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Since 1997, Alentus has been providing business-class website, email, SQL Server, MySQL, and SharePoint hosting services to thousands of small to large sized companies from around the world.

Alentus manages and operates its own modern data center facilities in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, and Columbus, Ohio, United States.

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Hosting Reviews for Alentus Web Hosting

Miles Pickering

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These guys used to be good but about 2 years ago they headed downhill fast. We moved off them 18 months ago or so. The breaking point was when the server we were on had a major malfunction on a Saturday and they couldn't (or wouldn't) page a senior tech to fix it. Our site was down all weekend. Goodbye.

Michael Dahlheimer

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I've hosted with them since they purchased Pacific Netware 10 or so years ago. Service was wonderful until about late 2007. Since then, I had a production database turned off "by accident" for over 3 hours, the entire account shut off due to a "billing glitch", and a half dozen or so outages involving their network (3 in the past 8 days totaling over 8 hours!). I have a dedicated server, which one would think would come with much better service than I'm receiving. You can't reach anybody by phone after hours and email tech support sometimes takes hours, even in urgent situations. I cannot say enough bad things about this company, which kills me, knowing how many people I've referred to them over the years.

Unfortunately, I really can't compare them to anybody, since I've been with them or companies they've acquired as long as I've been in the business, since 1998. I plan to leave as soon as I have the time.

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As soon as their site comes back online, I am going to move me and all of my clients off of there.

They have no tech support to speak of, their tech support voice mailbox is full. Their own website and support console is down.

My site and all of my client's sites are down right now. So is our email.

Alentus is The WORST. Stay away from these guys.

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No tech support on weekends means no customers, no email and worst of all - THEIR site is down, too! Their voice mail (Voice mail?!?!) for tech support is "full". You mean there's still a computer hosting company that doesn't work weekends? I'm leaving the first minute I can. They should consider replacing their management team and moving into this century.


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Their site is down. My sites are down. Email accounts not working. They completely messed up one of my websites by collapsing its navigational structure and never bothered to do anything about it. Thank goodness I had a backup available. Unprofessional, incompetent and quite unreliable. The customer becomes a hostage. I am now looking for another webhost but because or a horrendous professional agenda, this is going to take time.

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