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Hosting Leader Web Hosting services include web site hosting, e-commerce plans, dedicated servers, colocation, and managed services solutions. Atlantic.Net strives to offer the fastest, most reliable service in the industry, along with extremely knowledgeable customer support. Atlantic.Net goal is to simplify Web hosting services, while accommodating the most demanding customers' needs.

Hosting Leader is a division of Atlantic.Net, a company that has provided consumer and corporate Internet services since 1994. In addition to serving Web hosting clients around the world, Atlantic.Net offers dedicated access, managed network solutions, telephony, and wholesale services.

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Hosting Reviews for Atlantic.Net

Richard Maiello

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I am one month into my contract, and 46 hours (and counting) into an outage on my "100 percent uptime guaranteed" cloud server account. There were two previous, shorter outages in the past 30 days (< 10 minutes), which should have told me something.

Atlantic.net has been around a long time, they're easy to deal with, and the prices are low. But three outages in a month -- including one that's almost into its third day -- is simply unacceptable for a mature company.

Actually, the outage wasn't completely their fault, in all fairness. It was an undocumented bug in some Oracle software they use. In hindsight, they should have avoided that SPOF, but hindsight is 20/20.

But the recovery time is unacceptable. It shouldn't take this long to recover from backups. They'll credit me for the month, I'm sure. But I'm losing a fortune (and clients) because of the downtime.

Lisa Frost

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After MANY problems with Atlantic.net's hosting we switched to APlus, But Atlantic denied our domain transfer requests and our site went DOWN because the domain expired and Atlantic failed to send out RENEWAL notices, which Brandon in Tech Support admitted. BUT Nate in billing refused to renew or transfer the domain for us to make up for their failing to notify us. So if you care about your business you will run screaming from Atlantic.net.

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