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Since 1998, Canadian Web Hosting has been hosting websites for companies of all sizes. Since its inception, it has been 100% Canadian owned. The goal of Canadian Web Hosting is to provide superior customer service. As a result, the offices are open every single day throughout the year including holidays. Customers can get help by calling the toll free support number to get basic support. For more advanced technical support, customers can use email, ticketing or real time live chat support with support staff. Another advantage of hosting with Canadian Web Hosting is that all the servers are physically located in Canada.

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Hosting Reviews for Canadian Web Hosting

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These guys are excellent. I have been host hopping for about 8 years and I have finally found a no frills web host with all the core features I need.

The support is great. They are attentive and helpful.

I did have have an issue late last year regarding a raid which blew out but the down time was minimal. Less than a night while the new hardware was installed.

All in all... I have never been happier with a host and I have been through quite a few.

Recommended for the do it yourself types who require real linux hosting. I run a few reseller accounts.

(Note: I posted this same review for Canada Web Hosting... Which was a mistake.)

I also agree with the other comment here about uneager hosting support. But I was really nagging them... if they get to know you... eventually they will start to be unenthusiastic. Who Wouldn't... Even still... compared everyone else they are an above average support team.

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This review is specifically about CACLOUD.COM, Canadian Web Hosting's VPS service.

They occasionally had downtime. The status page didn't show it, there were no alerts, we had to monitor them ourselves. After a recent incident of 9 hours down, here is a typical response: "Your vm went into the read only status today which caused this.

I just had a reboot which executed the filesystem check and your server is back online now."

Compare this to the much more reliable OVH.ca, where we just had a very minor interruption and they provided detailed status, and gave us a month's credit as compensation.

Jerry Peres

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As a newbie to the virtual world, I have spent lot of time in searching for a recommendation for how to select best web hosting. Thanks


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I tried transferring my site over to their host however received very poor uneager support and a poor customer experience. However, the speeds were fast and they guarantee good uptime and 30day money back.

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