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WRZHost protect customers Data and Information, unlike many other companies, WRZHost will refuse to give any of your personal information or details out to legal services or public enquires. WRZHost use fully encrypted SSL connectivity on our Billing portal to prevent ID Fraud and your ISP from Snooping. Move to WRZHost today and discover the benefits on Anonymous offshore Hosting!


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Hosting Reviews for WRZHost


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Well, firstly I would like to congratulate WRZHost for being such a superior and reliable host!

Im very happy with my VPS and Dedicated Servers, Support is basically instant, and the support agents are very determined!

A few good points about WRZHost is that theyre Offshore, and usually offshore hosts are quite bad, but in this case, theyre excellent!:) MSN Support is always kind and ready to help, Tickets are answered in a matter of minutes or a few hours, Discounts are also given when possible so thats great! :)

I really recommend this host to anyone looking for Offshore Hosting!


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WRZhost is very good. I have been hosting with them for over 6 months now and have had no issues at all. There was a few minutes downtime on my VPS but I was notified about it 24 hours before.

I really recommend anyone to host here!

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this hosting is a shit

you will loose all your data

and never get back

you will have donwtime 10time a day

you will have slow server 20 day /month


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bloody terrible host i had so many issues first it took 24 hours to go active and then the license wasnt activated had to wait a further 24 hours for that to be fixed and then when it was fixed i signed on and the stylesheet for it was all over the place! and i also had users complaining about not being able to connect to the site.. AVOID AT ALL COSTS!!!

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