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Hosting Reviews for Webcountry

Chad Cheadle

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Webcountry is a horrible company. They ripped me off and acted like they were doing me a favor. They are now sending me to collections for a balance of $37.00 plus a "collection fee" of $150.00. Do not make the mistake of doing business with these crooks.

Henry Sanford-Crane

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Their practice are very close to what an average person would call extortionary


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I have submitted tickets for help, I have emailed tech support, I have emailed the admin... I am suddenly unable to access the website via ftp, but no one responds. Their help desk crashes on half my attempts to use it. I did not pick this host and I would never recommend them to anyone.


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This company is not simply incompetent--incompetent companies are trying not to suck but do.

This company is fraudulent and criminal in their behavior. Sucking is part of their business model. Some brief internet searches will reveal endless tales of woe from poor flies that have been caught in this webcountry.

I'm one of them. Signing up with webcountry was one of the biggest mistakes I've made. I've finally chosen to abandon my domain rather than continue to fight them for it.

Stay away. They aren't just bad, they are truly evil.

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