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Hosting Reviews for BlueVPS


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I looked for an affordable hosting service, as I run two blogs online. They started having pretty much visitors daily, and I wanted to have maximum uptime. I surfed the Internet and found BLUEVPS that attracted me with a variety of available plans. So, I chose bWKVM 1024 which cost me $14.99 per month and was totally worth it. This service offers much in terms of security, speed, and the amount of actual bandwidth. During my collaboration with the company, I have never experienced any downtime. Now, my blogs receive more visitors, hence, my integrated ads bring me more money. Great value!


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If you’re like me and hate waiting, BlueVPS might be your best choice. They offer an instant setup. As soon as you reach an agreement, you can start using the service. When I have to wait, all kinds of doubts start to emerge, but as soon as I found the website of the company, I had none because I knew I would bet instant results.

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