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Founded in June 2002 by Computer Science majors Pierre Grandmaison and Brad Touesnard, Zenutech is a quality web hosting company based in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada.

By focusing on providing the industry's highest-level technical support while maintaining a community feel, Brad and Pierre aim to set Zenutech apart from other web hosts in the service arena. Combining their quality web hosting and premium technical support Zenutech provides a solid platform for E-Commerce web hosting.


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Zenutech? Never again.

The past two weeks have seen two significant outages of the school's site. The second lasted three full days. Not one message in response to their online ticketing system, not one returned phone call, not one reply to my emails, not one reply to my tweets, not one reply (other than deleting my post and blocking me from additional posting) on their facebook page.

They advertise 24/7 phone support...don't believe it. The only results I got when calling them, even during stated business hours, was a voicemail box that generated no return calls.

https://www.facebook.com/zenutech will show you a couple of typical responses and confirm the lack of customer communications.

If you need uptime, support, and above all communications, avoid these guys like the plague.

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