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Is now redirecting to Fragnet, a leading provider in online gaming services including game servers, dedicated gaming servers and voice over IP communication software.

XFactor Servers provides total and complete game servers solutions for all your needs, focusing on public & private game servers. Additional services include Voice Servers, Dedicated Servers & Web Hosting. XFactor Servers do this with world-class customer support, multiple data centers featuring cutting edge hardware all connected to multiple backbone connections for the lowest pings. XFactor Servers goal is to provide you with the best possible gaming experience with XFactor Servers.

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Simon Tsui

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I rented a Day of Defeat game server from xfactorservers for 1 year. Within the first 24 hours of access to the server, I was disappointed with the service (especially xfactorservers' support). When attempting to cancel my rental and have the payment refunded as per the 3 day money back guarantee, "Derek" refused to refund it. After a month long credit card dispute, the bank resolved it in my favor.

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