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Bounceweb Web Hosting was formed in May of 1999 when the Internet was still small and relatively new. Bounceweb wanted to offer people web hosting without hassle. Bounceweb was first established in 1999 as a free web hosting provider. The drawback with free hosting is the many limitations, including a lack of features. After careful research and planning, Bounceweb launched a full-fledged web hosting service at amazingly low prices that everyone can afford and benefit from. With a balance of high performance, great service, and low prices, choosing a web hosting provider has never been easier!

Houston, Texas, USA.


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Hosting Reviews for Bounceweb

Phil Rauso / Debra Morelli

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On January 28, 2008 I purchased a “BRONZE RESELLER” server from BOUNCEWEB.COM which cost me a total of $254.40 and was billed through 2CO.com. This server was paid for in full for 1 year and they promise a “100% uptime guarantee for our network” as stated on their website. From the time I purchased the 1 year server until this very day I have only had 4 months and 2 weeks of uptime on my server… that’s 3 months of down-time. My account web name is www.ClickArizona.com and it is still offline as of today.

After informing BOUNCEWEB.COM that I can not run business on servers that always down, I would not be renewing with them when my server expires in January of 2009 and to please not bill my credit card with “auto-renew” when my contract was up. After informing them of this on June 1, 2008 they completely shut down my server with all my business websites while I still had 7 months remaining on my pre-paid contract.

I asked them to please honor their contract and put my server back on-line or refund the remaining 7 months I have left on the server. They said the only way they would put my server back online is if I gave my credit info to renew again in January 2009 otherwise they will keep my server off-line.

I have tried contacting them using the email address they provide on their website ([email protected]) but it keeps getting returned as an “invalid” email address. I tried calling their customer service numerous times at the number posted on their website (1-713-893-3882) but all I get is an answering machine and no one ever returns my calls. I even contacted the BBB and they said they were not even able to reach the business to speak with anyone… they also have strikes against them with the BBB for doing this to other businesses.

This purchase was made on the internet through their website (BOUNCEWEB.COM). Their website says they are no longer taking any new orders and it is IMPOSSIBLE to speak with or communicate with anyone involved with this supposed company. I have attached all information to support what I have said including copies from their website and the original contract printout.

I am demanding a complete reverse of $254.40 charge dated 2/1/2008 for breach of contract, fraud and failing to provide services promised.


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I had them for a year, paid for domain autorenewal, only to discover that they did not renew my domain and it was taken by someone else. Their claim was that I paid "way after due date" Ahem. I paid my bill maybe a week late, which was three months before my domain was even lost.

Ridiculously poor service. I sent in a support ticket, responded to everyhing, and they closed it due to "lack of response."


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Their hosting is terrible. My wordpress sites ran super slow, so I left. Even when I would email them to update my info, they never replied.

Oh well.

Brandon Elsemore

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Warning, review their TOS.

They will auto renew you with no warning. When you want them to stop they will not help you. There is no customer service or phone support. Their local phone number has been disconnected and as far as i can tell they are on their way out as a business.

Their Better Business Bureau rating is F

I would stay away from this hosting company unless you want your hard earn money leaving your bank account with nothing to show for it.


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Never trust the bounce web. bad support. they just writing abour live chat, mail answer, but Please not trust this bullshit .who want i can send him the chat session.

after many days and many problem:

James Willit || Staff 01/11/2013 10:53


We can cancel and refund your account - the domain cost of $15. Please let me know if you wish to continue.

Joe Gomme

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Customer service much worse than "poor". Although i had no problems with Bounceweb for a couple of years, when i did have a problem with my webmail they provided very slow responses that completely failed to sort the issue out. Then they refused to refund me after i paid a bill twice because of a glitch with my Paypal account. I'm no longer a customer.


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Bounceweb are full of criminals,cheats and fraudsters. Bounceweb is fraudulent company. Never host with them or buy any of their services. Their a cheat company i advise people never to host with them.

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