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Outstanding Servers, Award Winning Support, Premium Data Center Bandwidth and 10 Years of Industry experience, Beachcomber is Premium Services without the Premium Prices.

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Hosting Reviews for Beachcomber.Net


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I've been hosted to this company from my previous provider for more than 3-years. Since last year I subscribed to them directly and everything is about satisfaction.

The support is SUPERB and I would say the best in the industry if I will compare it with my other providers.

The tech support chat is always online anytime of the day and there's someone ready to answer. Tickets are answered fast with resolution. Not to mention that they are polite.

Uptime is above average that I only have one 30-minutes downtime for the period of 8-months.

The price is absolutely affordable for the amount of features plus the excellent support.

Over all, I'm very happy with the service and with the entire crew of Beachcomber. The length of their business proves their reliability in all aspect of web hosting.

Keep it up guys!


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Beware. They will suspend your account at the smallest issue and modify and delete your files without any notice of they have ANY issue with them. I had a my files frozen because I made a mistake in configuration which caused their server to slow.

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