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Apis Networks is now Hostineer! Same ownership, same great features – new name!

Apis networks began in July 2002. Apis has grown from a singly-managed hosting service provider to a globally-managed, independently owned and operated venture comprised of three core assets: Apis Networks, a umbrella name associated with hosting; apnscp esprit, a proprietary control panel; and asm, a dynamic daemon reprioritization and resource repooling system. All of these seamlessly connect with one another to provide what customers have known as The Apis Advantage.

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Hosting Reviews for Apis Networks

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Here is a log chat with the owner and customer support. I will never recomend APIS N.

→Hi there?

Sales (Matt S.): What can I do for you?

→HEllo Matt i just replied to you

→by email.


Sales (Matt S.): OK

Sales (Matt S.): Concerning jordanstile.com?


→can i know why i can have acces to my CP panel?

Sales (Matt S.): Because you have an outstanding balance on your account

Sales (Matt S.): And there's a lien against your account for an unpaid balance

→and that take you the right to to re-writ all my copyright of my website?

Sales (Matt S.): No, but I have the right to withhold assets that were hosted at our expense for you

Sales (Matt S.): You're in the service industry. You should know the concept of an Artisan's Lien

Sales (Matt S.): Rather, Mechanic's Lien

Sales (Matt S.): Anyway. I'll follow-up with your issue via e-mail

Sales (Matt S.): There's no point in tying up time discussing our contractual obligations

→well i dlike to fix this now, im okay to pay for one day of service

Sales (Matt S.): You owe all previous days

Sales (Matt S.): And the minimum is by month

Sales (Matt S.): You have 2 options:

Sales (Matt S.): You can pay all of your previous balance that stretches back to last year, in addition to the upcoming month or not pay at all and not have access to your files

Sales (Matt S.): These are your options.

→i see, and take you all the right to take my website copyright?

Sales (Matt S.): Just refer to the e-mail

Sales (Matt S.): You're wasting time

→when i have an unbalance with godaddy there don't look me out

→YEP! thats why i have decided to no do any long business with APIS Network a desagreable Web Hosting, and i will add on top i will never, AND NEVER recommend a ripp off Hosting company like yours how are an affiliate of godaddy and don't even do thinks right because Matt is afraid to the what's right. you right body i lose time and that why i left Apis N. because my time its to much valuable.

Art Golk

    Review Rating

Do not do business with this company. We ran into an issue with our site and asked for assistance and their response was you are not worth my time. Apparently they are only happy with you when you are paying their inflated fees, but when you need assistance you are a burden.

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