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BeZazz.com was founded by Brendan Butler of Bendigo, Victoria Australia after being an Administrator of Servers for 3 Years and having Hosted over a thousand Forums at http://danethical.com (http://www.proforumco.com) and hundreds of web sites at DanEthicalServices (no longer involved with).

During this time I have received many requests to host Web Sites and as such I have been Hosting Web Sites "on the side" for some years now. 5 years ago I decided to turn "on the side" into an Official Service to provide Low Cost Reliable Hosting with Support that "goes the extra mile".

BeZazz currently uses 10 Servers Located in the US, UK and AU to provide Low Cost Friendly Hosting.


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Hosting Reviews for BeZazz

Phil Reeves

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I've had a shared hosting account with Bezazz for one year.

I've had good service. One thing I will stress is the excellent

communication from Bezazz to their clients. They have sent

emails to note scheduled maintenance, configuration changes,

new features.

I've used other hosts who do not reach out to customers, and

only after your site is offline and you contact support do you

discover the uncaring host has made major changes without

notifying you. Kudos to Bezazz for being proactive.

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I have been with BeZazz for over a year, and have had no problems at all. Really, much more than I expected for inexpensive hosting. I receive emails whenever there's an update, change or something else I should know about. BeZazz is very hands on, and quickly responds to any support (which I rarely need).

Sometimes, i worry about the SEO effects of small hosting providers - never knowing who I'm sharing server space with. I'm glad to say that's not been a problema at all.

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Bezazz hosting has been the most reliable I have had so far. I have been running reseller and dedicated servers for some time but my hat goes off to Brendan. He is always friendly and very supportive. In my mind Bezazz is the leader in hosting websites.

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