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Hosting Reviews for bodHOST

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I tried a BodHost VPS account, which they claimed had a money-back guarantee. I decided to cancel. They took the $8 for whm out of the refund (questionable but perhaps justified), and then the remaining part of the refund failed to clear PayPal (ie PayPal wasn't able to obtain the funds from them, and the refund was "removed"). Repeated emails and online posts (some including the email from PayPal) to BodHost have resulted in nothing but assurances that BodHost would love to help me with "my" problem. Of course, it's not my problem, as I can't very well control their bank account and PayPal account. And they don't actually ever provide the help.

Unfortunately, PayPal only has buyer protection for physical goods, not services.

Total scammers. Lots of other complaints, under "Bodhost" and other company names.

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Bodhost is one of the worst VPS hosting companies I found!

I have evidences with chat logs to prove that they're totally scammers!

- They sell server resources that they don't have!

- All their VPS are overloaded.

- Allocate memory is a common problem on their server which will bring your services down 90% of the time.

- They will destroy your data and recovery bugged backups.

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I had BOD for several years and in those years i have had a several problems..some of them took several days to resolve. i was always promised better and I stayed on hoping things would get better. At the moment I have just simple e-mail and we have not done anything on our server for a while but we are down yet again and I forsee the same kind of problems again.

I saw somebody else got hacked...that happened to me too and it took days to sesolve the issues. prior to that it wasn't easy to move servers and it was the same when down-sizing

There are people who work at BODhost but just a handful that can be really helpful or help and issues take too long to sesolve. If you wpould like serious hosting pay a little more and get a professional service...these guys suck!! I'm gonna run away soon as I an fed up.

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