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WireNine's mission is to provide superior quality service, fast, friendly support and affordable pricing to businesses and individuals seeking quality shared or reseller Web hosting solutions.

WireNine was co-founded in 2004 by Ali Khan and Hersh Anand, two former Webmasters unhappy with the lack of reliability and consistent poor service they were receiving from other Web hosting providers. From their combined experiences, Khan and Anand formulated their vision of the ideal Web host, a company that could provide a reliable, friendly and personal Web hosting experience to customers of all sizes, all over the world. Hence, the birth of WireNine.


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Hosting Reviews for WireNine

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Although I haven't been with wirenine long I can already see they are a great company. The Support is always there and very professional. I used it a few time s for stupid mistakes and even then they were eager to help. I've only had my site down for 5 minutes and that was for a CPanel upgrade.

They give you all the features you could possibly need. They also have great prices. They don't oversell and give you something good for your money.

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I spent a long time researching reviews where to host my web site related to the hobby of collecting Scout memorabilia. Even after I decided upon Wirenine I only paid for the first month of hosting because I was afraid all of the great reviews couldn't be true.

I was wrong - they are everything I read about and more. Stellar uptime, tech support that is measured in MINUTES, not hours or days, and a wealth of features and options that I've only begun to explore.

These are the kind of people you recommend to your best friends and family because you can be confident they will follow through on their promises.

Barb Powell

    Review Rating

Approximately 6 months ago, the host that I was using decided to close up shop, which left me in a bind. I contacted my web designer, who after some research, recommended WireNine. I was thrilled that the account was created so quickly, so that my site didn't experience any down time.

Honestly, I haven't noticed any down time, that I remember. Any time I have had any questions, or needed support, their support team has been excellent at providing prompt and courteous answers.

I love WireNine.

Jung-Ming Chong

    Review Rating

Wow what can I say...

This host has been my 4th hosting provider and will most likely be my last... The last hosting providers I have had have always had problems, I am someone who demands alot from the hosting and Wirenine has never let me down! Ive even tried to pester them alot to see how they reacct and its always in a courteous and professional manner.

Support response times and helpfulness have always been extremely fast(sometimes near immediate replies have been received) and the replies have almost always met my needs!

Reliability has also been perfect(to date there has not been any noticeable downtime),

And finally price isnt bad either! :D

Well done Wirenine! You will be getting a couple more customers from me in the near future

Noella Cliche

    Review Rating

Can't say enough about wirenine...these folks are terrific - EXCELLENT customer service, great prices, and EXTREMELY helpful.

Bethsarim Tromp

    Review Rating

Super satisfied with Wirenine as our hosting provider, they are always super responsive either via ticket or chat, they are also super fast at resolving issues we have had due to massive increase in trafic the last quarter.

Thank you for going above and beyond and for offering such an easy to use interface and lending your expert-ease when needed!

    Review Rating

I've been with WireNine for just under a year...their support is good, they always respond within a few hours, and often within a few minutes.

Their servers are pretty good, and they have a support forum too.

Reasonably priced and well supported. We're very happy.


    Review Rating

I got a test account with them for a month. No downtime in that time. Fast server, very nice tech support people.

Just 1 month of service with them stops me from telling you more :)

Stefan Bogner

    Review Rating

announcements are a bit short-term unfortunately (ie. the OS reload today), and the server is down from time to time without notification in advance, which is kind of annoying.

    Review Rating

I don't know what other people are thinking about, but starting three months ago wirenine experiencing real difficulties to serve their customers. Sites is down too often, support is non-existent, phone does not answer (voice mail only) It was great company in the past. Not anymore. Really frustrating experience.

Emergency tickets take few days to take attention to.


    Review Rating

I've been with them for over a year and despite good prices and features, I have two complaints:

* slowish load times of my site (simple html and optimised graphics) in comparison to other hosts I've tried.

* poor email tech support etiquette. Those guys often sound like Seinfield's "Soup Nazis" in their emails. Perhaps it's unintentional, but it's now starting to annoy me (and I've only contacted them a few times in the last year) which is why I'm considering to switch to another host.

Joshua Morrison

    Review Rating

The service is great but the support department answering my support ticket today has been very poor to say the least I would never expect a reply to take over 5 hours to be reply to 2 hours at the most hopefully within minutes but it is obvious that there is no one here right now in the support department as the tickets are simply not being answer nor is there anyone manning the livechat software it like the world came to an end at wirenine no one there and oh by the way forget the phone bank as it always goes to voicemail.

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