everyone else was a jerk and scammer - months later I found they were still billing me. They did refund it but it shows their lack of competence.

The new name don't be fooled by, they want to get over their terrible publicity. I logged in with my vista pages credentials on that new site as well. It's the same people.


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Vistapages screwed me royally. Lost all my data

no money back guarantee

server always down

i feel sorrow and pain for anyone still with VISAPAGES


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I see some more bad reviews for that scammer Kaumil or whatever he wants to call himself these days.

Looks like the vistapages url redirects to https://www.hostmds.com another scam site and i bet Kaumil is behind this as well.



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