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Arch Hosting has been providing reliable and efficient hosting solutions since 2015. We've grown from a startup web hosting company into a developed and experienced provider dedicated to delivering the ideal hosting experience.

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Hosting Reviews for Arch Hosting

Shannon Murdock

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I purchased a "Lifetime Business Hosting" package and a domain in July 2018. Getting things set up has been a bumpy road, especially in the beginning when my IP address kept getting locked out of my hosted directories by Arch's security protocols.

There isn't much in the way of guidance for anyone at the novice level of web development. I've had to rely on YouTube videos and forum posts on other sites just to hobble together the rudimentary site I've stood up so far. Logging into cPanel is easy, but once you're there, they haven't provided anything to help new clients acclimate.

At least setting up subdomains, email accounts, forwarders, and aliases were pretty straightforward. And when I've experienced outages or lockouts, I've raised tickets, which are typically handled within 24-36 hours - on the slow side for sure.

Still, it's free, right? So, what are ya gonna do? <shrug>

Thomas Maier

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Arch Hosting decided to cancel our order after we paid and asked for details and said that the product wasn't available anymore even though we were promised it was sold/reservered to/for us. Do not trust this host, they will take your money and make you wait for it 10 days.


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They are cheaters. They usually offer one time purchase for life time and after a few months they ask you to pay monthly due to thier increase cost. If you need technical support, you have to buy point !!!!

This is ridiculous. They don't have live chant or telephone support and you should but credit, open ticket and they will replay after a few days.

Veryyy unsatisfied. They are so rude. As a current user, if you contact with their sale department, they say go and cancel your plan very rudely. They refund only a small percent of your money

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