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The BigScoots way of life has been fabricated around the profound scientific idea that our customers should get all that they pay for and nothing less; but maybe more, but never anything less; but seriously sometimes more. Unlike the human brain where a mere 20% of neurological activity can be recorded at any given time, we have maximized our server brain to output no less than 100% of its potential, 100% of the time.

Under "The Crews" watchful eye the maximization of resources, rock solid premium network and elimination of server crowding enables BigScoots to keep costs low due to next to zero attrition and all the while maintaining its position at the top of the customer service charts. So grab your helmet and hop on the back while we welcome one and all to join the growing list of gratifyingly overjoyed customers.

OK really all jokes aside, realistically there is no mathematical formula or combination of cost vs. return spread sheets that will provide the answer to a stellar support department. There is however with a little common sense a narrow window that allows us to supply our fabulous customers with that stellar service they all crave. With focused training on specific products and an ongoing education on what customer service should be, The Crews support technicians strive for no less than 100% satisfaction, 100% of the time.


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Lucien Sabre

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I signed up with BigScoots.com last July; 4 months is more than enough to evalutate an host, in my opinion, so here is my review of their shared hosting.

It's made by one word: FLAWLESS.

From the day I signed up, my site has always been up, blazing fast and the only single reason I had to contact support is because I wanted to upgrade to a bigger package.

They are a bit more expensive than most shared hosts, but to me they're worth every single penny; I'll never tire to recommend this host.

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