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Since 2001, AvaHost has been established in the web hosting industry by providing a reliable service/support for personal web sites and small-to-medium sized business with the best web hosting solutions.

AvaHost offer a quality service on a quality network. AvaHost provide the latest technology for your website.

Houston, TX, United States.


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Many thanks AvaHost! You very excellent work! Operatively and qualitatively!

Friendly technical support. Really try to help!

I advise to all, that used your services! And all are happy!


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I paid for 2 years back in Dec 2012. 2 years from that date should put me paid until Dec 2014, but I have since been suspended for an invoice that is overdue with a due date of Dec 2014. How can I be paid up and current, but suspended for non-payment for an invoice 9 months out due. Called their #-no answer. Tried their 24X7 online chat support....no one there either.

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