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Founded in 2003, Bizhostnet is now known as the best web hosting company specializing in the latest MS Windows Server technology, always combining the latest technologies such as ASP.NET , PHP , MySQL and MSSQL in one package Bizhostnet has no competition in the market. Bizhostnet owns and operates its own services and equipment, enabling it to keep prices low and quality high.


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Hosting Reviews for Bizhostnet

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I have tried many different asp.net hosting companies and I was not satisfied. I am using Bizhostnet.com hosting since 2009 and had no problems with it. They are fast when responding to customer questions. The best part is the VxPanel they are using for managing domains, every option is easy to find. Currently I have 4 basic accounts hosted with discount prices, I will soon transfer to Pro-Hosting plan.


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Bizhostnet.com has made it easy for me! From picking a basic plan to having control over it in seconds. You wont find anywhere else that gives you the ease of service for the prices they give.

I have been very satisfied and will continue to pass the word along others.

Josh Mause

    Review Rating

When I look for hosting the top two things for me are always pricing and customer support.

I have been hosting my site with bizhostnet.com for a little over a year now and I think that they definitely meet my criteria for a good host. The customer support is always fast and their services have been very reliable. My site has never had a downtime.

Also I like all of the feature they include for free with their plans, such as databases which are usually paid with other companies.

Jane Negri

    Review Rating

I use their services for several years and am very satisfied.

Тhey have a great offer and you get the most for your money. Continuously implement new technologies, Provided access to MS SQL database through Management Studio, Easily upgradeble, etc.

In short, I sincerely recommend you.

Greg Coggin

    Review Rating

Our website and email have been down for 5 days and we can't even so much as get BizHostNet to tell us what is going on. Totally unprofessional.

    Review Rating

I own a multimedia company based in England, Europe and the USA. We use and have used a multitude of ISP’s. This is one of the worst. I don’t usually write reviews but I feel it would be irremissible of me if I failed to warn you. Not good.


    Review Rating

I've used bizhostnet for over 3 years, I found them originally because they were cheap and easy.

Over the 3 years, I've had email list because of their outage, they tried to charge me for backup/restore when it's their fault. I've had more web outages than I can count. Email is constantly down, more recently web mail is down, two day old support ticket when NO reply from support, I've had a technical ticket open for over 2 years and no response (I am being overly dramatic but 100% accurate). I left the ticket opened to see what would happened and forgot about it. In my last page, I created a new support ticket to find the 2 year old ticket. Support is horrible, anyone telling you different is lying.

After my contract is up, I will NOT be renewing and have only renewed in the past it off laziness which is my bad.

Joe S.

    Review Rating

DO NOT USE THIS PROVIDER, THIS IS THE ABSOLUTELY WORST MSP there is out there. Save yourself the headache and spend another dollar to get a better hosted provider. They do NOT respond to tickets, they are constantly down, I have had a critical outage ticket for OVER A YEAR without even an acknowledgement. DISGUSTING

Said Asadi

    Review Rating

DO NOT USE BIZHOSTNET.com. It's been over two years that they have not responded to any support inquiry. I have two double payments to them and they do not even bother to refund the payment.

Terry Wall

    Review Rating

BizhostNet does not list an actual phone number and does not respond to support tickets. In my opinion the whole thing is a hoax.

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