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Founded in San Luis Obispo, California, Arvixe is built on a basis of solid ground work and planned growth. Since 2003, Arvixe has been hosting thousands of personal, small business and enterprise websites on a global level.

Arvixe prides itself in providing web hosting with a rare combination of unmatched reliability, quality and affordability. Arvixe's edge is derived through unparalleled company management and a culture of employee driven initiatives.

Part of the Endurance International Group.

Endurance's (EiG) other brands include A Small Orange (ASO), Apollo Hosting, Arvixe, BigRock, BizLand, BlueDomino, Bluehost, Dollar2Host, Domain.com, DomainHost, Dot5Hosting, Dotster, easyCGI, eHost, EntryHost, FastDomain, FatCow, FreeYellow, Globat, HostCentric, HostClear, HostGator, HostMonster, HostNine, HostYourSite, HyperMart, IMOutdoors, Intuit Websites, iPage, iPower, iPowerWeb, IX Web Hosting, JustHost, MyDomain, MyResellerHome, NetFirms, Networks Web Hosting, Nexx, PowWeb, PureHost, ReadyHosting, Saba-Pro, SEO Hosting, Site5, Spry, StartLogic, SuperGreen Hosting, USANetHosting, Verio, VirtualAvenue, VPSLink, WebHost4Life, Webstrike Solutions, and Xeran.


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Hosting Reviews for Arvixe


    Review Rating

I've been with Arvixe for a few months now and I am pretty happy with them.

I have not had many problems and thus far I have been pleased with the support and uptime.

I ran into a small problem, contacted them and within 15 minutes I received a reply and the server was fixed.

    Review Rating

I am with Arvixe since 18 months & I felt that the services are really great & the customer support is very dedicated & helpful. I am satisfied with the response, services & the price value.

I recommend Arvixe to my mates & customers as their customer support is at perfection. I suggest Arvixe to make the hosting service more & more better as there is a massive competition out there.

A Happy Arvixe Family Member.

    Review Rating

I have been using Arvixe for years for many different sites. They have never failed to deliver...even having a live person answer the phone on a weekend within minutes...who then haved tier 2 tech support fix my issue within 45 minutes!

    Review Rating

I think one of the best i have been using, active and precise

Robert Byrne

    Review Rating

As a developer with 10 years experience, I'm always on the lookout for high quality ASP.NET hosting with reasonable pricing. Nothing comes close to Arvixe.

I've been a happy customer for years and always recommend them to friends and customers looking for affordable hosting.


    Review Rating

Great admin panel and cms integration possibility

    Review Rating

Arvixe Hosting, is my hosting provider, for more than 7 years..

I have more than 6 domains hosted in 3 hosting accounts.

Good support, good service, so for 7 years I have no need to look for better provider, thanks for Arvixe

Geof Gainer

    Review Rating

Tech service is great -- any problems easily fixed.

    Review Rating

I am a beginner when it comes to website technology, and Arvixe has been extremely helpful to all of my questions. Their tech support people respond very quickly and their explanations are clear and effective.

I totally recommend Arvixe to anyone who would like to set up a website. As a beginner, I look forward to using their more advanced features, which I plan to learn about through their tutorial video library.

The services and features Arvixe offers to a user like myself cannot be beat. I find their pricing unbelievable in this day and age.

jill dearden

    Review Rating

I love ARVIXE. They have been so reliable and very helpful when I have had questions. Their response time is awesome. Thanks!

Lil Peck

    Review Rating

Since the 90's, I have used many different web hosting services. A few were decent, but I was left to believe that most are crooks just out to get your money.

Arvixe.com is truly a top class outfit, and I cannot say enough good things about the quality of their hosting and their support.

I use their Windows Reseller hosting, and I write my own Classic ASP and PHP scripts, and I use MySQL databases. I have been completely satisfied with how my scripts run on the Arvixe servers.

Rod Leathers

    Review Rating

been with Arvixe a long time and they are there when you need help the most, can't say enough about the quality of their support.

    Review Rating

There is no doubt about it; Arvixe's support and support staff are outstanding. Every time I have had a problem with anything the Arvixe team have helped me through the problem in a timely manner. I along with many others I work with are amazed with the lack of great customer service. Arvixe's customer service blows all previous hosts away.


    Review Rating

No problems and they do not send you a email everyday from three months out telling you your account is about to expire. A+ rating...Thanks guys (and gals).

Laird Bashour

    Review Rating

I am very pleased with service from Arvixe. They have always been prompt and effectual in helping me when I have needed assistance.

The price for there web hosting service is excellent.

Sheila Miranda

    Review Rating

Excellent support, free domain for life, and reasonable pricing... what else can a customer ask for? I've stayed with them for 2 years and look forward to more years with them. :)

    Review Rating

I am using Arvixe for three more than 3 years and highly recommend it to everybody. The service is in my opinion the best. Even a personal class hosting like mine offer more features than more expensive services from other providers.

I am running several small sites and everything works fine and the few issues and outages with sites were solved quickly.

Arvixe is for me the best option in the long run

    Review Rating

My site is now completing 3rd year. For the past 1 year I am using Arvixe hosting.. I am very much satisfied with them. They have a funcatstic customer care department.. I think this is the most affordable hosting provider with more services in cpanel. Arvixe offers 100% uptime for their servers..

If you want a problem free hosting go for arvixe.. its cheap and best..

    Review Rating

Arvixe were recommended to me by a friend when I mentioned that I was going to start a WordPress blog. Ten minutes after I had paid I had a WordPress site up and ready to go and not only that, the prices were great! I've had to use the Live Support feature a few times and it has been a quick and easy process to get my problems resolved every time. Will definitely be staying with them in the future.

Biggi Dreiskemper

    Review Rating

I am hosting my projects with Arvixe for a few years now. Compared to my German providers, Arvixe offers really the best service and pricing. I can only recommend Arvixe for either private or commercial hosting.

    Review Rating

I have building and promoting websites for about 7 years and tried many different hosting services over that time.

Without wishing to sound 'gushing' here, I have to say here that Arvixe are by far the most superior hosting company out there that I have ever used. I trust them completely and their support system and people/staff are first class.

With other hosts I noticed that their support was particularly lacking. It seemed to me that the support person in question was 'looking up and reading a manual' as I asked any questions about a problem a website was having. In some cases I felt that I actually knew more than the helper.

That has never been the case at Arvixe. Their support people are very experienced and genuinely supportive and polite. It is hard to find such a reputable service in this day and age.

Regarding any 'negative points' I could add here to this 'review'? That's simple, there are none in my experience.

Basically 'thank you' Arvixe, you are no less than a shining light in the world of hosting - I will be your customer for life.

David O'Toole

webmaster / http://www.realfastpc.com

    Review Rating

Arvixe @ www.arvixe.com, is THE ONLY BEST hosting service provider I have ever known since 2009. After buying one after another domains, I keep on seeing myself buying more products to include domains and hosting from Arvixe. It's customer service, it's price, it's quality..all exceed my expectation! Love it!

Danny C

    Review Rating

Very prompt support, and superior features and to top it off a very competitive pricing structure make Arvixe the only webhost i need and would recommend their services to anyone whether you are just staring your first website or run thousands of them.


    Review Rating

Arvixe offers me the best service and pricing are acceptable. Any problems that I have encountered, the support team worked fast to solve it. There is a good communication between users and host team. Highly recommended.

    Review Rating

I am very happy with Arvixe host.

Bruce Joyce

    Review Rating

When i was a web developer reliable host were rare. Some where good but they would disappear and with others communication seemed to be dirty word.

Arvixe on the other hand seem to go out of the way to take all my enquirers seriously. Any problem has always been resolved and the patience of their staff has been at times stretched. There is plenty of information in advance when server maintenance is required. And I have never experienced downtime outwith maintenance on any of my sites.

At a good price I guess thats all you want from a hosting.

    Review Rating

I've found Arvixe as a perfect webhost, during my 2 years with Arvixe, & I must say the team is really dedicated & professional, with the great ethics..

    Review Rating

I really like the service and the support is A+. Very reasonably priced, reliable, and feature rich. I went through a number of hosts in search of a good host. As a satisfied customer, I highly recommend ARVIXE.

    Review Rating

Arvixe are the best.

They ofer the best services in all web hosting.

Before i host in 24hosting.com and they ofer me only 128 Mb php upload maximum ,, Now Arvixe ofer me 1 GB php upload ,, So for my file hosting website i dont need to pay for a Reseller Server

Arvixe Thank You ;)

    Review Rating

Arvixe offers our company the perfecr hosting solution by providing excelent services for a fraction of the cost other hosts charge. We have the option to host on Amazon or with Axure but Arvixe offers the right amount of features to host owr web site perfectly

Eugene B

    Review Rating

Arvixe are well priced and upfront about any issues there system may be having.

There servers are responsive and the admin tools are well provided.

Rene Incer

    Review Rating

I think it is the best Asp.Net web hosting in the market. You can start with a few bucks and grow in the future.

The support team is the best. By web chat or forum, there are many people that can help you to do all kind of web hosting configurations.

So, pricing+support+Microsoft Tools = Excellent!!!


    Review Rating

Arvixe is an awesome hosting provider. My previous provider was 1&1 and I can tell you that Arvixe does everything 20 times better than them.

I have a shared hosting plan but I never had any availability/performance problem. With them everything is unlimited. And one big difference with 1and1 is that Arvixe's people are expert on what they do, this why their offers are so comprehensive. They know how to configure their server to enable you use awesome features in safety.

The support is also very professional and efficient. When I was at 1&1, if I requested support by email, I had to wait 48 hours to get a reply. The first time I emailed Arvixe support (I'm talking about technical support, not the sales guys), I got my reply in less than 10 minutes ! They reply very quickly, they even offer a live chat.

I would recommend Arvixe without any reserve.

Reza Baradaran Gazorisangi

    Review Rating

Ihave been in IT business for almost 20 years now. Arvixe has been the best to me so far. They are so friendly and supportive, you kinda feel yourself at home with them. Technically speaking, to me they are second to none so far.

    Review Rating

I have used many webhosting companies but I feel Arvixe to be the best among all, not because the packages and service they are providing, its a really best Hosting server I have ever used.

I can rely on your server..

    Review Rating

Fast and customer-oriented service ,provides high satisfaction for me. Great technical infrastructure.


    Review Rating

This companies support is amazing they helped me Sooo much! This was my first website and arvixe support was there for every problem I had! I also love that they have built in nopcommerce app making creating and uploading my website a breeze. I would recommend arvixe hosting to anyone building a website!

    Review Rating

The price is great. The features are great. Fast support via online chat ... I've tried several hosts and I'll be sticking with arvixe.

    Review Rating

Your services are just great! High 99% uptime and very fast servers. I developed my Wordpress Website with optimum speed using the available softaculous addon in the cpanel. I am also have two addon sites with same hosting plan. Amazingly, I can easily create email addresses @ all three domains .com

I am glad to be hosting with Arvixe.


    Review Rating

Since I started hosting with Arvixe, I haven't had any issues with them. Their hosting service is just the best!

    Review Rating

Arvixe is my first host and it's been a great experience. I've seen the site go down a few times (used for 9 months) but it's uaully quickly back up.

Only incident that I found was longer (~1hr?). Used their ticketing system once and it's been good. No issues. Overall, I can say I would recommend them as a host for your wordpress. I have not used them for anything else.

Here's my review on my blog


Mathieu Vézina

    Review Rating

A very professional and well secure hosting! I recommend it to anyone beginning in this domain. It is not very expensive. A very good choice!

Ivan Savkov

    Review Rating

I have nothing to comment. Arvixe is just perfect.

Quality services for less money than others. Free domain for life. No problems, no spam, no excuses. Just like well-oiled machine

    Review Rating

I have utilized several hosts prior to Arvixe. For the first time, I have found a host that allows me the ability to utilize all of the features that I need; I have experienced ZERO downtime; the customer service that I have received has been exceptional and the pricing can't be beat.

sandeep Nakraani

    Review Rating

Best of all. Migrated to arvixe after changing 6 hosting providers.

    Review Rating

In my 13 Years of being a web developer, I have searched for a reliable and great hosting service and Arvixe beats them all. To Me Arvixe means: - Premium services offer at cheapest rate.

    Review Rating

I am very happy With Arvixe. Support is fast and good and their servers working well.

    Review Rating

Compared to other hosting sites, I have found Arvixe simple and non complicated. There are no problems in setting up a site with process being easy to understand. The support are very helpful and take personal interest in solvinng queries.

Lai Long Yiu

    Review Rating

It is good choice for my first web hosting. I am no hesitate to recommend Arvixe to my friends.

    Review Rating

I am very satisfied with the services of Arvixe

    Review Rating

I am using the server services the Arvixe. I am very satisfied with all services. Especially the support team!


    Review Rating

I am totally satisfied with their support team, billing and services.


    Review Rating

i think Arvixe is the best of hosting service. i have used this hosting since 2012. Best price and high quality. Thanks.

    Review Rating

from 2012 to present, I've used a multitude of Arvixe's services from the cheapest to the moderately expensive server and I've pretty much never had any cause to complain.

Even their cheapest service runs 5 domains without a hitch. If the server gets too busy to handle the users, moving up a step to more expensive services usually goes without any problems.

The last time I upgraded we got free transfer and were up and running within a couple of days. highly recommended.

    Review Rating

For 1 week of searching what is the best hosting site and I found Arvixe nonetheless Incredible! Because when i get speedy response once i have to have aid from tech support team.

I never regret why I choose Arvixe, it’s a hassle FREE! On top of that they're pretty fast at getting things resolved. Their sales staff is also fast and helped me when I wanted to upgrade an account, they figured out my credit for money paid on an existing plan, and I was in action in about five minutes. I got this excellent level of support when I was on their least expensive, "personal" plan. I think that says it all! I used arvixe promo so that I can save my money here Couponchief.com/arvixe I have had run into no problems and have been a user for 4 months now. Not only does Arvixe offer an amazing product and software, but they offer it at the best price on the market. 10/10 would recommend this to a friend.


    Review Rating

I've been with Arvixe for 2 years now, uptime is very good, support I find excellent, I use the live chat feature for support being in another country it's easier for me. Have had a couple of problems recently with emails not working but it has always been sorted out within a matter of hours. I would recommend Arvixe to anyone who needs reliability and good value for money


    Review Rating

I like this host because has a great value for money. It also has a good technical support.

    Review Rating

There are a lot of webhosts in this price range, but what separates Arvixe is the tech support. You always reach a real person quickly and in my case they have always resolved my problems.

    Review Rating

My webmaster, whom I trust implicitly, recommended Arvixe when I told him what type of website I wanted to create. He spoke about the reliability, the bandwidth and the support as being the most important features. Now I know why I trust him. Arvixe is great! I have an expansive website and no matter what, Arvixe is always able to support the add-ons and tons of emails I get. Thx for giving me one less thing to worry about.

Jan Anderson

    Review Rating

They always let me know well in advance when changes are coming. They are extremely dependable and are helpful on the rare occasions when I have an issue. I have run as many as three websites through them with almost no problem at all. I could find cheaper service but have no interest in changing because of the fine service they deliver.

    Review Rating

My site is extremely simple and I've always been a little embarrassed that my host provides a huge set of tools that I never use. I suspect they are above average in "features", but don't have enough experience to say.

Jim Gibson

    Review Rating

My experience with Arvixe has been very stisfactory. Technical support issues are resolved in a timely manner. Pricing for the service is very reasonable and I have never had a service interuption.

    Review Rating

I've been with Arvixe for a few months now, and, so far, my experience has been great! I haven't had a moment of downtime, so no complaints at all about reliability. My favorite part has been the live chat customer service. They are efficient and have always helped solve whatever issue I'm having (not always the friendliest, but I guess that's part of the efficiency really).

Keep up the great work, and thanks.


    Review Rating

I have been an Arvixe customer since 2004. For my needs, there hasn't been any reason to look at another hosting company in almost 8 years. Initially, I chose them to host my site based on their reasonable pricing. However, over the years, I've also come to appreciate their excellent reliability and customer support.

Penny Kendall

    Review Rating

Have been happy with the service overall...uneven customer service professionalism - but overall pleased.

    Review Rating

Arvixe Hosting is by far the best Hosting I have ever used. I love their service, they are always prompt with any issues I have and I can actually speak to someone on the phone. The up time is excellent. They rock.


    Review Rating

over all arvixe is a good host.

i have a reseller account and find from time to time that arvixe's servers can be over loaded. Typically database related problems

    Review Rating

Reasonable, reliable

shaik akbar

    Review Rating

I am very much satisfied with the service, great job!...Sometimes i feel my websites are slow.

    Review Rating

Arvixe has been the only company that I have ever hosted with and they have never given me any reason to want to change services.

    Review Rating

I'm satisfied

    Review Rating

Sometimes my server stops the service...

    Review Rating


I have three pieces of websites from Arvixe web host. http://www.sitenasilkurulur.net, http://www.sitekurmak.net , http://www.sitekur.org

My WebSites subject is prise to the Arvixe. In addition, for customers who do not speak English I offer training videos for site setup on the web sites. Actually my English is not perfect too. I would handle the situation.


    Review Rating

I couldn't be more pleased with the product delivery I receive from Arvixe. I give them perfection in reliability because that's what I have received from them. The only reason I did not give perfection in the other 3 categories is to keep them from sitting on their laurels and to leave them enough room for improvement! But I certainly do not have a single gripe about Arvixe.

    Review Rating

This is a great hosting service. Any problems that I have encountered, the support team worked tirelessly to resolve. Their team goes out of their way to make sure that things go well.

    Review Rating

There are no crashes, prices are very acceptable. And there is good communication between hosts and users. Highly recommended

Jordan Light

    Review Rating

I have been using Arvixe for 3 years and my previous host suffered a failure that knocked one my customers offline for over a week. I used to use Arvixe's reseller plan, which suffered issues due to hardware failures and problems caused by other resellers such as being blacklisted. I switched to Arvixe's VPS service last year and have had 100% uptime with no issues since.

Felipe Ferrari

    Review Rating

Best shared hosting provider. Uptime and reliability are taken as featured features.

Cesar A

    Review Rating

I host only one of clients websites at Arvixe and I wish I could host all of them.

I'm an happy customer who usually needs help setting up dns configurations and the live chat/phone support is great for that. Submitted tickets are also quickly attended.

The price is right and flexible because you can pay monthly. So go give them a try. Highly recommended!

    Review Rating

I've been with Arvixe for the last 3 years and they have always been on top of things. The service that they provide has always been one of the best. If there were problems with my site, they fast to respond.

Mike Devenney

    Review Rating

I now use Arvixe to host every website that I build. I have used GoDaddy and other hosts, but I have to say that Arvixe offers the same level of performance and features for much less money. Their asp.net lite package lets me start a new project as I iterate over my early development sprints and scale it up as the project nears completion and gains popularity. Once I have gathered a head of steam, Arvixe's top level hosting plans are competitively priced and I haven't had any issues. What more can I say? Low price barrier to entry and high end support, that's the whole hosting package from one provider!

    Review Rating

I have been with Arvixe for over two months and I have no complains so far. I'm a web developer and I purchased the re-seller account for about $19 dollars where I host a total of five domains. They provide a great number of tools for you to implement on your websites through the cPanel (Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, OpenCar and WHMCS to name a few). All of them are free. I have not tried support over the phone yet but chat and tickets were always responded in a timely manner. Until now, I am very please with their services and I would definitely recommend Arvixe as a web hosting provider to other people.

    Review Rating

Move of my sites is complete. So far they are very responsive and have received no downtime notices from SiteUptime monitoring. It looks good. While it did take a couple of days to come to a resolution, I am impressed with Arvixe commitment to support and service.

    Review Rating

I found Arvixe by researching ISPs and their customer support as part of a school project. Since I've had them for almost a year, I'm very happy with my choice.

Pedro P. Machado

    Review Rating

I created my site on Arvixe very easily and safety. Their support are great and quickly and help me when I needed.

The system is set up well and I didn't have problems to manage my account.

I recommend Arvixe to everybody!

    Review Rating


After being a customer at Arvixe for probably more than 5 years now, I would choose Arvixe again. Their prices are very cheap with tons of features in CPanel (or WHM) and nearly no limits at all. Support is brillant: Their Live-Chat is very fast in answering AND solving problems, although there is a ticket system, too. Even the most cheap offer of hosting plans is much better than nearly every other company is in higher price-region. I would never host my pages at Strato or 1&1 again. What Arvixe has to offer is much, much more. For $4 you get a hosting-plan packed with features and accessibility with unlimited disk space, unlimited transfer and 6 domains possible (1 included in price on top). In my opinion this is unbeatable. So is their support, if you should once need it.

Contras: Maybe a problem with delivery-speed of pages in real big projects. But you will never notice with small to medium size projects, I think. For personal and small business sites Arvixe rules!

    Review Rating

Arvixe is one of the best web hosting provider I have ever used.

Diana Guerrero

    Review Rating

Glad we moved to Arvixe. The best support is by phone or the QA email. If they would get that dialed in it would be perfect!

Owen Pearce

    Review Rating

Occasionally my site goes down for a day or so. If I wait long enough it always comes back. This is a pain, fortunately it has not happened during a crucial period.

Planning a change.


    Review Rating

Bluehost services and features used to be as nice as yours are now, but then they got really big and started cherry picking customers and streamlining services to optimize profit and minimize server load. -Essentially creating another GoDaddy clone with a cPanel admin interface.

I hope you have a different long term plan. One that values the needs of your current customer base while expanding from there.

-Keep up the good work


    Review Rating

Price & service qualty equal.

    Review Rating

Well, let me tell you about Arvixe...

I switched to them since Hostgator started sucking really bad last year and because I know hosting is extremely important and I have a lot of huge sites I did a loooot of research about Arvixe...

I was convinced they were good by the reviews here and by a lot of affiliated articles(maybe about 50)

I migrated my sites(about 8 months ago) and did not have problems with them until 2014 came... I have no idea what happened with these guys but as of 1st of march Arvixe have been possibly the worst option for a hosting provider...

on the 25-th of march 2014 they started having enormous server issues(and I'm talking really really bad stuff) and since I'm intelligent enough to understand shit happens, I waited for a week to resolve the problems even though my sites were constantly up and down(I lost a few thousand bucks because of that)...

well, they did not fix anything and I had to migrate again...

I have no idea whether they will fix whatever issues they are having now, but I would advise you to NOT go with them if you want your sites to be up all the time(or to be up any time LOL)...

I will not talk about support as it's horrible(the forum is ok, they have a few English speaking nice people who try to respond to people's problems, yet the problems are so many they just tell you everything will be ok fast and they are monitoring the servers LOL... which is close to useless)

My name is Vladi Vasilev and I rarely write reviews as I don't have too much time, yet I was so disappointed with these guys I just had to come mention it.

Today is the seventh of April 2014 and this is the situation with them... I hope they fix their problems and start providing quality service like they used to before... right now though, they are a huge mess.

Alex Trimble

    Review Rating

Arvixe has easily been the best web hosting service I've ever used. The prices are excellent and you get a lot of features for your money. I can't say much about their customer support, since I haven't had to contact them once.

    Review Rating

Good news! +1 for Arvixe. My sites are still down, but I will provide an update. At least they are trying to take some action. Hopefully this works out.



If you'd like, I can transfer you to one of our BusinessClass servers free of charge (you'll still be paying the PersonalClass rate).

There will be a slight downtime for DNS propagation.

Just let us know so we can start the transfer.


xxx xxxxxxxx

Technical Operations Manager

    Review Rating

Update - plan to move me to another server


Hello Phillip,

I am forwarding this ticket to our transfer department to do the move for you. Please note that transfer is a lengthy process it can take 48-72 hours to complete. Our transfer department will keep you updated via updating this ticket.

    Review Rating

Accounts were moved over to new server this morning. For now they are smoking fast.

    Review Rating

Simply excellent support.

Md. Nura Azom Lipon

    Review Rating

I am just shocked after 2 years of business dealing with Arvixe.com they made me mad when all my clients' history, accounts, and databases deleted without my permission after though remaining the payment record very very fair. I never delayed in making their payment on time. What have they done, why have they done so, don't know. They even stop responding to my mails except giving me tons of ticket numbers.

I am still seeking the answer. Why have they done it?

Ted Havill

    Review Rating

With 3 personal shares, 2 business,1 reseller and 1 dedicated - I wouldn't keep coming back if Arvixe wasn't working for me!

Draven Xarcell Vestatt

    Review Rating

When I started my journey with Arvixe back in 2010, I thought they were the greatest thing since sliced bread. Way better than my previous host "DreamHost".

However, over the past two years that Arvixe has grown, their customer service has been going south ever since. Live Chat Support once took an hour just to answer one simple question in regards to pricing. Other times it took days via support ticket or forum, and it took 25 minutes of explaining via Live Chat Support before they saw the problem. This happened repeatedly; almost daily actually. What a waste of my time...

They had issues with a new server that went down daily for 3 months! They offered to move me to another server, so I agreed, but it never happened. So then I requested a server change via support ticket twice after that(as a reminder), which they agreed both times, but it never happened and it's been 2 months. Because of that, I am now in search of a new host.

I just feel like I cannot depend on them anymore.

Jeanne Oliver

    Review Rating

Went with Arvixe 3 months ago based on a good reputation. Little did I know it was snared by EIG. Last two weeks my websites have been down for hours on end. Looking to move.


    Review Rating

Arvixe service was good until September 2015. Then they started reconfiguring their servers and their service is now terrible. Both web and mail servers are frequently down for more than 24 hours at a time.


    Review Rating

First of all, Arvixe oversells at major level, no such thing as unlimited. Second, the support team is rude and doesn't help you in anything. I don't recommend it, but the hosting is fast an reliable...

    Review Rating

Terrible security. My site was hacked and my databases were destroyed, bringing down the entire site. Arvixe did not maintain backups of my site, so I lost EVERYTHING. Support is terrible -- none of them speak English well, so they are TERRIBLE at understanding my questions. This led to dozens of emails exchanged before they even understood my problem. LOOK ELSEWHERE if you want reliability and quality service.

Micah Beasley

    Review Rating

I was a customer of theirs for 3+ years and since they were bought out a couple of years ago their service has drastically declined.

While they claim to have an office in the US, and be an American company I haven't talked to an American in the last 2 years, no matter what time I contact them, my hosting server was also moved overseas (according to whois information before switching hosts)

They removed the support phone number, when you contact chat support the agent that connects with you can basically only unlock your account, anything more complex than that and they have to refer you to a higher tier technician that is only available via e-mail. When they make the referral there is no estimate of when they will contact you; when they do begin to work on the issue it is completely via e-mail (no chat or phone).

They charge a larger than average amount of money for hosting (after the introductory period) - in full up front - and non-refundable after 30-90 days.

Then they provide SSL, but for an additional fee.

    Review Rating

The truth about Arvixe Webhosting is that they are a nightmare then some. This is our 4th server move to another Arvixe server and not even 10 days goes by and their supposide new server Mongoose has caused our site to time out for the past 3 days. We've lost thousands of dollars of business because of this company. Been opening ticket after ticket only to have them closed deliberately for no reason or solution. Their so called 24/7 support is another false advertisement. They will keep you on hold for more than 45 minutes to an hour only to through you over to voice mail. Been switched from Crabfish only to be moved to EMU only to be moved over to MOngoose and supposidely #4 all over the same issues. Is that you'll loose money and customers by staying with this company. Their petty ass excuse they use is they cut and paste excuses of "sorry your having problems." we're having problems because of your company!!!!

This company is a complete nightmare and we will honestly tell you people say away from them. Its been 47 minutes and we're still on hold with their online support while we are writing this review and still no one has responded!

    Review Rating

Truth is that for the past two weeks the bottom has fallen out of the service. My sites have been down continually for the past two weeks. While they are responsive to emails and during chat sessions, they have not addressed the issue. After two weeks of outages, I asked to be move to another server. Below is a recap of my conversation. While I hope they move me by the end of the day, I have little confidence that they will. As a result, I can not recommend them as a provider until they respond to my request for a move or correct the horrible outages they are experiencing. I will follow up with a recap of what happens. In the meantime I would avoid Arvixe hosting.

5-9-2014 Your Question: My site has been constantly down this week. icsmedtech.com and checkmyvoiceanddatarate.com are down as I type this ticket. I have been receiving outage notices continually from SiteUptime. Please move my sites to another different server.

Please wait and one of our operators will be with you shortly.

Your request is important to us. Please wait and one of our operators will be with you shortly.

Your request is important to us. Please wait and one of our operators will be with you shortly.

Your request is important to us. Please wait and one of our operators will be with you shortly.

Your request is important to us. Please wait and one of our operators will be with you shortly.

Your request is important to us. Please wait and one of our operators will be with you shortly.

Your request is important to us. Please wait and one of our operators will be with you shortly.

You are now chatting with Vivek A - Support

08:45Vivek A:Hello, and thank you for contacting Arvixe live chat! If I appear unresponsive for an extended period of time it is very likely that you have disconnected from the live chat service, please try rejoining if this happens


08:47Vivek A:Hello


08:47Phillip:View Ticket: #VFC-519-96320

08:48Phillip:Down at least 12 times in the last 24 hours. Non responsive again.

08:49Vivek A:ok

08:49Vivek A:Please allow me sometime to check it


08:50Phillip:I received this message this morning -- Final resolution update posted at 2014-05-06 04:47:40 PDT:


We have been monitoring the server for quite a long time and could see that the load in the server is back to normal and stable so far. Feel free to contact us over our 24/7 Support department via Live Chat, phone, or ticket if you are facing any issues.

08:51Phillip:This is obviously not my issue. Something else is the problem.

08:52Phillip:Just received this message:

08:52Phillip:A new alert has been made for the server of the following account(s):


View Full Alert

Update posted at 2014-05-09 06:51:30 PDT:


We are currently facing high load issue on this server. We are working actively to identify and disable abusers accounts to control server load.

Although all services are up on the server, but you might notice but sluggish response due to high load spikes.

We will keep this alert updated , Thanks for your patience

08:53Phillip:However, it has been two weeks without resolution. I can't be down like this for another week. Please move my sites to another server.

08:53Vivek A:Please hold on while I check it


09:09Vivek A:Thank you for being on hold

09:09Vivek A:We are currently facing high load issue on this server. We are working actively to identify and disable abusers accounts to control server load. Although all services are up on the server, but you might notice but sluggish response due to high load spikes. We will keep this alert updated , Thanks for your patience https://www.arvixe.com/alerts?key=71800|1078

09:10Phillip:Not good enough. This has been an ongoing issue for two weeks. Please move my sites to another server or I will need to change providers.


09:20Vivek A:We do understand your concern and do apologize for the inconvenience.

09:20Vivek A:Our system admins are diligently working on it to get it resolved permanently.

09:20Vivek A:As soon as it is resolved the status page will be updated.

09:20Vivek A:Thereafter you will not face such issue.

09:20Vivek A:Until the same is done your patience and co-operation is highly appreciated.

09:21Phillip:OK. I appreciate that. Two weeks of downtime is cooperation enough. While they work on it, for another week, please move me to another server today.

09:22Vivek A:Thank you for your understanding.

09:23Phillip:Are you planning to move my sites to another server?

09:24Vivek A:Phillip, I would request you to please let the issue resolved. Thereafter if you still face any problem you can get back to us. We will forward your request to our seniors.

09:31Vivek A:Is there anything else I can assist you with today?

09:31Phillip:Sorry I need you to move it today.

09:32Phillip:Please forward request to seniors now and please respond accordingly.

09:32Phillip:Or please process a refund and I will move to another server.

09:32Phillip:I cannot be down another day.

09:32Phillip:Thank you for understanding.

09:39Phillip:I just received the following email...


Thank you for contacting Arvixe support.

I really apologize for the cause and delay. This should be fine now. There was some load spike on the server, our server stability admins has already fixed it and taken care of it. Also I have checked it with our server stability admin and all services on the server is working fine without any issues.

You may please try it out and in case the problem persist please provide me the exact error details you are getting so that we can check it out in detail.

Please check it from your end and let us know if you need any further assistance.


Nivin Philip

Sr. Technical Operations Officer


*HELP US HELP YOU* -- If you are not satisfied with this response, please forward this e-mail to our Quality Assurance department at [email protected]


09:40Phillip:While this symptom may be fixed, my site is still down.

09:41Phillip:I still can't brows pages with any consistency: Oops! Google Chrome could not connect to icsmedtech.com

Access a cached copy of icsmedtech.¬com/¬index.¬html

Vivek A:Phillip, as stated above our system admins are still on it

09:45Phillip:Are you going to move me to another server yes or no?

09:51Vivek A:I have added a note to your Ticket and forwarding your Ticket # VFC-519-96320 to our senior admins.

09:51Vivek A:They will look into this and will get back to you asap.

09:54Phillip:I appreciate the assistance. I need to know something today. Or unfortunately I will have to begin moving to another provider and will need to request a refund. Hopefully this will be resolved by the end of the business day at the latest.

Vivek A:Please be assured that you should receive update from our senior admins at the earliest

10:00Vivek A:Meanwhile your patience is appreciated.

Vivek A has left the conversation.

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The conversation has ended.

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    Review Rating

poor poor support

    Review Rating

Short version: Arvixe's cheap hosting is terrible, so we paid to upgrade. After we did, Arvixe mistakenly deleted the live instance of our site and screwed up the fix so badly we had to fix it ourselves.

Long version: We got Arvixe hosting because it was recommended on Drupal.org. We learned the hard way that PersonalClass is the same brand of bargain-basement shared hosting on overcrowded servers sold by sites like Bluehost. It's barely suitable for a personal WordPress blog, let alone an organizational Drupal site.

So we bit the bullet and paid the fee to get upgraded to their BusinessClass. That much went smoothly. Performance improved to reasonable levels. They sent plenty of emails to lead us through the process, including several telling us how the version of the site on the old server would be kept alive for a few weeks and eventually deleted.

That would've been fine, except they deleted our live, BusinessClass website instead. We submitted a ticket, blew up their support chat, and sent angry emails to quality assurance. One of their support reps got on it and had the backup restoring a few hours later.

At this point, we had no control panel access, no FTP, and our site was still down with a database error. Password reset emails weren't working. Only after sending an angry email to their support did we figure out why: They had obliterated our MX records, so our email wasn't working. They had restored the files and database, but hadn't bothered to restore DNS or set the database password correctly.

We eventually worked it out ourselves. Set the hosting email to something accessible, reset the password, corrected the MX records, and corrected the database password. At the end of the day, they deleted our website and screwed up the fix so badly we had to fix it ourselves. People from my organization had been doing work up until the moment they nuked it, so a day's worth of records were lost and had to be re-entered. All the while, we got not so much as a weak apology from Arvixe.


    Review Rating

Arvixe were moving servers and deleted all sites I had listed there. Databases the lot! After contacting them about this they said they fucked up but then deleted all my hosting accounts and pretend I dont exist. Years of work gone! Then they have the hide to contact me to remind me to renew my domain name. Avoid Arvixe like puss from a wound.


    Review Rating

I've hosted some site with them pro version with dedicated IP

for over 5years and when I canceled my hosting with 14 days before my subscription should end they removed my account without I have the chance to do any backups.

And when I asked why they say I have confirmed to do so.

I need an backup, they responded it will cost $25

WTF, Its like they took it personally.

I will not recommend them.


    Review Rating

I am Arvixe VPS customer for more than 2 years. Based on my experience, I will say Arvixe is good as long as you don`t need any tech support. In my case asking tech support to reboot the server resulted in more than 5 hours of down time. Conclusion: Arvixe VPS hosting is not worth the money you spent in terms of reliability and down time is concerned.

Chilly Pepper

    Review Rating

I have been with arvixe for many years and my websites are just there for the domain name parking and I really don’t have clients so I could not access the reliability over long term.

The Support services is very quality and their online support chat does not help most of the times. They will promise to fix an issue then never do it or does half the job.

If you try to complain, then you will get it your self with more trouble with them as they don’t accept any blame and they believe they are never wrong. They will take complains more personal.

Anyway had problems with my server and they first deny the issue then I had to be persistent with it, then I managed to get someone else on the chat to confirm the hosting issue and promised to fix it. Many hours goes and issue not resolved and when I went online and chat with the same second person, they pretend nothing has happened and all the previous information I was given was just false. They claim nothing is wrong , although they confirmed previously that a problem is there.

After complaining to Quality Assurance section the problem was fixed.

So from my experience, if you have a problem you will struggle to get it fixed. They never accept any faults from their side, they will fix the issue then confirm there is noting is wrong making the customer wrong from the beginning and looking like an idiot.

This is my personal experience only. If you have a website that generate money you should think carefully. I am not writing this to recommend another company as I have no interest in that at all. In fact I recently join 1and1 and then within days I closed the account as their support is as bad as here.

No More Arvixe

    Review Rating

Sitting here for newly 35 minutes with their worthless technical support to fix problems that Arvixe initiated when they made changes to our PHP software. Without our permission without our knowledge. Now our site and forms are dead in the water because of these people. Now we are getting time zone errors and database connect errors because these xxx go and make changes like they think they know what they are doing.

Site has been going down left and right this whole past month and they refuse to move us to another server. We are the paying customer and you do what we tell you. They will make threats to you and their so called QA department are a bunch of xxxx's that are on a so called power trip. Their staff were hired from former jobs such as a shipping clerk in some sporting good store. We are now done with this company. We have pages upon pages of errors that have happened. Why we are still with this company, we're stupid to stay with them. But enough is enough, we are done investing a dime with this company. We moved 65 sites this month away from this worthless company.

    Review Rating

this hosting service is terrible. it worked good for 1 month or so, but daily we have DNS problems, no website, no email. we are writing them daily to make it work. they solved it only for the first time and right now they are not even replying. 5 days ago they said ~Server XXXX is little loaded and that probably caused the DNS issue. If you want , we can migrate your account to any other server.~ i said yes, and... nothing happened. We'll move to another hosting service, too bad we paid in advance.

Eido Sella

    Review Rating

Arvixe is the worst company I have seen in my life. They blocked my website for having too much traffic and when I sent emails and calls dozens of time to say "I'll pay more, just bring back the website", I had no one to talk to. All my emails were ignored, the phone support (works couple of hours a day, makes you wait for hours, hangs up on you) finally told me to "to send email" because they only provide "first support". For 3 weeks my website was down until I just left. A month after I received an email from Arvixe that the problem should now be ok.


    Review Rating

Be careful... they are having plenty of problems on the last times. I had to fly to another host.

About support, better not to talk.

Igor Gablev

    Review Rating

Out company joined arvixe last year since their provide excellent customer support in compare to other providers. You can have live chat/ ticket system with response of less than 3 minutes.

Since then situation degraded - 24x7 asupport started to be a joke - they removed chat button. In order to reach somebody even on sales department via call you have to wait 2hrs on a line.

Open tickets wait for response more than 72hrs. Something definitely going wrong, Arvixe. Planning to find other provider

Arpad Ambrus

    Review Rating

I have had 2 domains and 1 parked via two accounts with Arvixe but had to move one of them since the support is shameful. The chat option has been terminated and now they have a live chat where you have to wait between 60-120 minutes and their answer comes painfully slow. They will promise you everything when you contact them somehow but then nothing is happening. Please do yourself a favour and stay away from them. Their pricing might be good but only, and only go with them if you take pleasure in being stressed out and frustrated by unsolved issues. The worst support I have ever experienced in my life.


    Review Rating

Arvixe is a scam. They are constantly being infected by CBL trojan spam viruses, thus lowering my website's rep and forcing me to delist on spamhaus.

Their customer support is rude and sometimes it takes over an hour for just online support. The low price translates to no support.

They won't even admit their problems with spam virus's and also did not notify me during a long downtime migration to texas.

Avoid like the plague!

Yan V.

    Review Rating

Worst host ever. Arvixe is a scam.

I have a prepaid business plan. Uptime has been terrible since day 1 and it is even worse now (sub 75%!!!). Support does not care.

Asked for a refund and they offered to close the account without any refund. Stay away from Arvixe


    Review Rating

I am writing this review as current and existing customer with two plans with Arvixe, one is personal and the other is VPS.

Since we started our plans we've suffered delay, uptime was terrible, and upgrade was so painful. They have cost us time and money...

Totally unreliable and distrustful.

What a mess!


Bob Skiba

    Review Rating

Arvixe used to be a reliable, cost-efficient web host. All that changed in 2015. There are frequent down times and customer support is vistually non-existent. After 6 years with them, we have to scramble to find another, more reliable web host. It's a shame.

paul chubb

    Review Rating

been with them almost a decade. recently bought out and now they are hopeless. Contacted support 4 times because email isn't working. Still waiting on a fix after a week.

Mohammad E.

    Review Rating

ARVIXE is going down the hill. I started using their services a while ago (maybe 5 years ago) they were amazing, but recently they have gotten terrible. You call them, the rep says I cannot do anything, you chat with them they say I cannot do anything. So they create a ticket for you which takes for ever to get resolved. I asked to talk to the people responsible and the management team, the rep told me you have to email [email protected] I asked for a number, nothing! Apparently the company is becoming a virtual company now! No one cares about you, and no one is there to help you if you run into an issue. I have 2 services with them, a VPS and a Pro windows hosting account, but they just dont care about costumers! Stay away from them! STAY AWAY!

Meghan T.

    Review Rating

It all started with a database error. My site was unresponsive. I'm not a web developer and am just learning Wordpress. I started with an email, to which I heard nothing. The next day, I moved onto their live chat feature, which is available 24/7. Sounds good, except it they had no access to anyone who could actually help me. They assured me they escalated my ticket to someone who could fix it "within 24 hours as per your contract." They created a new ticket and promised that someone would have things fixed that day. No worries. Nothing. All day.

I called the next day. 40 minutes on hold with no sign that anyone would pick up. No "please wait, our representatives are busy." Just music. I had no idea if I was waiting in vain or what. I hung up. And used the live chat function again. They assured me this time would be the time it was fixed. "We're so sorry for your inconvenience." On repeat. Alas, another day goes by with no help.

The next day, I called again. I used Skype since I didn't want to pay for all that wait time on the phone. Luckily I work from home and I could sit there for the hour it took to reach them. Once they did pick up? Guess what? The ticket had been escalated two days prior so there was nothing they could do. Could I have a manager? Nope. No manager. The woman just kept repeating: "I understand. I'm sorry for your inconvenience." Like a robot. It was totally insincere and useless. I got the email address of the Quality Assurance manager and emailed this person. This person never emailed me back.

After 5-6 days of this and my site being down, I hired a web developer to help me extract some things. Part of my data was lost, but at least my site was back up.

Yesterday, over a week later, they had the nerve to contact me FROM THE ORIGINAL TICKET OVER A WEEK AGO to say that my site looked to be working and how could they help. I could keep going back that's enough.

Inept. Understaffed. Insincere. Donezo.


    Review Rating

We have been using Arvixe for about 5 years. Its been getting worse and worse. We pay for the business class hosting. I wouldn't recommend this for personal hosting of a site that nobody goes to. We are trying to run a business here. Arvixe is NOT the company to go to for ANYTHING. This last few weeks has been insane with all the downtime and issues. They make a change, I spend a day fixing it, then the next day it is broken again. This site needs the URL to check the validity of my review... good luck, the site is down.

    Review Rating

There was a time when Arvixe was great (thus the positive reviews of years ago), and I moved all of my websites to their platform, but after they were bought out things changed dramatically to the point where I moved everything away from them. I wrote my story about the problems they gave me in another place, but there is another issue I will address at this point.

Five days ago I received an email invoice from them telling me that they were going to charge me for another year. I wrote them back and explained that I no longer used their service so the invoice can be cancelled. I had previously allowed them to take my hosting charges from Paypal and despite my email they took my money anyway.

I was able to get someone on chat and they were unapologetic. It was explained to me that they did not refund money for "old accounts" (this contact was literally hours after my money was taken) and my only option was to log into my portal and make the request there. If accepted, I would receive credit, not a refund.

Fortunately, Paypal returned my money and I guess they will deal with Arvixe. So if you decide to be drawn in the low monthly charge (the phrase "you get what you pay for" applies here) then understand that there could be grief down the road. My recommendation is that you look through reviews to find a company that does not have experiences such as mine, and they despite what you end up choosing, the company could be eventually bought out and things could turn sour (this was my second experience of this happening).

    Review Rating

I am a content writer and professional blogger since my teenage. I used many hosting for my blogs some are very bad, some are average and some are very good. As compare to other hosting providers Arvixe is average in my opinion because of some common feature which is very important in buying a hosting plan. The features are given below:

Reputation: No doubt arvixe have a good reputation in the market.

Uptime: Uptime is also a very important feature and this is not good if we see arvixe.

Support: Customer Support is the key feature which every business should have very good services but arvixe's customer support is not so good.

Pricing: At last but not least pricing is the main feature which matters the most and their hosting plans are very costly as compare to other hosting providers.

So now I think they should update their policies and maintain the reputation as good.

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