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At CanSpace Solutions, we have been providing enterprise-level hosting solutions since 1998. CanSpace.ca was spun off in 2007 to create a company catering specifically to Canadian businesses and government organizations. We service companies of all sizes - ranging from small sole proprietors to large multinational companies - with equal levels of dedication and support. We always value your business, and it is this philosophy that has kept us successful throughout our existence.


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Hosting Reviews for Canspace

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We were very unsatisfied with our previous reseller hosting provider but we had over 30 accounts and the idea of moving them all seemed overwhelming. We finally decided to reach out to CanSpace and they literally had all 30+ of our accounts migrated on to their services the very same day we signed up with them. They handled the entire process and were extremely communicative and professional. We're paying about half of what we were before, and all of our sites are loading dramatically faster. In addition CanSpace handles all backups for us (even for our sub-accounts), so this is another expense off our hands. Overall we are extremely satisfied and highly recommend CanSpace as a reseller hosting provider.

Ivan Oleksiy

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We have over 10 VPS servers with CanSpace and they were all on CentOS 6 as we've had them for several years. We were nervous about the upgrade process to CentOS 7 and had planned for a whole weekend to work out the kinks and get it all done. They literally had each server done in less than an hour and all content restored. We are incredibly impressed and so happy that we pay for a managed service - it's worth literally every penny! Thanks CanSpace!

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To not "keep our eggs in one basket", we decided to set up servers with multiple providers in Canada for our web app. Our dedicated server with CanSpace has by far been the best experience. We have logged zero hours and zero minutes of downtime (the only provider we can say this for), and the value for dollar is the best with them as well. I have cumulatively spent hours with them on the phone just for general advice, and they are always happy to help. I can say from experience now that they are the best dedicated server we have used personally, and we plan to deploy all of our new servers with them going forward. Keep it up guys!

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Our VPS with our old provider was running CentOS 6 and was coming up to its end of life date, so we reached out to our supposed 'managed' provider to upgrade us to CentOS 7 and told us we were out of luck. I decided to move over to CanSpace and they had our VPS fully migrated and running (over 20 sites) within 5 hours of me signing up. Not only are we paying WAY less, but we are running the latest version of everything now, and all of our sites are running at least twice as fast as before. Even when I had the smallest of issues with one of the sites on the VPS the CanSpace team had things solved within minutes. I am extremely impressed so far and they definitely deserve this positive review.

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