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WebServe Canada is an industry-leading privately held web hosting and internet solution provider company based in Vancouver, Canada Serving & Web Hosting the Canadian Internet Community since 1999. We provide high quality web hosting services for companies of all sizes that are located across the world internationally and of course in Canada from Toronto to Vancouver, Ottawa, Montreal, Halifax...


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Hosting Reviews for WEBSERVE

Brian Tran

    Review Rating

What you should check while selecting web host is

1. Uptime,

2. Price

3. Support

4. Reliability.

Webserve is above par. Good features.

Overall good service.


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I have been hosting my site on webserve since 3 months and I have no problem with them. servers are stable. No downtime yet.


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I originally chose to go with Webserve because they were a Canadian company and fairly reasonably priced. Support has been mixed - the on-line chat is pretty good at solving problems when there is an agent available. I've run into delays when I've had to submit a ticket by email (still waiting for a reply on one now about pricing). My uptime has been pretty solid.

My host needs are pretty basic so the reason I'm considering switching to another host is that it seems like you can get similar or better service and bandwidth for a lower price. I'm looking at upgrading one of my sites that is currently domain pointing and don't want to pay for another full package to do that.

Ben van Rooyen

    Review Rating

Been with webserve for almost a year. (VPS windows Plus)

In the beginning there was a few downtimes here and there, but usually took 10-30 minutes to resolve...

...yes irritating, but not bringing the company to its knees.

The past 2 months was HORRIBLE!

Our production server was down for 48 Hours!

They disabled their 24/7 Live Chat... did not answer their phones and did not reply to the tickets!

I was left in the dark.

Received news of the VPS servers through a friend who was having a look at his VPS server every 30 minutes.

Only 2 days later (after server was restored) I received a email marked as "Resolved"

Today 16-07-08, we're down again.

It's been 8 hours already... no one can help me, except for the usual "Security Maintenance on main node" reply.

This is only after you realize your server is down... and phone support/live chat.

Surely this was a scheduled thing? But there was not correspondence between them and their customers.

I'm flying blind here... production server down... production down... company brought to stand still...


    Review Rating

Brutally poor service. Over the past 60 days my sites have been down more than up. Seriously, if they gave their hosting away, it would still be too expensive. And checking on the web - yes, I know I should have done this in advance - I discover I'm far from alone. There are entire legions of disgruntled current or former customers of Webserve. It's hard not to imagine all of the former not eventually becoming the latter. A pox on them.

    Review Rating

Sorry about the dual post, i thought i was creating a user profile... (it wasn't clear)

Webserve is a terrible service that kept my customers offline with email problems. There are no release forms about any servers going offline or needing changes. Your service just won't work.

I have been with this company for 2 years because of a 2 year plan that I thought would work out. Instead, I had 2 years of headaches dealing with techsupport, who wasn't always available.

I just received my refund from this company, which i had to FIGHT for, over the last 1.5 months. They acknowledged my cancellation and then forgot about me just like they do over at their support desk.

Here's a tip: When your account says that it won't AUTO-RENEW, it will. I already have domains being renewed and billed to me to this day. Now i have to go back and fight every one of them. AGAIN. Do yourself a favor and go somewhere else.


    Review Rating

I signed up with them (NT Pro package), mainly because they advertise JSP support in that package for a good price.

When my account finally got set up, surprise... no JSP management functionality in my CP.

After playing ping-pong with support ( 2 to 3 days between each ticket update ), I was finally told that I had to switch to a VPS to have Tomcat/JSP.

Even worse: my database management features never worked ( the CP framework threw an error message ), and support kept on sending me emails to explain my problem ( because they said everything was fine in my CP ) even after I cancelled my account!

I got out of there and am still awaiting for a refund. In short, be *very* cautious before signing up with them!!!


    Review Rating

What can I say. I have no reason to write this other than to say that everything that Webserve says to describe themselves is simply not true. I join the legions of unsatisfied and disgruntled customers. The tech support people (for the most part) were absolutely useless and sometimes dangerously unhelpful in their suggestions. The delays to get "help" were absurd - many times DAYS!!! Stay away. Stay away. Stay away!!


    Review Rating

This is truly the worst host I have ever used. Every time I have an issue it takes weeks to get a response. The last issue caused all of my subdomains do disappear from their system, such that visitors would be forwarded to my primary domain. This took THREE WEEKS to fix! During that time there was no communication despite sending email and calling with update requests.

Furthermore, Webserve.ca will delete features from your account without telling you. For example on the Unix Pro account which I have, they secretly took away my dedicated IP, it also took a few weeks to get it back. They have disabled SSH, changed the amount of space available

Additionally the plan is to include Tomcat5 servlet container. This feature has never worked properly and still does not work. The support staff do not even know what I am talking about when I call. This was the feature that caused me to sign up, and it has never worked. It just shows how stuck one can be if one chooses the wrong host.

A note of importance to some regarding support. The first line of support is not technical, they have no technical knowledge whatsoever. They are simply there to take calls and create tickets in the system. The tickets they create often do not include relevant information, and do not get created for HOURS after the call. You will never speak with actual technical support. Once the ticket is created you will not be able communicated with, and if the livechat people recognize you they won't pick up your session, and if they do they will end it part way through and you will have to go through again. I think it is a game for them. It is my understanding that this support is off-shore.


    Review Rating

Support is horrible. They have the ability to open tickets, have ticket history and all that, but it's useless. They take days to get back to me, and when they do it's with lame responses like 'that should work' or 'your issue has been resolved' when of course neither is true. Livechat (24x7) is not open 24 hours, phone support basically takes messages. This is a useless web host.

Michelle de Vries

    Review Rating

I initially had problems with email with webserve, but eventually they got that ironed out. (I'll cross my fingers that it continues to work)

I've always had outages of at least several hours per week. One time I noticed that it was down for more than a day.

Currently I cannot access my files with FTP and my database is not accessable.

I've sent several emails with no response and their phone person only takes a message.

I wouldn't choose them again and won't be renewing with them when my contract is done.

    Review Rating

I also use Webserve as hosting for couple years. They are good in the beginning. But the hosting service they provided in the last 2 years is totally useless. Website will go down everyday (short down time), and every 1 months, there is a more than 16 - 24 hours down time. So in my opinion - STAY AWAY FROM WEBSERVE. THEIR HOSTING SERVICE IS THE WORST YOU CAN FIND AROUND THE WORLD. STARY AWAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY

Does anyone here think about legal action against this company (Sue webserve)? If yes, count me in.


    Review Rating

I have support tickets still unresolved after seven months and they can't seem to understand the basic principles of hosting.

It's bad enough the random outages from time to time but now my whole site has beeen down for the second day.

eMails to the support team are not even generating tickets any longer.

As for their claim that they are 99.9% up is baloney. I would say that about 20% of the days there's some sort of downtime, even if it's for an hour or so. But this two day downtime that we have is totally unacceptable.

I will be moving as soon as I can find an alternative elsewhere. I do not recommend this company at all.


    Review Rating

3 days and all the website and emails from my resseller acct are still down.All my client are cancelling with me and requesting refunds and I dont blame them. I m a network admin and a restore should never be more then 12hrs this is just crasy, the help desk cant help any all they can say is your data is secure and hopefully tomorrow.... I m cancelling all my acct there as todays business cant go witout email for days at the time.. the service was good 2 years ago but now the weekly crash with emails and the delay are not acceptable. They really should invest in quality admins...


    Review Rating

We experience the same problems as Marc. More - they promised that all data is safe - it was lie. We loose last 5 month DB with financial data! I am going to discuss it with their CEO, otherwise our North American Financial company will go to law, we lost money and clients.


    Review Rating

We have been with Webserve for 2 years. In the last 2 years our downtime has been horrific. Our server is always enduring data corruption, total server destruction and Mothra infestations.

Where is the basic hosting 101 redundancy? Even my home computers have more than 4 hard drives to backup information I find valuable like CLIENT DATA.

We have 7 domains with this craptacular company and are trying to transfer our domains as I write this. Our emails are frequently lost and our email service and websites have been down for 3 weeks now.

This company has low prices but it offers no service in return so no price equates the lack of value.

The customer support is ignorant and rude and full of promises of returning calls and tickets to no avail.

This company should burn in hell with its employees locked inside of it for eternity. Hundreds of dollars down the drain.


    Review Rating

We used Webserve for the last two years without a ripple. A little bit too much down time, but nothing alarming. However, the last month was completely hellish. A LOT of downtime, no explanations, no answer from the tech support, no solutions. I succeeded in reaching the tech support this morning and not only they were far from helpful, the guy was squarely rude.

Avoid Webserve at all cost.

Matthew Hennebury

    Review Rating

STAY FAR AWAY. Worst customer service ever. They hardly speak English. The live support is horrible, they are virtually useless. All they ever do is tell you they can't fix your problem on live help, you need to email support. My websites go down every couple months.. sometimes for weeks at a time. And they are very slow at fixing anything. The left hand doesn't know what the right hand is doing.

christian rose

    Review Rating

If I could give them a sub-zero grade i would! That company is a real joke, i dare you to call or email ANY of the numbers listed on their website, and try to get answers to any sort of questions. There is absolutely no one who can help you, at best you will talk to an operator who can only take a message, but trust me it will not be answered.

Make the right choice for your company and AVOID using webserve at all costs. Their prices are good but that's all you get. Very sad, our website has been down for 3 days now and it's putting us out of business, and there's nothing we can do about it but switch our hosting.

Avoid Webserve

    Review Rating

I have had a client site hosted on Webserve for a couple years now and have encountered many problems, including downtime, server side program issues, FTP issues, and the list goes on. We have also seen the server go down on numerous occasions.

Their technical support is all but non-existent. I have attempted to use their "live" service only to have the operator close the connection immediately after I stated the problem we were having. I have had tickets submitted with no response. When they do chose to respond, you do not get an email notification of that response, you must log back in to their support site routinely to check for yourself.

I have suggested that my client look elsewhere and that you do too.

    Review Rating

The downtime on this host is horrible, and they seem to be changing servers with no hot backup. Technical support seems to be one fellow who can't tell the business end of a screwdriver from the other, and they don't even respond to mail or calls despite advertising 24/7 support. We are lodging official complaint with Industry Canada for false advertising. A first year student at a good technical college could fix a hot backup or migration issue within a couple of hours. We have been sent mail by clients on important projects for which we are shortlisted, but that mail has never reached us. We are literally losing thousands of dollars a day and initiating legal action this week. This is absolute incompetence and carelessness by a public company.

Jules Savoie

    Review Rating

To follow uo to Patrick Julien...

Same story, but here is the message on WebServe website today:

Network Status

We are currently experiencing technical difficulties with the following servers, NS66, VPS2 and NS62, the servers have been moved to a new datacenter due to network issues which require a migration to a new network infrastructure to improve performance and speed however the new IP addresses are taking time to propagate and created some difficulties for few services including DNS service.

Our technicians are working around the clock to resolve the problem as quick as possible, we appreciate your patience and thank you for your cooperation and underestanding.

Posted by: Network Administration Team

On: 6 November 2008

I have 11 websites on NS66. Down since last Friday!!! Keep away from WebServe unless you want to throw money out the window (screen)...

I am migrationg somewhere else...

    Review Rating

A few years ago Webserve was spectacular, they provided very good support, and near 100% uptime. Unfortunately these days Webserve takes days to resolve support issues, has crappy uptime, and can never seem to get their email servers working properly.

I'm moving my site somewhere else in the new year.

George K

    Review Rating

I was with WebServe for about 2 years before moving to my current host (Fused).

Their lack of service was incredible. Constant downtime for extended periods of time. By the time it got to the point where I actually began logging downtime (via one of those free online services) I was easily logging 24hrs a month. This was mostly during the day and not over night (where it may have been slightly more excusable).

Their support during these times was non existent. For example, while trying to alleviate the email problems others have complained about I attempted to migrate my email to google. A simple task like changing my mx nameservers took several weeks. Anyone who has control over their domain will realize how ridiculous this is as it's at most a 30 second task.

Stay away from this host.


    Review Rating

I moved from Webserve to Hostingplex a while ago. During my time at Webserve, I had outages that were unexplained and could never get a response from support. I couldn't even get my money back or move my domain from them after I got a new provider. I ended up losing the name and having to wait a year till the squatter gave it up.

Thanks Webserve, for nothing.

Colin K

    Review Rating

These guys are useless. The email downtime is unacceptable and there is simply no support. You can't get a tech on the phone, they don't respond to emails, and the so-called "live chat" is non-functional.



    Review Rating

WORST EXPERIENCE EVER! These guys are the absolute worst! From hour long waits on the phone, brutal downtime (I'm talking days here), zero email support and automatic billing of your credit card for canceled domains they don't even host years later.

Thank goodness for CIRA! I moved everything and at least my .ca domains were able to be saved from these thieves! My other domains were lost. Just look at their BBB rating. http://mainlandbc.bbb.org/WWWRoot/Report.aspx?site=137&bbb=0037&firm=1142872. CIRA should ban them immediately!

Luis Soaers

    Review Rating

I signed up with them and registered a new domain. 3 weeks later I still have no access to my site or domain. I sent my first support ticket a few days after registration and then a second ticket 1 week later... STILL no reply!

Stay as far away from these guys as you can!


    Review Rating

Horrible! No customer service, slow load times, my site went down with no explanation, impossible to get any customer service. Worst host ever! stay away from them they suck!


    Review Rating

How I stayed with WebServe for so many years I'll never know. They have caused me innumerable headaches and have cost me business again and again. Fine enough service when things go well, but when you have a problem, support is practically non-existent.

Stay away.


    Review Rating

Used them for a year in 2008. Fine if no technical support required 24/7 when there is an urgent issue. Otherwise, you speak or chat to a person who can only create a ticket and you get help only a few days later which is unacceptable. All critical issues can only be dealt with when you talk to someone at head office during PST business hours.

Staff can barely speak English and have near to non existing notion of custom service and politeness in writing. I got yield at on the phone, I doubt they have customer service training.

Ali Reza

    Review Rating

Be careful when reading the really positive reviews that state the user has been with webserve for the past so many years... it's the company trying to drown out the voices of angry users.

It's despicable to think that a hosting company could behave the way they do instead of working on improving their service and solutions. Instead they'll try to scam you of your money, provide no support, and after you've cancelled will still attempt to charge your credit card for renewal fees... even though you CANCELLED the service, and checked "OFF" for the auto-renew option on their web interface. If it's not something intentional, their incompetence borders on fraud.

BE WEARY, don't even look at this host. There are a TON of good options out there. Look at bluehost for instance, or dreamhost, lunarpages, etc... If you're looking for a Canadian host, blacsun.ca is a good one.



    Review Rating

I would NOT recommend Webserve to anyone based on their horrible support and constant billing problems. We used Webserve for several years for domain registration only (we have approx. 75 domain names).

Whenever we registered a new domain or renewed an existing domain they would usually make a mistake. For example, we would renew the domain for 3 years (which would be automatically deducted from our credit card) but they would actually only renew the domain for 1 year. Other times they would bill us for services (e.g. hosting) that we never subscribed to.

The worst part was that it was very difficult to get them to correct these mistakes. Often each issue would take 6+ months to resolve which was a real waste of time and very frustrating. We have since moved our domains to another registrar and we are much happier with the service that they provide.


    Review Rating


Stay away from this company!

I have used them and recommended them many years ago. But they have gone downhill. They take money and don't pay CIRA, so you get suspended by CIRA. So now you have to try to get to talk with them and have them fix their mistake. All the while you're blind to the world. The really fun one was when our company wasn't getting emails from clients but the client wasn't even being given the bounced msg. That reflects so badly on our company. I have moved all my clients to other hosting companies. I will make no further recomendations on who I use. Just investigate each company and read lots of reviews.

Again, Stay away from the Webserve CLOWNS

    Review Rating

I signed up with them 2 years ago. After just 2 days it was clear that their service and tools available were completely inadequate for my needs and I switched hosts. They refused to give me a refund for the full year of hosting I had paid for.

I gave up trying to switch my domain to another registrar after becoming frustrated and decided that dealing with the issue wasn't worth the stress. After all, even though their hosting and customer service suck, how could they go wrong with the simple task of keeping a domain name registered?

Now, they have taken a payment made to them for the purpose of renewing my domain name and used it to renew a domain forwarding service they hooked up to my account once I'd canceled my hosting with them and established hosting elsewhere. Unfortunately, I learned about this only now that my domain name has expired.

I'm out of business. No website. No ability to receive email. If there's even a 1% chance of this happening to you or your business, would you risk it?


    Review Rating

There is a serious problem at this company, had one of my website down for 10 days just got it back up am trying to move to a new hosting provider but need an auth code and I simply cannot reach anyone emails are ignored(even email address provided by the Domain registrar webserve uses), live chat is virtually never online anymore, phone number for support listed on their website is disconnected and main number simply puts you on hold for a very long time before asking you to leave a voicemail which I have done and then have never responded. I am being held hostage by this company. Under NO circumstances should anyone use this provider

    Review Rating

Site has been down for four days. Opened a ticket on the first day - still no response. Calling just ended up either in voice mail or the system hanging up on you. 24/7 live chat hardly works, but I managed to get it to work and spent TWO hours and was told I needed to upgrade to a dedicated server. I asked to speak to the manager/owner and was told he wasn't in - when your server is down and your customers are affected the manager isn't in? Issue is still not resolved. Would definitely NOT recommend this hosting company to anybody.

Dan Lingman

    Review Rating

Have been using them since 2005. Was out of touch with my domains for a while, but got a renewal billing notice back in march, so figured things were fine. Nope. my domain was gone. They took my money, and, while they still had it, had turned off access to it. $300 to get it turned back on. WTF? Sigh.

    Review Rating

Do not use Webserve! For the past two years, the up time and support have gone downhill fast. My web site has been down for a week now (not to mention months of on and off access) I've have not been able to contact anyone in any department for the past week. They will not unlock my domain and as of tomorrow, CIRA will have to step in to help. 8 hours of being on hold this past week, only to get a message service, every time.

Greg Armstrong

    Review Rating

Terrible Host.

Their servers were down consistently. I lost data and customers as a result of their terrible service.

Do not use this company.

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