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Zanadoo Hosting is an extremely reliable service. Our support has earned us the reputation of the premiere provider of Web hosting solutions among thousands of customers, allowing us to maintain an outstanding Customer Retention Rate - one of the highest in the industry.

Backed by our 30 day satisfaction guarantee and our commitment to 99.9% uptime, we offer scalable hosting solutions that can grow with the success of your business. We host on both Linux and Windows 2003 servers and support a wide variety of popular Web technologies to run your site.


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Hosting Reviews for Zanadoo

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i was with a host for many years, but they went downhill, so I tried a few, and then came across Zanadoo. They helped me move my domains even though the old host put himself down as administrative contact, and then wouldn't respond to the requests to move.

Zanadoo has made my life MUCH simpiler by handling the regular maintenance, and all I have to do is simple stuff like adding and removeing emails and domains.

They worked with the old company who didn't want to talk with me. They made phone calls to get my domains back, sent faxes, just did everything. I calculated the time the invested on the phone with me, and solving my special requests, and realized they are losing money on me now in the hopes I am a long term customer. They invested in me hoping I'll do the same with them. They say usually all these bumps are in the beginning, then everything run fine for a long time.

One word: awesome!

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This is the worst company I had ever worked. They had no technical people to handle the support requests. They do not provide 24x7 support as stated on their website.

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