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aspnix are transparent aspnix have nothing to hide. aspnix is one big family and that means you are their priority. If you need support, aspnix are here to help you twenty four hours a day, seven days a week. aspnix also like to hear what you have to say, from feedback to general conversation.


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Hosting Reviews for ASPnix.com

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I’m not new to the world of web hosting and I have seen a lot of web hosting providers. So far I have never seen such customer care. I have possibility to communicate with vice president of the company. That is awesome.

Free hardware updates, they actually do a lot for me as for the customers for free.

Of course they are not the cheapest. But the service quality I get worth it.


    Review Rating

I have been using aspnix services for a short while and I have made up my mind to drop a line about them. I like the way they provide their resourceful services which are supported well for 24 hours. Their support is responsive and their control panel is usable and simple. And their pricing policy is simple and straightforward. I'd recommend to use their Windows services to everybody!


    Review Rating

Stability and reliability are the strong points of aspnix services. They provide a comprehensive, integrated and secure infrastructure for all types of hosting needs. And their technicians are skillful and responsive. There are no outages on their servers.


    Review Rating

You know using their services I have succeeded in the IT industry significantly. This company gives me the ability to run my web site in the way I like it. And their technicians react all my requests fast. I have had no downtime for the period I have been using them.

Paul Brooks

    Review Rating

I've been using several web hosts for some years now but lately found my sites were getting more and more sluggish, so I started looking around for a new host. Having done Google search I found Aspnix.com, looked at their homepage (it looked professionally designed) and found out they offered affordable hosting plans. On the account of the fact I decided to contact them directly. They offered me a good hosting solution for my needs. Special requests have always come through quickly and gracefully.

Uptime since we moved has been 100% and the server is always fast and stable.

Their package prices also amazed me.

Very professional in approach and follow up. Recommended!

Maarten de Haas

    Review Rating

I have been with ASPnix for about 4 months now and it's a good host, since I haven't had to use customer service once. The reason for this is they always post announcements on their blog proactively and I always get maintenance alerts.

I like their custom billing system and control panel. I can manage nearly everything. If there is a missing feature in control panel I can request it and it will be added. Wow.

They seem to be online 24/7 and are ready to help with everything. Pricing is a bit higher than some of the cheaper hosts, but I would definitely consider it well priced for what your getting.

I can also add that Aspnix is known as a windows specialized host, but I transferred by wordpress site from a linux host and was happy to see performance increased which I couldn't believe at first. It's due to the fact that they have certified PHP/MySQL developer specifically for windows systems! And of course they are a Good web host for asp.net apps as well.

Check out their TeamSpeak VoIP services as well if you're into gaming.

I like it and highly recommend.

Luana Lombardi

    Review Rating

All I want to say is that I made the right choice of web host 6 months ago for running my asp.net apps. Incredibly cheap, especially for all they offer (huge webspace, unlimited parked domains and MySQL databases...). Online support always available, very helpful, kind and above all quick! You often receive an answer a couple of minutes after you submited your question.

They support lots of asp.net versions such as ASP.NET 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, 4.5.1, 4.5.2

Moreover, their features SmarterMail, SmarterStats impressed me a lot. It also provides a very nice control panel with a large list of functions some of which cost extra at other hosting companies.

They were always right on top of everything that I needed. Recommended for asp.net hosting!

    Review Rating

I have been using them for 1.5 month. I have to admit everything is working. Support response fast. So I’m really happy to be with them.

I know 1.5 month that is not long period of time but that is enough to understand how good or bad service is.

Arslan Buyuk

    Review Rating

I looked online for reviews of Aspnix.com and found only positive reviews which I thought was fishy since it was too good to be true. Anyway, I went ahead and bought a hosting account. They are customer oriented people and also they know what they do technical wise.

They upgraded the quality of my server without raising my prices! It's much faster!

Currently extremely happy - they have already saved me hours of hassle, and they supply some very useful scripts.

I hope this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship.

    Review Rating

One of the best web hosts I have used previously. I wish they had better prices. Overall it is nice web hosting service. The support might appear a bit slow but I accept it.

This review is the way to say “Thank you” for their services.

Sashidhar Kokku

    Review Rating

I have been a customer with ASPNIX since 2006. And after 4 years of getting fed up with their reliability, I have decided to quit. Their uptime is really pathetic.

No proper email communication about server maintenance. I lost my whole site (4 years in the making) because of negligence on their part to inform me about server moves/discontinuation.

Their support would not admit its their mistake, and would blame you for their lack of professionalism and manners.

Overall, I am very disappointed with their service, and do not recommend them to anyone who is serious about their online presence.


    Review Rating

ASPnix is one of the worst hosts on the web. Not only is their uptime horrible and their systems are constantly having trouble but their service is out right unprofessional. When I asked about why their downtime was so poor they responded that they decide what is downtime, and the person said they have none. This company seems to be run by one person (chris) as all service responses have always come through him. DO NOT USE THEM, Period.

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