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AlibabaHost focuses on providing you with fast, secure and hassle free hosting solutions. AliBabaHost provide a wide range of Hosting Services to meet your needs either for your personal website or your business website. You can be sure your data is safe at all times. AliBabaHost Uptime guarantee ensures your service up at all times whether its day or night.

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Hosting Reviews for AliBabaHost


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After coming across, I felt that there is a host that full fill all the features that I want. Alibabahost is most reliable and one of the hosting companies who stood for their SLAs. The are very good in maintaining guaranteed uptime. Guys I prefer this host for their pricings and support. Don't waste time in searching for other hosts, alibabahost is there.

Arun William

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Love Alibaba hosting service! The support is amazing. If I have ever any issue they are immediately available and usually fix any issues I have.

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upon request in support of recompile PHP! for one customer! for me!

if you will have any problems write - they quickly run

Now I am happy!

thanks Alibabahost!

Robert Stalin

    Review Rating

Got issues resolved very nicely by Alibabahost and having very quick support reply for tech issues. Remote connection guidance to navigate to root issue was a nice idea to connect with users by Alibabahost. With really nice Manpower. Great to be a customer with Alibabahost.Thanks for Techincal Help. Thanks, AlibabaHost Team.Thanks


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Alibabahost.com offers a fast and reliable server. I am very much satisfied with Alibabahost services. They offer decent services to customers. I found their services very helpful in terms of support and hosting features.


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Like just now, apparently the latest plugin updates were incompatible with the PHP version on my site, creating weird errors at the top of my web pages and preventing me from logging in.

I open a ticket and they fix it.

When I ask, they tell me how I can fix it myself the next time.

They’re a godsend, worth every penny.


    Review Rating

I'm quite proficient with IT but never really been into web stuff. There have been a few times when my lack of knowledge was a problem and I have needed guidance. My first ever host provider told me not to call them for any support!

Alibabahost.com has been the exact opposite. Very accessible and positive help. I have naive questions but never feel an idiot. The support is just brilliant.


    Review Rating

I am impressed with Alibabahost.com Team. They're too professional, always ready to help. Before choosing this particular provider, we worked with all leading hosting providers worldwide, but finally Alibabahost.com was the final choice in our shortlist. We're Happy with the Service, and Friendly Support Team.


    Review Rating

Good support 24x7, good service, so for 5 years I have no need to look for better provider, thanks a lot Alibabahost team. I have never had any downtime at all since I joined. Great host.


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Dear Alibabahost.com Team, I got the relevant help in 5 minutes. I explicitly use Alibabahost for all hosting needs. I have tried others, but nothing compares to the quality.

Thanks Alibabahost.com


    Review Rating

Client support was just great! Wonderful experience and looking forward to growing my business with Alibabahost.com! Excellent customer care, even when the error is yours.

Thanks Alibabahost.com!!!


    Review Rating

It provides the best hosting. I am using it from last year and I never get any problem. It's supports is too good.I recommend you to use it. Its support is amazing. It is giving 99.9% uptime.Thanks Alibabahost.com


    Review Rating

What I liked most about Alibabahost.com is their friendly and helpful support. I didn't have any technical knowledge in setting up a site, but with all the online help from the support team, I was able set everything up myself.Their support is exceptional!


    Review Rating

The support has been provided within minutes of requesting help. Their staff is polite, patient and competent. The control panel also makes it extremely easy to get support.I highly recommend Alibabahost.com


    Review Rating

Alibabahost.com is a pretty good host, although I wouldn't say its the BEST, it gets the job done for small personal websites. The support is always online and ready .

    Review Rating

After looking into almost 100 hundred different hosting services, I found the AlibabaHost.com services to be the most flexible and the best prices.


    Review Rating

Super fast vps hosting from Alibabahost offer a large volume of features. Besides, I can access my emails from anywhere. The synchronization feature is superb too and works amazingly fast. The enterprise grade email collaboration tool is available at one of the lowest prices in the industry.


    Review Rating

Excellent support from Alibabahost.com and their support team members are very much helpful. I was new to Alibabahost.com and they set up my account in less than an hour.Thanks Alibabahost!


    Review Rating

Uptime is like 100%.Support is just so good They help out on everything.

Tickets do not wait unattended to.

Like all of my apps are hosted here.

Never a down time, 3 years and counting.


    Review Rating

The guys at Alibabahost never cease to amaze me. Whenever there’s the slightest itch with my Web site, I just have to open a live chat and they solve my problems in minutes, when not in seconds. I love you guys!


    Review Rating

Thanks for your quick reply and action – as always, I’m very impressed with the excellent customer service you guys run – I can’t believe that I ever considered hosting anywhere else.

nick mcpicks

    Review Rating

their service is ALWAYS DOWN! and i mean always...

they respond to you fast but thats about it.

they have issues ALL THE TIME! and it takes them days to go back up.

their servers were down the entire day cyber monday and still down today. this personally costed me 10k usd. it was supposed to be one of my biggest days of the year. and all of my websites are down

I RECOMMEND TO STAY AWAY FROM ALIBABAHOST! they will cost you a lot of money

    Review Rating

This man is a fraud! Beware of Fraud! I have been a client with him and he cheated on me. How? After paying the bill delete invoice and asked to pay again, said error. That's what I did but the first payment was not a mistake. Duly charged on my account. Twice paid. The same happened the next month. When I asked why he simply suspended my account. Erase all data and destroy my forum. Horor. The next month again charged again although I did not have an account with him. He made a fictional account and charged. This is skamers and fraud. Now I lead a dispute over its banks. I hope to succeed in restoring at least some money. I want to warn all clients to be careful. My recommendation, avoid Alibaba Hosting.

    Review Rating

Alibabahost.com offers services of the worst quality, is obvious that alibabahost is not interested to solve the problems that arise. The resources provided by alibabahost are not limited, are almost nonexistent. Too many errors and too many tickets, always issues.

    Review Rating

complete sham!

Money does not return - not pay them!

Resellers Lizveb!

Speed ports not 10Gvps not 1Gvps, but only 100Mbps!

In place of the Netherlands gave Romania, ip address turned out to be blocked!

Pings 500-700ms on three continents!

Tech support 2 days doing nothing just wrote that all fixed.

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