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VodaHost is one of the most trusted & reputable web hosting providers on the internet. Our service combines value, speed and reliability with a fanatical customer service that is second to none!



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Have excellent feedback about VodaHost. I simply cannot ask for more. I have been with them for a year now. All my problems were fixed and it has been smooth sailing since then. I get unlimited MySQL databases and unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth. That is THREE unlimited that you won't find anywhere else that too with a shared hosting package at this price! Find those 1&1 people - they give you only 50 databases 100MB max each. (I have been with them before). Check Ipowerweb they charge you $15 a month and you can't add more than 50 products to sell and there is no MySQL. Compare that to VodaHost's unlimited shopping cart (all shopping carts supported) with full MySQL support at less than $8 a month. Choice should be very easy. My say: Stick with VodaHost. I chose VodaHost after carefully studying all the other options out there. And I am happy that I decided right.


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VodaHost is a great web hosting company, and I look forward to a long prosperous relationship. I recently switched to VodaHost form Go Daddy, and I am so glad I did. My website now has 99% uptime, and there is never any problem reaching customer service if I have a problem. I tried Go Daddy because they offered a great promotional rate, but after the first three months my monthly fees almost tripled. With VodaHost, I get a great rate, and I never have to worry about surprises.


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The only reason why i marked reliability down a bit is i did have an outage 2 years ago, since then perfection. I have 5 sites of my own with Voda and 2 client sites. Been with them 3 years, previously ipower which was a disaster.

I am impressed, good 2nd line support - their clients on their forum can be a bit of a cult though!


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My account was suspended today without any notice. First they told me becouse i dont pay. When i show the payment receipt they said i am spraiding viruses. My company have been customer to them for the past 3 years. Our company never scam , or do any illegal activity , we have virus check on our computers, they dont show any virus. We are running classified sites. People are uploading pictures files, etc. I cannot check they computers?!!! Also i cannot install on they servers any virus check/protection as it is not my server. It is their company responsibility to have a good firewall, that can prevent from virus, like other companies

Now i lost all my email communications, my script,my datas, my customer datas, and thousands of hours of work day and night for many years.

Please put yourself into my situation.

They answer is no communication, any ticket i send to them they dont reply. So this is customer service? PLEASE BEWARE FROM THIS COMPANY .

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